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Pragya Thakur mainstreams rss-bjp’s project and now a syndrome

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 12/5/2019 12:22:35 PM IST

 Pragya Thakur, a hard core Hindutva cadre and a member of parliament (MP) elected from Bhopal with huge margin is committed to the ideal of realizing Hindu Rashtra at all costs. For her, along with a sizable adherents view that their ultimate political vision be it through democratic means or otherwise be realized at all costs. Strongly entrenched in her view cares a damn be it campaigns or while in Parliament she airs her view without mincing words openly. In a recent debate in Parliament BJP MP Pragya stated that Mahatma Gandhi’s murderer was a ‘nationalist’ for which the opposition raised objections and BJP  condemned her statement and removed her from being a member of a parliamentary panel on defence and BJP’s parliamentary throughout this session. It does not end there because she has now become a phenomenon. 

In the guise of response she tweeted which was highly nuanced and be read between lines. Pragya Thakur represents strident Hindutva nationalism, which is now increasingly becoming the mainstream of RSS-BJP politics. There are leaders and electorates who endorse her views and now being openly mainstreamed. RSS-BJP shall never dare to action against her by way of suspending or terminating her membership because they want such hard core who could go to any extent to advance RSS-BJP ideals and politics. BJP is a far-right Hindu fundamentalist political party that has to advance its philosophy and ideals through democratic means by playing with the mood of the electorates. Politics is all about perceptions and so gradually pushes its ideals and programs to convince its vote bank to capture votes, while RSS is totally committed to its ideals, how it views India and what type of India is to be built and how it should be done.

If we closely observe and analyze since 2014, BJP keeps winning the elections that testifies that electorates by and large believe in this type of thinking and endorses the government to go ahead without realizing the implications in the long-run. Pragya Thakur has now become a symbol or logo of trident nationalism, which the electorates wholeheartedly authenticate. She has decimated Dig Vijay Singh in the Lok Sabha by a big margin which shows that electorates by and large tow her line of thinking. She is clear and shall never be contained by anyone not to invoke Godse, because for her Godse, a martyr and a true patriot. Godse for her means a lot. Others may revere Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, but for Pragya, what Godse did was right. It is deep inside and thus propels her thought process and actions.   It is also the same with electorates who have accepted her as their voice and thus subscribe to her thinking.

The vote bank politics is increasingly being communalized and polarized. In such a scenario, Pragya Thakur has become a promising and prospective symbol of trident nationalism and she symbolizes that only the Hindus shall be the true inheritors of this land and those vis-à-vis non-Hindus or who speak of secular, inclusive and thus invoking Article 14 raising rights’ questions should be silenced and for that bring amendments to the very nomenclature that defines “who is a citizen” and “who is not a citizen”. The Government at the Centre is moving towards this and is bent on it because the constituency of RSS-BJP wants their elected representatives to do that. The statements offered by the PM, DM, Interim President of BJP are to be read and should undergo careful scrutiny. In recent years we increasingly hear “Hindu victimhood” not only in India but in other places. Frequent usage of “Hindu victimhood” not only within the country, but outside endorses a clear mandate of “majoritarian agenda” of RSS-BJP. 

RSS-BJP is carefully treading towards bringing clarity to the notion of “citizen”—meaning who can claim citizenship and who then is a citizen thereby bringing an end to numerous interpretations and assumptions so that the present dispensation could eventually stall others not to easily claim and those who fall outside the ambit would automatically be flushed out. The debates and moves of BJP both outside and inside the parliament especially amendment to citizenship and NRC be viewed from this perspective. “Hindu identity” has reached a pinnacle and polarized against the “other identities”.  

Indian society is polarized on the basis of identity politics which has given way to many things. Polarized mind need an excuse, an enemy and a leeway to vent its venom. Accommodating diverse views and living together irrespective of differences are the past values which the present dispensation hardly believes in. We are presently confronted with Pragya Thakor syndrome which is spreading like wild fire. As against the growing Pragya phenomenon I am reminded of Jan-Werner Muller voiced which seem to be apt that the “Populists are in the end different elites who try to acquire power with the help of a collective fantasy of political purity.”  

Dr. John Mohan Razu


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