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The ashes of late Vajpayee in Nagaland!

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/29/2018 10:20:59 AM IST

 I do not know whether it was the will of Late Vajpayee that his ashes be spread across the country. Even if it is his will, many States may not consent to it. And if it is not his will, there is no point in forcing people to do so. So surprising, yet Mr. Imna wanted to immerse the ashes of Late Vajpayee in the sacred rivers of Nagaland as though he is the only begotten son. Mr. Imna foresaw development and prosperity of the Nagas inside the ash pot. Once the ashes are spread, there will be fast magic of development and prosperity. The ashes will bring fertility to Nagaland. Crops of every kind will emerge at an instance. Different species of fish and crocodiles will swim up and down the rivers. The rivers of Nagaland will be sanctified. The roads will turn smooth. Nagaland will become self-sufficient. Nagaland will be called ‘world trade centre.’ Sovereignty will dawn upon the Nagas without much struggle. Naga politicians will find their unity in the sacred brass ash pot. Doyang will become the abode of the gods, goddesses and fairies. The young boys and girls will throng on the banks of the river to take selfie with the gods, goddesses and fairies. Naga politicians will be dating them to bring prosperity and generate new offspring of Nephilims. Political camping in Kaziranga will cease. Doyang can be a heaven for them. Such changes should not be denied. Mr. Imna must have had such dreams for Nagaland. But thanks to the leading tribal bodies, religious leaders and public who did not give into such plans and aspirations of the politicians. A true Naga can also be a true Christian. Nagaland is for Christ, not for Vajpayee or Modi. Therefore, we need not forsake our religion for the sake of political favour. 

Mr. Imna said that he did what was right and that he was clear in his conscience. The conscience can be wrongly formed and the thinking brain can be paralyzed with wrong thoughts. A big body does not mean big conscience or big brain. Even wrong actions can be termed as right with the best justification. Yet, the basis of Christian faith cannot be debated or argued upon. Just because Mizoram did the immersion without any opposition does not mean that Nagaland have to do the same. Just because Mizoram have good roads does not mean that Nagaland have the same. Just because Mizos are known for singing does not mean that every Naga should sing like them. We have vast differences in life-style and community living. Nagas are not responsible for Mizos and vice versa. I respect Mr. Imna as a Naga politician but not as a safronised Naga politician.

If the ashes of Late Vajpayee is to be spread across the country compulsorily, I am sure, the dead body of Mr. Modi (if he dies today) will be sacredly dismembered with much reverence to be shared among the twenty nine States and seven union territories (ref. the dismemberment of Purusha, the primal man in the Vedic myth). The States and Union territories will be asked to cremate the particular part of body as per the given direction of the BJP. The Naga politicians who love and adore him day and night will surely demand his head (matha he lobo lage. Areey! Naga khan to headhunters ase to). To get his head will be culturally fitting for Nagas! The Naga politicians (BJP) will cremate the body (the head) inside the newly built church and say that they are performing burnt offering to God, the Father through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. They will offer incense and burnt offering like Jethro, Job and David (ref: Exo.18:12, Job 1:5, 1st Chro. 21:18-27 respectively). They will interpret their action Christianly even though it is a Hindu ritual. The sacrifices they undergo for the sake of Nagas are more than that of Jesus passion and death. But to replace Jesus on the Cross, none of them are willing! Every action can be justified because India is a secular State. And Nagaland is more secular than other States. We can believe any gods and goddesses. We can move from one religion to another from Sunday to Saturday. We can pray inside our homes and say that home is sweeter than the Church. We can even exalt political leaders to the status of gods and goddesses. There are many Zeus and Apollo inside self-created political heaven. The Christian God will be kind enough to give his place to some of our political leaders. To hide behind the cloud of unknowing does not make us wise. It makes us less human. It can only diminish the image of God in us. 

The Lothas and Aos, the Nagaland Joint Christian Forum and many Churches and organizations have given their best reasons as to why such immersion of Vajpayee’s ashes is not necessary in Nagaland. And this should be respected by all peace loving brothers and sisters. We must keep the dignity of our State as Christians (not as Hindus). Whatever is practiced outside the Christian faith need not be practiced in Nagaland. Those who assumed that the ashes of Late Vajpayee be immersed in the rivers of Nagaland may be cremated at their death and their holy ashes be thrown in the drainage beside their own homes for peace and prosperity (the body may be sinful, but the ashes are holy!). This may avoid mosquitoes, landslide and flood.

The refusal of Nagas to immerse Vajpayee’s ashes in Nagaland is not to disrespect him. The Nagas grieved his death and paid the highest respect to him. We respect various leaders of the country whether dead or alive. But every admiration has its boundary. And every honour has its margin. Decent respect and honour to Late Vajpayee is highly commendable and appreciated. But to mix his ashes in our cup of tea may not be tasty. This is why Nagas opposed the immersion of Vajpayee’s ashes in its land. May God grant eternal rest to the departed soul of Mr. Vajpayee. God Bless Nagaland. 


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