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The Christmas Tree and Santa Claus

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 12/21/2018 12:20:17 PM IST

 Two things are associated with the Christmas-Santa Claus and Christmas Tree. Santa Claus, with his white beard and red robe is very much charming, particularly to the children. He is a fat rosy old fellow, who brings Christmas presents for the children.

In the olden days, the parents hanged the Santa Claus socks with the bed on the Christmas Eve and the socks were filled up with toys and other presents. The children when they got up from the bed next morning found the presents and believed that Santa Claus had kept the presents for them. It is believed that Santa Claus comes from Scandinavia on the sledge crossing the snows. The sledge is drawn by Reindeer.
In America, it is believed that Santa Claus comes riding on the fire engine.
When Rabindranath Tagore visited London, the children took him for Santa-Claus due to his long white beard and the robe.
Along with Santa Claus, another thing comes in front of our inward eye, i.e the Christmas Tree. Regarding the origin of the Christmas Tree, many opinions are prevailing such an episode is connected with Martin Luther. It is learnt that once, when he was loitering outside at night, he was charmed at the magnificent beauty of the night sky. The sky was full of stars and it gave him unspeakable joy. Coming back home, he out down a fur tree from the garden, decorated and lit it up with the candles and placed it in the room. It is believed that from thence onward, the Christmas tree had its’ origin.
Again, a mythological episode of Germany tells us that St. Winfred was the originator of the Christmas Tree. Once, he cut down an oak tree with the axe. That tree was earlier worshipped by the people. But when the tree was cut down, a supernatural, incident took place, suddenly, the wind started blowing heavily and the tree was uprooted. There was a terrible sound and the tree was torn to pieces. But it was seen that the near-by fur tree, which was unharmed was standing erect. St. Winfred became overwhelmed with joy and declared, “Let us call this tree as the tree of little Christ and decorate it.” That was the beginning of the Christmas Tree.
Regarding the origin of the Christmas Tree, a Sandinavian episode is also there. Once, a lover and his sweetheart lost their lives in an accident. From the blood-stained soil, a tree came up. When the tree became bigger, in one Christmas day festival, people came to see a peculiar ray of light on the branches of that tree. It was raining in torrents. But the light was not put out. From that day onwards, the Christmas Tree was originated.
During the third decade of the Nineteenth Century, the German navigators introduced the Christmas Tree in England. Queen Carrolin, the then Queen of England brought in the Christmas Tree at Munich. The American Missionaries introduced it in China and Japan. Gradually, the Christmas Tree became popular in Switzerland, Poland, Holland and other European countries.
In 1800 A.D. at the Christmas day, Queen Charlot of George the Third of England set up a Christmas Tree and decorated it with nuts, sweets and toys. The children of high families joined the festival and enjoyed much. Gradually, the system becomes deep-rooted among the middle class people of England.
In 1882, Edward H. Johnson, a co-scientist of Thomas Alva Edison of America, decorated the Christmas Tree with Electric bulbs in his house at New York.
In Germany, the Christmas is called “Waynach”, which means the ‘Mother of the festivals”. In Greece, it is known as “the festival of light”. 
So, the Christmas Tree and Santa Claus are the symbols of light and joy. Christmas Tree wipes out the darkness of our mind and all old Santa Claus fills our beards with divine joy.
The Christmas is over, but its carols are still being echoed in our minds. Old Santa Claus has presented us a New Year. Let us hope that this New Year will be a year of joy and light. Let this Christmas Tree be rooted in the soil of our mind and let us decorate it with our love, respect and good wishes our day-to-day lives are full of sorrows and sufferings. The starving masses are crying. But old Santa Claus has come to wipe their tears. In his socks, he has brought joys and happiness for all of us. We have welcomed him in the Christmas. Let us welcome him our everyday life. Let us think ourselves as the children of our Heavenly Father, for whom old Santa Claus has brought his presents. He has brought the things of beauty for us, which will give us joy for all times to come.

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