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Technology merging onto nature

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 7/10/2019 11:59:53 AM IST

 Does the title seem a bit surprising to us? No, probably, because anyone plugged into the matrix of functional utility is unhesitant—transmissioning-in the disgorge from where the nexus originates — nature itself. In today’s events, technology has successfully integrated its network into the mainframe of our civilization’s engine. In quite recent turn, self-driving (automated) cars with high fidelity navigation, radar, odometer, computer vision and sensor—installation is intensely taking uproar in the extra-safety motor-market arena. Technological implants piloting our society is driven with multiple management like a split in the fork. 

Bionics: Bionics simply being the application of biologically inspired concepts into manufacturing technology, has ushered into a redefining landmark for the future of prosthetics — [Cyborgs! *Fingers crossed*]. 
Nano Tech: This technology is the manipulation of matter at a molecular or atomic level. It is gaining rapid traction in this era. The tech is used to detect diseases early, drug delivery and water treatment etc. 
Genetic Engineering: The moniker explains by itself; it uses technology to modify and re-engineer an organisms’ genes. Recently, NASA has announced that they were successful in synthesizing a DNA like molecule that can store and transmit information. It includes nucleotides present in Earth life – adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine – but also four others that mimic the structures of the informational ingredients in regular DNA.This is a breakthrough in the standards of life rejuvenating on conditions alien to earth.
Artificial Intelligence: A modern AI like Sophia, developed by Hanson Robotics, is a humanoid robot that uses ‘fluid intelligence’ to interface. Unlike older model of AI that had ‘crystallized intelligence’ of raw data (1s and 0s number configuration) to compute within the algorithm, the newer models can recognise fresh inputs and carry its intelligence of actual compression to generalize the interface.
Technology has made our lives effortless and has embedded in our social fabric as a modem to increase our networking. We have at our hands today to log into any scientific research and copy-paste materials after “slightly redaction” and use it for our assignments or projects [I would therefore suggests specifically the students to inculcate comprehending the subject as well!]. Due to the over–the–top transparency of accessible information, except for core fundamental subjects like Quantum Physics [let me reiterate: comprehension dear students—or your paper would be invaluable as there are many layers of research that point “nay” — humour aside — it could be confusing and a mute effort, unless the relevant topical issue is referenced in your paper, in QM], technology has helped crack the code of nature [few exceptions on the behaviour of quantum wave function, edge of the universe and discovery of more fundamental quantum particles, and few other yappity yap yappings - LOL!], and has sourced itself out to be the most innovative—cutting-edge corner of our walls, and it continues to advance at a staggering rate.
Thomas Chang

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