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The burning political issue in Nagaland today

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 3/11/2020 12:10:03 PM IST

 The burning political contentions current in the hearts of many a Naga in Nagaland today is found in the agenda of Cultural Pan Naga Hoho pending settlement between the Government of India and National Socialist Council known as Nagalim. The NSCN [IM] is trying very hard to push the Agenda through for a final Settlement.

What kind of a Naga would ever object to a common mutual cultural Body called Pan Naga Hoho for all the Naga living in various States of the Northeast? It is a desirable to have such a common body of all Nagas in every sundry places. And the Naga does not need permission from anybody to form a common Pan Naga cultural Body. Nagas in foreign countries already has such a Naga Organization. Then why do the IM wants permission from GoI?

The Fox in Sheepskin or a Tojan Horse is in the innocent Agenda is that the Pan Naga Hoho has a political Rider also of far reaching political consequences for the NSCN [IM] and the Naga of Nagaland. It also would affect other States of the Northeast too wherever there is pocket of Naga population.

Actually the PNH is poorly camouflaged ploy anyone can see through as the design of the IM continue its stay in the rich green pastures of Nagaland under the unsuspecting folly of the Government of India. In the eye of the people of Nagaland, the GoI is soft more than is correct to the IM. With their incomparable fire-power, vis-à-vis that of the IM, the GoI could correctly be harder, magnanimous but just in and during the TALK! The Pan Naga Hoho’s poorly camouflaged political rider is:

FIRSTLY:  I. The Pan Naga Hoho as a STATUTORY Body. 

The IM desire appear trying to ink the Agreement with the political Rider in the Statutory Pan Naga Hoho so that what with their Socialist Barrel could not attain a union with Nagaland State they are attempting to succeed now with the Pencil through STATUTORY PAN NAGA HOHO, WIH ADVISORY ROLE for the IM ON EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT IN THE STATE OF NAGALAND.

They will leave no stone unturned to remain in the State of Nagaland but the great majority of the Nagas of Nagaland, resent their political hubris, except for those cowards and the self-seeking yes-man. After 40 yrs of interfering the governance of the State of Nagaland, the Nagas of Nagaland are fed-up with the IM’s political, governmental, personal arrogances and theats of violence in the State. The IM is seeking a legal point to stay in Nagaland for their interest than for the interest of the Pan Naga.  

And now that the GoI Interlocutor has at last CLEARLY declared in the News Paper [quoted]: “we will not talk with the Gun” and the IM Supremo Thuingaleng Muivah himself had publicly in his Consultative Public Meeting at Agri-Expo Ground at Dimapur said [quoted]: “Sovereignty and Integration is not in the Talk”. Now, he is trying his last ditch attempt to remain in Nagaland.

He may stay in Nagaland a peaceful Citizen but not with the political power or as the leader of a Socialist Government of Nagaland.   

If the Cultural Pan Naga Hoho is allowed STATUTORY position, it will have POWERS to make favourable RULES and REGULATIONS of for the Organization; and if the Body has Rules and Regulations, the Rules and Regulations will have to empower obedient EXECUTIVES of the Hoho.

IN MATTERS OF CULTURE: the Clan, the Thinuo[Khel], the Village and the Tribe singly or jointly is SUPREME, not the Political Party in the State. 

In all probability, if the past is any precursor of the future, the Head of the Statutory Pan Naga Hoho Body will be the Yariwo: and already Nagaland is rife with rumour that Muivah would be the Yariwo of the Hoho with POWERS of Appointment and Dismissal of the Members. The IM socialist Motto is: ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE. Nagaland had seen and experienced enough of the violent, arrogant and dictatorial quality of IM democratic governance!


Nagaland is the oldest of the 7 States of the Northeast India with ‘peculiar’, ‘especial’ constitutional protection of Article 371-A on customary Social Practices not available to other States of India. On matters of religious or social Practices, land and its resources; notwithstanding any thing passed in the Parliament, nothing shall have any affect on the Naga unless it is so passed in the State Assembly.

In governmental activities of a STATE, nothing is more important than EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT. The State of Nagaland has a Chief Minister and specific Cabinet Ministers each in charge of Education and Development Departments with well established Institutions of qualified and trained Bureaucrats for the last 57 years of Statehood. The State needs no other extra-constitutional Body of Pan Naga Hoho to Advice the State above the decisions of the august State Legislative Assembly. An extraneous Hoho would only dissect, bisect or overpass Article 371-A to complicate Nagaland.

It would be better to ban the Pan Naga Hoho with its Rider Statutory, Advisory Role of the IM than disturbed Article 371-A of Nagaland. Surpriseingly, the WC has not veto-ed such an ill adviced Agenda to Nagaland!

Thepfulhouvi Solo


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