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Speech of Adinno Phizo on 73rd NNC Formation Day

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 2/2/2019 12:40:33 PM IST

 Ladies and Gentlemen, 

We are gathered here to commemorate the 73rd Naga National Council Formation Day. From the 2nd February, 1946 onward, NNC became the voice of the Naga people. For the past seventy two years, the Nagas have wonderfully upheld the right of their nation in conflict with India. We, the Nagas are living in our own land from time immemorial and have never had any connection with India ever since the foreign occupation started in our country from 1880 to 2018. For one hundred thirty eight years, the Naga people have continuously defended their right of freedom. This is a known historical fact. 

Officially, the first contact with India was in May 1947 just before Great Britain relinquished her power to India. At that time the Constituent Assembly of India sent her delegation to meet NNC members in Kohima and offered Nagaland to join the Union of India. The offer was refused by NNC. Again in June 1947, the Ten Year Agreement was given but India broke off its promise with NNC. Then NNC representatives declared Naga Independence on August 14th 1947, a day ahead of modern India. 

As soon as A.Z. Phizo became NNC President, he organized to have a voluntary Plebiscite whether to join India or stay independent and the result was 99.9% not to join India. The Plebiscite was conducted on 16th May 1951. 

After Plebiscite, Mr. Phizo went to meet the free Naga people in the East to join the mainland and they agreed. Thus together the Federal Government of Nagaland was established on 22nd March 1956 with our Yehzabo (constitution) and our rainbow flag. After we hoisted our flag, we became a republic nation on 22nd March 1956. 

Instead of developing our country by ourselves, India invaded Nagaland in 1954 and continued till Ceasefire was initiated by NBCC and arranged by Peace Mission and signed the International Ceasefire Agreement between the Federal Government of Nagaland and the Government of India in 1964. But India unilaterally abrogated the Ceasefire Agreement in 1972. During the war from 1954-1964, many Nagas suffered and died. Villages were burned down to ashes; the people escaped but returned with community spirit and helped one another to rebuild their villages again instead of running away and becoming refugees. Nagaland is still under Indian military occupation. And the Government of India recently extended the so-called Armed Forces Special Power Act, 1958 for six months on December 30, 2018 in Nagaland.   

In any country, under occupation many unpleasant things develop in the situation. We are witnessing the same things, but time does not stand still and the truth shall prevail. Be a good Naga and avoid what “the Lord hates,” See Proverbs 6: 16-19. 

By tradition, the Nagas do not struggle for power. The people reason together and resolve or decide the problem or matter. To compare with other countries, the Nagas have all the freedom in our country. Region (Tribe) to region may have different culture or tradition, but as a whole we can resolve among ourselves and not fight like foreigners. Before Christianity came to our country, our people were not “living in darkness” nor were we “head-hunters.” If they were, the present generation will imitate others and will have no tradition of their own. We became Christians because there is a salvation even after life. Angami area took a long time to believe Jesus because at first, they thought it was an enemy’s religion as they fought the British. But slowly, they understood and believed Jesus who came to this world to save the mankind.  

We praise God for His blessings to our people. Let us be grateful to Him always. 

NNC is not a political party, but a political institution of Nagaland. It is always to uphold and defend the right of the Nagas. 

May God bless Nagaland: Urra Uvie.

Peace Hall. Chedema, 2nd February, 2019.

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