Pathetic plight

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 2/5/2019 12:33:11 PM IST

 India’s premier investigation agency, Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) hasn’t been doing itself any favour because its top bosses are obligated to dance to the tune of their political master who choose and decides who becomes the chief. Past governments, especially the Congress had leaned over CBI to fix political rivals. If that was thought not only wrong but unacceptable constitutionally, morally and politically by the BJP, then what the party has been doing to the CBI is worse. The Congress had misused the CBI in the past but it did not control it directly through its chosen bureau head. Today the BJP under Modi has undermined the CBI and other premier institutions of the country not only to make them kow tow to its demands but also to fully remote control them through its pliant and chosen officials. It is interesting to note from historical accounts that the CBI got its name only in 1963 on the recommendation of the Santhanam (a Gandhian) committee which went into the entire gamut of corruption in the government and recommended an overhaul of the existing apparatus to combat the menace. It was in 1943 that the British rulers created an agency to check corruption by passing the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act to investigate cases against officials of the war department. Later it was amended in 1946 to extend its jurisdiction over all employees of the central government and after post independence, empowered to register FIR under relevant sections of IPC and later the Prevention of Corruption Act(1988). It ultimately acquired its present name -Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) on April 1,1963 - ‘All Fools Day’ by a resolution of the Government of India after a keen debate in and outside parliament. The CBI has a host of internal problems which have been wilfully ignored and consigned to the background by successive chiefs. Over the years, the agency has been used by its political masters to do their bidding. This has led to CBI being saddled with investigations of a multitude of crimes including sensational cases of murders, involving politicians or celebrities, crimes by the underworld without either the statutory and constitutional back-up to define its role and responsibilities, or the matching manpower and forensic resources. The Central Vigilance Commission, which was meant to provide the oversight and support to the CBI, has also failed to give it the desired direction, or insulate it from governmental interference. The CBI also does not have a cadre of supervisory officers of its own and relies on the tedious and uncertain system of induction of officers through deputation from the state police forces and central police organisations. Thus, when politicians hurl accusations against each other for abusing or misusing the CBI, it makes less sense that they end up doing what they accused political rivals of doing. The ruling party with brute majority and with its set of agendas, has little patience and tolerance for those with independent thinking. Therefore, only officers who are willing to do the government’s bidding are put at the helm as they pose no challenge to the authority of its supreme leader. The propaganda of a clean image has taken a serious beating when ‘unclean’ politicians and business barons become saints once they join the ruling party. On its part, the CBI cannot touch these ‘rehabilitated’ offenders because of the unwritten law of “untouchability”.

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