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Open letter to general secretary and information and publicity secretary, Naga Hoho

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/30/2018 11:24:59 AM IST

 Dear Mutsikhoyu & Daipao,

We are well aware of your unjustified and unilateral press statements that have been issued from time to time exhibiting immaturity which is not expected from a responsible Naga leader. However, we have restrained ourselves without countering, to maintain the sanctity of Naga Hoho and not allowing ego and state centric tribal politics take precedence. Nevertheless, we are compelled to write this letter to clarify without touching the core issues and conflicts within the Naga Hoho Executives as we still hope and pray to get an opportunity to debate and thrash out the differences within us.  

Firstly, we want to remind you that whatever you proclaim ultimately will be like spitting on your own face, so long you are a part and parcel of Naga Hoho. You will not earn anything by going against the working modalities or Yezabo of the Naga Hoho and targeting the President. Such blatant words and allegations in public have made Naga Hoho into a common place organisation and an easy opportunity for our adversaries. At this juncture we are forced to doubt and question ‘’Where does your commitment lie?’’You are well aware that there are people who are not forthcoming and having reservation towards Naga Hoho observing the importance and relevance of Naga Hoho in today’s contemporary socio-political situation of the Nagas.

We were all elected constitutionally to lead Naga Hoho and it is clearly enshrined in our Yezhabo (constitution) how to remove/ impeach either the President or any Executive. Therefore, as elected members it is our bounded duty to act constitutionally. Mere dictation and issuing statements asking the President and others to demit the office as per the desire of this and that tribes does not fall under the purview of Naga Hoho. We are fully aware that Naga Hoho stands as an “organisation’’ leaving aside the interest of any particular tribe/Region and Unions. If we are to follow your line of actions or attitude we also have enough of reasons to ask for your resignation but we have opened our minds to be aware that such actions will be disastrous and at the end of the day Naga Hoho would be the pathetic losers.

Recalling the joint Declaration of Naga Hoho and United Naga Council on 23rd August 2018 at Senapati, it was signed by P.Chuba Ozukum, President, Naga Hoho in presence of H.K Zhimomi, Vice President (Adm), Samson Remei, Vice President (Political) K.Elu Ndang, 

Assembly Secretary and Mhonchumo Lotha, Cultural & Customary Affairs Secretary of the Naga Hoho and therefore, the question of “unilateral decision” of President of the Naga Hoho does not arise. We have made the Declaration in the best interest of the Nagas in Manipur in presence of hundreds of people from different walks of life and all stakeholders. Your assurance for Naga Hoho “to continue and uphold the solidarity and unity of the Naga people and defend the rights of the Nagas in politics...Intimidation or ostracisation (sic) of certain section of people as contain in the declaration are contrarian views of the Naga Hoho to achieve peace” is rather contradicting yourself when it comes to Nagas position in Manipur. Though we regret that the four Executive members did not come for the meeting inspite of information being passed shows escapism. It may be mentioned here that the Declaration has been made solely for the people of Nagas in Manipur considering the demands of the situations and political scenario and not for any other Naga areas within and outside Nagaland. Unfortunately, Mr C. Daipao, who hails from Poumai Tribe questioning the President for signing the Declaration, is beyond our comprehension and against the stand of the Southern Nagas. Eventually, it is left to the wisdom of UNC and its Federating units to decide on the matter.

Please recall the letter written by Ao Senden on 25th May, 2018 addressed to Speaker, Naga Hoho and copy endorsed to President and Assembly Secretary, wherein, the Ao Senden have categorically mentioned in page one para 3&4 that “These development triggered a series of discussions and deliberations amongst the Ao community. Needless to say, Ao Senden accords prime importance towards maintaining peace and amity amongst all Naga tribes. It is with this objective that Ao Senden withdrew the ex-communication imposed upon P.Chuba Ozukum on 21-11-2017. All these reconciliatory initiatives were undertaken to strengthen Naga Hoho and to unite Naga society....Now; therefore Ao Senden is baffled as to why Naga Hoho should be insisting on the resignation of P.Chuba Ozukum after having appealed to Ao Senden through letters and delegations not to insist on his stepping down and to withdraw the ex-communication order”. Here the position of Ao Senden is quite clear that they are now under suspense and contemplating to make a decisive decision in this regard. Under such circumstances, will it not be wise on the part of the entire Executive members and the rest of the Federating units of Naga Hoho to pursue with the Ao Senden to be with Naga Hoho as before?  

Lastly, we have been requesting the entire dissident Executives and tribes on various occasions to have consultation over the conflicting issues as we believe that people to people dialogue is the only means for amicable solution but so far our efforts are in vain. Let us not follow the dictates of any individual or tribes/groups but rise above all these conflicting issues under the mantle of Naga Hoho while keeping in mind that we were elected with confidence by the people. We are suppose to demonstrate unity and fraternity starting from our Naga Hoho family and all of us are serving Naga Hoho voluntarily for limited period of time and not forever. Time is running short to keep on arguing whether one should be allowed to serve Naga Hoho or not as our tenure is coming to an end in two to three months time and our greatest task at the moment should be to handover the office to the new incumbents in a peaceful atmosphere. So let us all reason together.    

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