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Political class and its establishments jubilant

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 4/16/2019 12:51:43 PM IST

 In a world of power play those controlling the political apparatus and mechanisms believe in crushing the rights of humans particularly those who criticize the ways in which the ruling class abuse power by violating constitutional provisions and privileges extended to individuals and communities.  The State which is apparently the invisible entity behind each government unleashes its mechanisms and apparatus to protect those who abuse power and subvert the constitution. The State in the name of ‘national security’, ‘confidentiality’, ‘official secrecy’, and ‘classified information’ invokes a number acts and in numerous ways clamps its draconian face upon its citizens. Further, in the name of ‘sedition’ anybody can be arrested and be put behind bars that needs absolutely no explanation—so ‘sacred’ and ‘absolute’ in its connotation and application. 

The arrest of Julian Assange by the British police a few days ago did bring huge relief to the political class especially the American political class across the political lines. His arrest after almost a decade for the ruling cliché a big ‘victory’ because the ruling classes with all its power could not touch him all these years. Somehow the ruling class pressurized the ruling class of Ecuador not to hold on to the asylum status extended to Assange, so that he may be arrested. This is what the powerful ruling class wanted. Julian Assange has created outrage to the political establishment of the United States both to the Democrats as well as Republicans. Arrest of Julian Assange sends clear signals to those journalists not to meddle with the secrets of the State. The secrets that Assange leaked out have embarrassed the political establishment. 

In the case of Assange, we see a close proximity between ‘acts’ and ‘activism’ The leakage of passwords that unfolded so many files and cables that showed dastardly behavior of the state is now in the public domain. They are gruesome and horrendous. This is why the political establishments have been furious and wanted to take revenge because Assange exposed the unscrupulous behavior of the State. He is undoubtedly an activist journalist and the ruling class always wants the journalists to fall in line and follow their dictates.  The political establishments want ‘true journalists’ meaning those who toe their lines and do not cross or expose their brute behavior and nature.  

Julien Assange exposed the true face of the American politics it plays across the world with its dirty and inhuman policies—all in the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’. Assange showed to the world the evil face of the American administration and its military strategies. The hand of the American state is very much present in whatever is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan and across the globe. Hundreds of classified information and in cables reveals the nasty war games and conflicts American administration carry out within and across the regions makes many to wonder in what type of world we are living. It shows that there’s no respect to human life and human rights—wherever one may live. The state could go to any extent to protect its interest and power. The political class may talk about Assange’s moral and so on in order to distract and deflect the world opinion. 

The morality of the American State has been unmasked and the information Assange provided to the world reveals the true nature and character of the State. Julian Assange is the torch bearer of promoting human rights. He went all out showing to the world that we live in a world of animosity and insecurity and so we should strive and struggle for a better world. We need to support Assange because he tried to protect the liberties of the people and showed to the world that the people have the right to know what the Government is doing and in the process he exposed the government for the crime committed and also planning to commit.  It should be borne in mind that authoritarianism and autocracy gradually creeps in; bit by bit it would start consolidating. If we fail to recognize the moves then it would be too late because first the rogue state came for people like Assange, and if we keep quiet and do not speak out, then they would come for you and me.      

Dr. John Mohan Razu

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