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By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 1/26/2020 1:09:42 PM IST

 Governor of Nagaland (and also holding charge of Meghalaya) R.N. Ravi has decided to call a spade a spade and minced no words on who have been responsible for causing havoc on the economy, progress and social peace in Nagaland. Ravi had earlier barely hid his disdain at the symbiotic relationship between politicians and unlawful elements in the state. He reminded politicians about their constitutional mandate in providing good governance instead of only focussing their concern on urging the Centre for solution to the Naga political issue. Ravi has gone a step further in his Republic Day message where he castigated the gun and corruption culture which have caused havoc and damaging the process of development and social peace in Nagaland. Ravi termed both guns and corruption as the twin evils that continue to plague Nagaland state. He said those who hold guns, have been holding society in Nagaland to ransom with fear. Ravi hit hard at the vice grip of political economy of guns and corruption which have been holding Nagaland state to ransom. What Ravi has been saying, specifically in his Republic Day speech, is the bitter truth. While making it clear that Nagaland is a historic reality, Ravi reminded people of Nagaland about the extraordinary courage, political vision and strategic foresight of the Naga People’s Convention (NPC) who, despite trying circumstances secured statehood with special status. Hitting out at “some people using guns” who have been trying to undermine Nagaland state and its unique constitutional status(Article 371A); Ravi reminded them that the belief of power flowing through the barrel of the gun is a failed ideology. He was also unsparing in hitting out at corruption, which obviously was aimed at the prevailing condition in the state. It also leaves little to imagination that the nexus between those who use guns and those who enjoy power are responsible for the mess in Nagaland. It is a known fact that no project in Nagaland escapes taxation or extortion from various organisations. If corruption is like an endemic cancer at the higher levels, extortion is like a viral disease at the social levels. Contractors and suppliers have to pay some percentage of the amount to politicians and supervising officers at some level and also to various outfits at the lower level. The menace of extortion or illegal taxation has long been the bane on trade, commerce and industry, that absolutely negate the government’s policies for economic development of the state. It is an open secret that rampant corruption and extortion have demeaned the meaning of development and progress in Nagaland as projects get bogged down when executors also want their pound of flesh by insisting on cost escalations. Corruption today has reached dizzy heights because everybody knows it is deep rooted and no one seems willing to bell the cat. Perhaps this condition is best exemplified by a word called asociality- a moral abyss afflicting contemporary society that leads ordinary people to believe that there is a price tag for everything as those in power have purchased the mandate to serve personal, family or community needs above everybody. It is hoped that the Governor, after all the warning signals, will leave no stone unturned to ensure the eradication of the twin evils and put Nagaland back on track.

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