Preventive measures and advisories against COVID-19

DIMAPUR | Publish Date: 4/8/2020 12:31:15 PM IST

District administrations, civil bodies and NGOs have been taking all preventive measures against the outbreak of COVID-19 in the state by ensuring that lockdown is being well carried out. In Dimapur, announcements are being made for public awareness in various localities. Other preventive measures are being conducted by DMC, while borders are being sealed and strictly monitored.

Announcements for public awareness being carried out in Dimapur: To create wider public awareness about COVID 19 amongst the public and also to make them aware about the directives and guidelines issued by the district administration and Police Dimapur, announcements in the colonies and villages within Dimapur district started since April 4 and are still continuing. According to DIPR report, several government vehicles have been requisitioned by the district administration for carrying out announcement duties with the help of DPRO Dimapur. DPRO Dimapur Lolano Patton informed that besides the department’s resources, PA system from private sources were also taken on hire basis and currently 5 (five) vehicles have been pressed into service for carrying out announcements simultaneously at different locations , villages and Highway stretch by the announcers.

Till April 7 evening, announcement has been made in 90 colonies at Dimapur and also in several villages where announcement has been done in 192 strategic junctions /locations DPRO informed. She further informed that hard copy of the announcement points was translated into Ao and Angami dialects through the initiative of Naga Council Dimapur and handed over to the chairmen of Indisen village, Aoyimti village, Aoyikum, Nuton Basti Ao Khel, Angami Signal and Kuda village for dissemination in their respective villages/ colonies. Translation into Sumi, Lotha, Nagamese and Hindi was done by DPRO Dimapur staff for announcement, she informed.

DC Dimapur inspects entry points: To review the colonies in the Nagaland border, deputy commissioner Dimapur Anoop Kinchi along with SDO (C) Zubenthung Ngullie and other officials inspected all the entry points on April 8. According to DIPR report, the entry points visited were Dutu Colony, LRC, Nuton Basti, River Belt, Duncan Basti, Lingrijan, Aokong and Dillai Gate. Interacting with the village council members, Anoop asked them for ensuring proper sealing of all the entry points as a preventive measure to fight COVID-19. He also advised them for devising mechanism to ensure that people on the other side of the border gets essential commodities and medicines .Further he instructed them to restrict movement of people and also to maintain social distancing.

DC Dimapur visits customer service points: For the benefit of the general public, the SBI has informed that products and services such as saving bank account, flexi recurring deposit a/c, special term deposit account, fund transfer (a/c to a/c), tatkhal money remittance, card based transactions, Aadhaar enabled payment transactions, Atal Pention Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Aadhaar seeding, loan repayment and mini statement will be available at customer service points. According to DIPR report, cash deposit/withdrawal up to Rs. 20,000 per day, deposit in loan A/C upto Rs. 20,000/-, remittance up to Rs. 20,000/- IMPS remittance up to Rs. 5000/- (Max. Rs. 25,000/-per month and AEPS and card based tax up to Rs. 10,000/- will be allowed. Customers were also informed that pass book is issued at the link branch and kiosk operator has no authority to issue passbook and pass were also to be updated at link branch or Swayam machine. The customers were also reminded to always demand for computer printout receipts/statements for all the financial transactions. DC Dimapur instructed the bank officials to refill all the ATMs and also to make sure that social distancing is being maintained by the customers. DC Dimapur personally visited the customer service points on April 8 to ensure availability of cash and to monitor whether social distancing is being maintained.

DMC sanitising town areas in Dimapur: Dimapur Municipal Council is carrying out sanitising of all public places, police stations, and designated quarantine areas in Dimapur town on a daily basis. Dr. Sentimoa Longkumer, VAS, Dimapur Municipal Council who is in-charge of sanitising operation informed that trucks carrying essential commodities are properly sanitised at the state entry gates in coordination with personnel of fire department before being allowed to enter into Dimapur. He said, the Dimapur Municipal Council is providing the standard chemical approved by the World Health Organisation. Presently there are 4 designated quarantine places within the jurisdiction - DDSC Stadium, Youth Hostel and boys and girls hostel complex of State Sports Hostel. Dimapur District Sports Council stadium has 230 people taking shelter in the facility. DDSC vice president, Tsenthungo Nyamo who is overseeing the facility in the stadium said that along with the security provided by the police and administration, SEWAK and PHED are supplying water in tankers and food is being provided by various NGOs on roster basis through district administration. Medical department is taking care of all medical needs at the facility. Tsenthungo said, more or less, quarantine at facility at DDSC stadium has become a relief camp as those kept at the stadium consist of beggars, destitute, homeless and some migrant labourers who have nowhere go at such a time. 

