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Shame! Shame on the Naga!

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 4/1/2019 12:12:19 PM IST

 With intention of malice and profiteering from the Election to the prestigious Assembly Seat of Aonglenden (Ao Tableland) Assembly Constituency and the Lok Sabha Seat of Nagaland, some Candidates have brought out despicable behavior and great shame not only to their own community but also to their entire Naga Population. The Prophet Jeremiah had said some three thousand years ago, “They do not know how to blush”; the concerned persons have not realized what irredeemable shame they have brought to their relatives, their Clansmen, their Village and to the entire Nagaland State.

They prostituted the Naga Name in front of the whole World. The Naga is not merely a Scheduled Tribe, they are a People and every man and women in the Naga community hangs its head in shame for the political harlotry, moral and ethical turpitude seen in Nagaland in the last few days.

To get Ticket for election to a prestigious Seat in the government from one political Party and secretly vanish in support of its opponent Party at the last minute is to execute the height of political chicanery with sophistry. Such political sophistry of chicanery destroys the honorable profession of Public Service everywhere and in Nagaland also. Destroy politics in the State and one will be destroying the very fabrics of his Society in the State.

The State cannot exist with the Church alone without a Government. The Church alone cannot exist without the Security of law and order of the Government. The Government cannot stand without a democratically processed system of Governance. A government established with a capstone of political chicanery will collapse like a house of cards. 

A political Party that provided political Spaces to political harlots commits political immorality and that is more immoral and unethical than the harlots in the street. There are no moral and ethical values separately for Politics, for the Church, or for Trade & Commerce. Immoral politics is immorality, Unethical in Business in unethical. The party Leader and the Decision makers in the Party are all equally responsible for stinking moral and ethical turpitude in the Society, political or not. 

Be that as it may, but all, -NGOs, Hohos, the lingual Bodies, Church Associations, Scholars, Overseas Naga Association, FNR, GB Association, Naga Student Federation, Naga Hoho, Eastern Naga Organization, Naga Mother Association, Joint Action Committees of the State, the many Prophets that eat at the King’s Table- chose to remain silent on such singular Issue of Naga National Shame.

The Naga Democracy is different from modern Elective Secret Ballot Democracy. In the Naga Democracy, Leadership is earned for the past deeds; in the latter, Leadership is by verbal promises and by self-appointed proposition. The former is transparent, consensual, open public selection democracy; the later is secretive, authoritative election Democracy and prone to employment of unfair tactics.

Naga Democracy is open, Public, consensual Democracy based on earned credits; Modern Democracy is Elective, secretive, self-promoting, promising Democracy, the former is by Consent; the latter is by promise. 

The Naga innovate its ‘Open Public Democracy’ from the modern ‘Secret, elective Democracy’; the former is in the Heart of every Naga educated or not, the later is in the head of the educated only. 

Thepfulhouvi Solo


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