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Pathetic workmanship of roadside and maintenance in Dimapur

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 11/23/2019 9:50:40 AM IST

 Enough Is Enough. Time has come to remind the government that it is the fundamental right of its citizens to have good roads. Nagaland roads have remained in a dilapidated condition for years due to total neglect of the Department of Roads which is the least bothered about repairing it, Lack of political will power  and visionless politicians, improper specification  contrasting the DPR, Inferior material quality and poor workmanship by the  contractors, Absence of stringent checks and balances  and lack of professionalism by the department in the form of black listing of pseudo contractors without skills, knowledge and integrity and most importantly the lack of  voice by the citizens, NGO’s, Hohos and the intellectuals of the state. Nagaland will remain a stagnant state unless the citizens take on collective and moral responsibility to voice out our opinions and suggestions and keep a close tap on development activities going on around us otherwise we have no right to complain.

The pathetic roads in Nagaland have created a very serious condition for decades. It is the main cause of many accidents. The endless potholes causes  much difficulty for drivers to navigate vehicles and many passengers have met with accidents that could have been avoided had the Department of Roads been serious about the difficulty faced by the people everyday. The Government and the concern department are lucky that the public are unaware of their rights to drag them to the court for the damages and injury caused due to the negligence and poor road condition.

The mechanical damages done to vehicles have become an accepted norm in Nagaland. Bad road  is the root cause of all the problems that we encounter  today, The Traffic jams, Delays to schools, colleges, wedding, hospital and offices, Floods, water clogging, poor business investment, lack of tourism attraction, Inability of the farmers to market their organic products, the list goes on. The problem has reached its extreme level and is consequently creating anger, dissatisfaction, shame and frustration among the citizens. 

Is it asking too much? Rather do the citizens need to remind the government that Nagaland too need good, wide, durable, pothole free, smooth finished  surfaced roads. Doesn’t it prick their conscience, embarrass them or enlighten their selfish mind during their smooth journey ride to our neighboring states, leave alone the rest of the country or abroad. 

The hopes of the citizens for having a good road in Dimapur city have been crashed miserably once again. For the first time Dimapur saw some signs of roadside construction around some stretch within the city. But unfortunately the ongoing workmanship   and the engineering skill of the road carpeting around Nagarjan and DABA Church area is horrific and pathetic.  The whole process should have began with roadside design, including surveying the route, allowing for drainage and considering the expected volume of traffic and planned development in the area, removal of structures, poles, obstructing the roadside then activities including sidewalk repairs, grading, re-graveling, dust control, ditching, roadside mowing, tree trimming, brush cleanup, road sign installation/maintenance, construction projects, should have followed.

Next, the important base layers be completed using graders, bulldozers/JCB compactors, and levelers, and then the surface layer for uniformity and smoothness of the roadside joining the main road. But sad result is there on ground for all to see.

At the first place the blacktopping of the Nagarjan road was pathetic which was completed in a very hurried manner lacking proper finish and smoothness, Now the poor workmanship of roadside construction and lack of skill has added woe to Nagarjan road. The road have 03  level now at almost the entire stretch with   roadside on both side of the main road  higher then the main road inventing a new level of engineering skill of blacktopping,  lack of proper surface finishing and smoothness of the roadside joining the main road creating possible damage from moisture and water getting into the asphalt. When water penetrates the surface of asphalt,  problems will multiply and cause cracking throughout the entire surface, as well as cause potholes to grow within a very short time. Uneven  blacktopping thickness and No uniformity of breath carpeting area  at the roadside end giving a very poor look and finish, Inadequate Roller compressing. Derbies, muds and gravels have not been been removed and left on the side ready to slide back. In short it has defied all the standard operating procedure of the road carpeting and maintenance work. The black topping work look tattered like an old torn blanket especially on the side ends. Why cant the entire road width be blacktopped from end to end at least within the city which will not only make the city clean and beautiful but will prevent water clogging on the main road, drain clogging, wild grass growth, slushy parking area and enable a free pedestrian walk. Leaving a gap between the road and the drain without blacktopping will allow soil, dust and garbage to follow in the drain along with the water and clog in before next monsoon. 

The same is in DABA church area, structures obstructing the roadside have not been removed, different blacktopping levels at many points, improper road joint work, inadequate roller work and poor smooth finished surface. 

The department of PWD, NH and many contractors in Nagaland on road constructions work definitely needs a Power point presentation or a crash course on quality road construction from the contractor whoever he is, the one who undertook the road carpeting work and side drain construction from 3 mile junction-Thilixu-Nagarjan Bridge. That’s the demo of the true workmanship. If you dare to disagree, let your work speak. All road repairing work within the city/town should be awarded to contractors like him with credibility for the sake of our image. Full respect, blessings and long life to him. Let his tribe increase.

Good roads not only make the life of the citizens Easier, Economical, Happier and Richer but it also adds beauty and pride to the look of the city. Unless the DPR specifies  and agrees to the  ongoing work nature, the concern department needs to pulls up its socks and start exercising its technical brain before it rot away to glory and get on the inspecting job around all the ongoing projects around Dimapur city for strict compliance  as per the DPR. I hope the department will treat the matter with all seriousness, intervene and show its existence for the common good.

K  L Achumi, Chekiye village, Dimapur

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