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Be not Esau & Be not a Cursed Community
Kuolachalie Seyie, Hidden Forests, Rüleizou, IG Stadium, Kohima, (kuolachalie @yahoo. com):    26 Feb. 2018 1:48 AM IST

The election rallies of various political parties of the present ongoing State Assembly Election has witnessed criticism, charges and counter charges with justification of compromising our Christian faith, which ultimately witnessed the hailing of the Hindu goddess “Jai Mata Di Jai” as well as “Jai Jisu Ji Jai” on top of their voices, with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment in a general meeting by a particular political party. “Mata” means mother, and in this context, it refers to the mother goddess who manifests as Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. 
Politicising religion in election campaigns or trying to lure the Christians with free trips to Jerusalem is a breach of the election code of conduct.  However, the greater question is, “Are we bartering our faith and our birthright to vote for cash, development offers and favours from the communal forces?”  To subscribe the “Jai Mata Di, Jai” in the Parliament of India is one of the hottest debates in the House to protect our faith after the coming of Modi’s BJP at the centre. Whereas, our public in a Christian majority State of Nagaland seem to have accepted it before the Parliament could pass the said religious monopoly bill to defeat the fabric of secularism.
While condemning a political party to contest election on religious line is certainly against the secular fabric of the country. Nonetheless, it is expected that a Naga Christian will maintain religious integrity in matters of faith and not shout on top of their voices and hearts hailing for “Jai Mata Di, Jai”. One cannot serve two masters and God cannot be mocked
The 13 Nagaland Legislative Assembly Election 2018 will decide between the “Trishul” and the Cross of Chris. Bartering of our faith and vote with development offers and singing praises of our early Christians by the Hindu Rashtra forces on one hand; and their hands seeking to pierce the heart of Jesus Christ with the “Trishul” on the other should not confuse us. As such, the story of Esau of the Bible is very important for all of us in the present circumstances.
Esau became the enemy of God and Israel because he rejected God’s blessing by bartering his birthright as the older son of Issac, for a bowl of stew. “Esau who is Edom” says Gen 25:30. Why is Edom considered as the enemy of God and Israel? The kingdom of Edom which stood on the south of Dead Sea was noted for its exceptionally long-standing bitter hostility with Israel. As such, when Esau sold out the priceless birthright blessing of God for a single meal to satisfy his flesh desires, he was instantly called and known as Edom. Be not Esau, be not the enemy of God and enemy of our land which is known and called as “land of Christ” by our Hindu Rashtra neighbour.
Beware of the curses given to Esau in Gen 27:38 & 40 “Your dwelling will be away from the earth’s richness, away from the dew of Heaven above, you will live by the sword.”  Aren’t our immoral and corrupt practices bartering our faith and vote too keeping us away from the earth’s richness and the dew of heaven? Are we not behaving as leeches today sucking on to the sweat and blood of the tax payers due to rampant corruption?  Isn’t our state Govt always in heavy debt since 2011-12 till date? Are we not living amongst the swords, looking at the rampant corruption, fratricides and extortions? As such, to promote business enterprises, industries and work culture has become too difficult in our Naga society. Development shall have to be born from Nagaland and not from New Delhi.
Be a blessed community, be David instead of Esau, fight our Goliath of corruption and outside forces aiming to wipe out our faith and dignity as a distinct people. “We have achieved our avowed object of piercing Trishul in the chest of the so called ‘ Lord’ Christ, ” quoted from a letter addressed to the BJP’s Prime Ministerial aspirant Atal Bihari Vajpayee by the Secretary, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)  North Eastern States Coordination Council, HQ Uzanbazar, Guwahati Assam  as reported in the  MID DAY, February 19, 1998 issue.
Vote for what is right and good for your future that you may have true development, peace, justice and fair play. But do not vote for development offers or favour if it means bartering your priceless birthright of Christian faith, dignity, soul and integrity as Esau, so as not become a cursed Naga community and enemy of our God, the creator of the universal. It was sad to learn that certain candidates for 2018 Election are on a roll buying votes with cash, free trips to Jerusalem or threatening the voters, preparing to capture polling boots or proxy vote by use of force etc. Are these politicians trying to convert us to become Esau who sold his birthright and sin against God?
Be David; be victorious over your Goliath of corruption, fratricide, extortion, immorality and external evil forces confronting us. Your Goliath may be greater and taller than 9 ft but as for David the greater Goliath means greater glory for our Lord the Almighty God. You may say I am too small, poor, and have not much talent, how can I fight my great Goliath? David being the youngest in the family was not brought into public notice, he was from a low estate, a small boy who has not even reached his manhood, his father Jesse was a man of not great rank. He was only trained to tend his father’s sheep. He was dressed like a poor country shepherd boy that he was overlooked even by the prophet Samuel. However Samuel obeyed God against his own judgement.
The God given talent of sling-shot to David was not a big deal; however, his constant practice of sling-shot with gratefulness, enthusiasm, commitment and courage in faith, recognised the small talent with his whole heart won the favour of God which ultimately made him to be the greatest king of Israel.
You too may have many weaknesses but you definitely have the sling-shot of faith plus a priceless birthright of a powerful vote.  We are at the cross roads. Just money without principle and morality is not our Naga solution. Be alert, watch, repent and pray and cast your most powerful vote to heal our land as per the divine direction, which can change our world beyond our expectations. God gave David victory over giant Goliath double of his size, who had all possible trainings and armaments being a professional fighter, and David, gave God all the glory, which is the purpose of our creation in His likeness and plan of God for all of us. “Be strong and courageous; do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you” Deut 31:6


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