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Promise of Sham

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/31/2018 1:04:09 PM IST

 2014 parliamentary election witnessed the most acrimonious trade barbs among political parties in independent India. Race to book seats in Lower House of the Parliament was so strong that both national and regional parties made all out effort to woo the voters. In the midst of all these political drama citizens found themselves in crossfire as always. The fortress of then ruling coalition government was battered by corruption, inflation and anti-incumbency. While the opposition party taking advantage of the prevailing situation dished out irresistible manifesto promising sun and moon to voters. They anointed a man with a chest of 56 inches to lead the charge against their political rivals and he did it in his own way with the best weapon at his disposal, the cannon of Oratory. Every time he unleashed devastating attack against his rivals he decimated them and finally emerged as undisputed victor. His fond and oft reiterated shabd ( word) was achhe din ( good day) and people were swayed by this promise and gave thumping victory to BJP, garnering 282 Lok Sabha seats on its own and reached 336 with NDA alliance in 543 parliamentary seats on offer. This by the way was similar to 1984 general election when Rajiv Gandhi won 414 seats for his party. Coming back to the present government’s promise; it has become like chasing a philosopher’s stone. Much water has flown since then but acche din remains elusive promise vanishing fast in thin air. Today the poster boy of 2014 sweats to speak on inflation, devaluation of rupee, corruption, fuel price hike, unemployment and black money stashed away on foreign shores. These among others were his promises which he assured citizens to fix with his magic wand when he was pleading his country men and women to make him chaukidar of this nation. Where has this tall promise gone? You spoke like a great doctor who knows his patient’s illness through and through and this country thought you have the blueprint for complete cure from inflation, corruption, unemployment etc. But now we know that all political promises are sham devoid of any content. This country has given you and your party four and half years to prove your mettle but you don’t seem to have the character to match your word. The citizens have realized this because your acche din is far worse than UPA’s bura din. Those days we bought fuel and still had coins jingle on our pocket but now we are terrified to visit gas station it ploughs our pockets digging out all we have leaving nothing. Few years back middle income family enjoyed the luxury of using LPG gas cylinder for cooking meals and still had needed amount to buy decent food items to serve on table, but today here I spent Rs.1050 for a cylinder. If this is what achhe din is I prefer bura din where I could get LPG with Rs. 450 and diesel with Rs. 56. Have I become anti-national in expressing my opinion? If so keep it with you because the constitution of this great nation guarantees me liberty of though and expression. You have not done much but yes talked much through your mann ki baat but Sir aam admi like me wants to see real change on the ground and not lectures from foreign nations and Red Fort. We the citizens are tired of being hoodwinked for your dirty political game. For the good of this great ancient country walk the talk and cease sloganeering, fulfil what you promise and take every one on board to enjoy equal rights and opportunity this country has to offer. Stop religion, caste, tribe and race as vote bank commodities it’s not for political parties to manipulate it’s something that this nation ought to celebrate as rich in diversity.  

Speaking about real change on the ground, there were some waves in Nagaland as well “Change is coming”. Nagas thought this must be like the dove which came back to Noah with olive branch on its beak signaling him, now you can come out to live peacefully in your own land. During those days much hype was also generated with Clean Election thing and people were convinced that politically this is the most opportune time. Many new names were heard but as usual the old horses prevailed getting admitted in State Assembly with new party attire. As usual Nagas waited for days to know who will get what portfolios, finally the names were out newly crowned modern princes took to press promising many things as a follow up of change is coming programme. Almost all the departments were sent notice on how to function under new regime and it’s almost nearing a year but nothing is visible. The whole energy and resources of the ruling government appear to be spent on rejoinder, rebuttal, allegation and counter-allegation doing nothing. Mind you netas! Nagas feel ashamed to see on front page of daily news paper the bickering between ruling and opposition parties. We want to read development story being printed on front page, small factories being revived from what remains as defunct, better road connectivity and generation of employment by creating investment friendly atmosphere in the state allowing private companies to set their foot in Nagaland. But when will Promised change come??? Remember you have promised voters of 2018 assembly election they are waiting painstakingly. Stop your insane political vendetta and begin to govern, deliver and develop this beautiful state of Nagaland. If not your “Change is coming” slogan will be another chapter in the history of “Promise of Sham.” 

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