Lockdown enforcement in Western Sumi area: Village authorities, especially along the interstate boundary under Western Sumi, have been keeping strict vigil in enforcing ban on movement of vehicles and public. Informing this in a press release, president of Western Sumi Kukami Hoho (WSKH), stated that volunteers, led by Western Sumi Hoho, WSKH and Western Sumi Youth Front have been enforcing lockdown effectively as counterparts on the other side of the border are also being equally responsive in respecting the order of lockdown.

Volunteers were carrying out duty as per guidelines given by the administrative authority. Denizens of Western Sumi will extend utmost cooperation to the government in the fight against COVID-19, and that, so far there was no report of untoward incidents in the border areas as of yet.

Kohima district


KOHIMA, APR 8 (NPN): Kohima Village Youth Organization (KVYO) lauded the administrators, Police, District Disaster Management Agency, Kohima Municipal Council and all the frontline workers who are tirelessly disposing their duties during COVID-19 lockdown period in Kohima on Wednesday.  

KVYO extended utmost support to them in executing the administrative guidelines and directives for the safety of all. Further, KVYO urged everyone to cooperate with those agencies who were risking their life for public safety.

Longleng district

Prayer meeting on COVID-19 held at Longleng: Phom Baptist Christian Association (PBCA), Lempong, Longleng led by the executive secretary Tialemba Phom visited DC office, Longleng and conducted prayer meeting with the district administration, Police, government office and civil societies on April 8 at the office complex. According to DIPR report, DC Longleng Shayung Phom highlighted the overall prevailing situation of the district to contain the spread of COVID-19. He also highlighted the cooperation and support extended by the government agencies, the PPC, PSC, Phomla Hoichem, churches and financial assistance given by the societies and individuals in combating COVID-19. Tialemba Phom lauded the responsibilities and consolidated effort and pointed out that it was a time to unite and combat against the Coronavirus. He asserted that the people of Nagaland must be thankful to God because so far no one has been infected by the COVID-19. Pichano Kikon EAC Yachem and Ihoilung Chuilo EAC, Longleng highlighted various activities carried out by the district task force on COVID-19, the district administration, police, VGs, medical department & other government agencies and the civil societies. They also updated contribution and assistance of the individual and organization. Vice president of Phom People’s Council, Longdang Tenjem Phom also informed about the coordination and joint effort of the government and civil societies. It may be mentioned that medical consignment for Longleng district arrived on April 8.

Wokha district

dh&fw Wokha training for health workers on covid-19:  Department of Health and Family Welfare (DH&FW) Wokha have been conducting trainings on COVID-19 for health workers starting from March 23. A press release from CMO office district media officer Wokha stated that, first phase of training was conducted by Dr. N. Thungbemo Patton, district surveillance officer (DSO) Wokha and Dr. Khesheli Awomi, epidemiologist IDSP for medical officers, nurses, pharmacists, staff and administrative officials. In the second phase, trainings were conducted at all the primary health centres and community health centres by DSO, MO and district epidemiologist. In district hospital, GNMs Athungbeni and Grace Kikon gave training to the hospital staff while Dr. Nzanthung also took sessions on sample collection for laboratory technicians. 

At village level, community health officers and block ASHA coordinators and community health officers are sensitizing the ASHAs on the disease using the platform of social media, personal phone calls and block meetings. 

Meanwhile, ASHAs are conducting home visits creating awareness on importance of hand washing, social distancing and use of face masks. Echungbeni Tsanglao, district community mobilizer and Mhonlumi, block ASHA coordinator gave COVID-19 training to urban ASHAs at CMO conference hall on April 1. 

Training for medical officers’ in-charge of quarantine facility and isolation ward was also conducted on April 3 at District Hospital. 

