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Speaking is not enough, act now

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 7/12/2019 12:23:25 PM IST

 How long and how far those nations that talks about human rights, democracy and thus claims that no one is above law and should be governed by the international laws and covenants protects someone who’s trying to hoodwink with his money power? With regard to Khashoggi’s  killings the reports clearly points to the one who’s behind and yet the United States and the United Kingdom continue to maintain silence and in the process deflecting  the issue. How could they keep silence pretending as if they are unaware of the fiasco—speaking about all these should stop now and this is the time to act?  

The conscientious objectors will continue to raise questions about Khashoggi’s killing and killers. Certainly the United States and United Kingdom have to answer by all means. Maintaining cool and shying away from the issue shall not be accepted. The top celebrities and those in higher echelons of influential positions once they came to know about the human rights violations tend to cancel their engagements that involve many things and yet they do because they come to know about the violations concerning dignity and rights. They heed to their conscience. One such case is cancellation of Jedddah World Fest, the regions musical live fest ever taken place in that region wherein Niki Minaj, one of the world leading singers came to know about the violation and human wrong happening in Saudi Arabia. As a result she has cancelled her trip and expressed her unwillingness to come to the fest to the huge disappointments of thousands and millions of fans. 

And those in the political realms ought to govern and stand by the dictates of the constitution’ preambles and principles. While taking oath, the top most heads of countries—executives such as Prime Ministers, Presidents and Chancellors and so on swear in the name of the God and their constitution, but once they get elected and after swearing-in their pre-occupation diametrically turns to the opposite ways of protecting their power and in the process align with those who ruthlessly abuse their powers and commit violations that runs exactly what the constitution prescribes to each and every citizen. One wonders how come human nature changes so fast the moment these people assume offices that ought to govern the citizens justly and with dignity. 

The so-called ‘crown prince’ of Saudi Arabia has converted his country into a silenced state and there is absolutely zero tolerance to freedom of expression and when it comes to press freedom it stands almost at the lowest ebb. Those who write against the regime or question the governance they are imprisoned. The regime could also go to any extend of liquidating anyone that the regime finds ‘dangerous’. Such ruthless regime is that and the one on top of the regime attend summits like G-20 and goes around as if nothing has happened. He has been given VVIP treat and given utmost prominence by US President and many others in Tokyo, Japan.

It sent a clear message that the so-called ‘powerful people’ backing him and no one can dent his regime. So, the world in which we live is run with money and muscle power. Violations of rights and breakdown of laws and prevalence of the law of the jungle are the order of the day that reins over democracy, civility and governance. And yet there are a few who challenge and defy these dictators and oligarchs. We need to pursue justice by all means and at all cost. The world is still safe and there’s at least some minimal levels of human rights are being follow because of those who take risks and defy unjust regimes openly—the conscientious objectors. 

Dr. John Mohan Razu


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