Mon district

P Paiwang Konyak holds review meeting and inspects check gate: Minister of Transport, Civil Aviation and Railways, Land Resources, P Paiwang Konyak who is also assigned to monitor COVID-19 in Mon district, called for review meeting with ADC Tizit, SDPO Tizit, commandant & dy. commandant 6th NAP Tizit, and student organisations at ADC office Tizit on April 8. Minister also visited the Nagaland Police check gate at the boundary with Assam in Tizit, visited community health centre (CHC) Tizit, anti quarantine room at Lapalampong, Tizit and discussed with medical officer (MO) regarding current situation. He also donated 1 lakh to administration, 50,000 to Police, another 50,000 to Tizit Area Students’ Union and 50,000 to MO to purchase personal protection equipment (PPE) for Tizit CHC. Rations and other essential commodities are being supplied by Assam and offloaded at the Nagaland Police check gate, wherein students’ organisation (TASU) is taking initiative to bring essential commodities from Assam. Minister encouraged the district administration, Police, Medical team, and NGOs to successfully implement the lockdown, and also work out the mechanism to be placed after the lockdown is lifted up. He shared his opinion to the members that lockdown must continue even after April 14 because it was the only option to prevent the deathly virus from entering Mon district. 

DC Mon directives for transportation of essential commodities: Deputy commissioner Mon, Thavaseelan K has issued the following directives with regard to the transportation of essential commodities from Assam to Mon HQ and beyond. According to DIPR report, the directives are: The trucks carrying essential commodities are permitted to enter till the Police Check Posts at Naginimora and Tizit; Trucks will be sanitized at the Naginimora and Tizit Check Posts by the respective town councils; Truck drivers and the handymen coming from Assam will remain seated inside the cabin of the truck, except for exigencies, during the unloading and loading process. Mon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) in co-ordination with district administration will be responsible for the following activities: Arrangement of trucks to transport the commodities from Tizit to Mon HQ and other sub-divisions except Naginimora, Tizit and Tobu; Arrangement of labourers for unloading and loading of commodities at Tizit Check Post; Co-ordination between the various stakeholders. For Tizit sub-division, the following arrangements will be implemented in co-ordination with district administration: The essential commodities will be unloaded from the truck coming from Assam at Tizit Area Students’ Union (TASU) office building; the villages in Tizit sub-division will coordinate with the Tizit Area Students’ Union (TASU) in transporting the essential commodities to their respective villages. Arrangement of labourers for unloading and loading of essential commodities: The Tizit Area Students’Union (TASU) will also be responsible for the basic needs of the drivers and handymen coming from Assam during the unloading process. 

For Naginimora sub-division, the following arrangements will be implemented in co-ordination with the district administration: The shopkeepers will make necessary arrangements for transportation of essential commodities from Police Check Post, Naginimora to their respective shops via trucks/other vehicles; Shopkeepers of Naginimora sub-division will also be responsible for the basic needs of the drivers and handymen coming from Assam, during the unloading process; Shopkeepers of Naginimora sub-division will also be responsible for arrangement of labourers for unloading and loading of essential commodities. All concerned are directed to strictly maintain social distancing norms and observe all preventive measures notified by the government. These directives are issued after extensive consultation between the district administration, office of the chief medical officer, Mon, Mon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), Tizit Area Students’ Union (TASU) and other stakeholders. Non-compliance with this notice will attract penal action as per the relevant provisions of law.

Tuensang district

DC Tuensang advisory to health care institutions: Deputy commissioner, Tuensang, Kumar Ramnikant has notified advisory to all health care institutions (this includes all public health institutions with medical officer like PHC, CHC, District Hospital, and all public sector undertakings and also private health establishments like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics etc.) under Tuensang district jurisdiction should mandatorily submit daily report (including NIL report) by 3 p.m of any patient presenting with fever and cough and shortness of breath. According to DIPR report, this is aimed to screen the COVID-19 like symptoms for testing. The daily reporting format may be send through WhatsApp 9612724367 or email to with the following detail daily reporting format for COVID-19 Surveillance: Name of health institution, date, name of patient, patient mobile No, address, presenting symptoms: Fever, cough and shortness of breath.

Kiphire district

DC Kiphire informs FPS to distribute foodgrains: Deputy commissioner Kiphire Sarita Yadav informed the FPS both in rural & urban to distribute the foodgrains to all the beneficiaries under PHH & AAY in the Kiphire district targeted public distribution system Free Of Cost for a period of three months (April, May and June) 2020 and ensure that foodgrains of the said scheme should reach out all the beneficiaries at the right time. According to DIPR report, she also informed that if any FPS was found selling/diversion or misusing the allocation mean for free distribution should be penalised by cancellation of license and action to be taken as laid down in Essential Commodities Act 1955. She also mentioned that while distributing the foodgrains to the beneficiaries, counter signed by ADS and district administration for this scheme and to submit record as soon as distribution of foodgrains is completed. 


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