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The Earth Belongs to God

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 6/4/2019 12:40:42 PM IST

 In an article “Why Christian Should Love Creation, not Nature”, Gracy Olmstead quoted that, “Many Christians are suspicious of terms like ‘environmentally sustainable,’ ‘green,’ or ‘eco-friendly.’ The images the terms conjure, and the practices they denote, are often associated with atheists, progressives, and ‘hippies.’ As a result, too many of us ignore genuine dangers -deforestation, land erosion, oil spills- while adopting foolishly anti-environmental rhetoric.”

That is the same problem Norman Wirzba tackles in his book “From Nature to Creation.” According to Wirzba, “Who teaches theology, ecology, and ‘agrarian studies’ at Duke Divinity School, we have ceased thinking of God as actively involved in caring for his creation.” Can we resonate to what these scholars meant? To me, it means, without broadening our thoughts toward caring for God’s creation and adapts it to our day to day practices; it simply shows our incompliancy for a holistic approach as stewards of His creation.

Understanding the Power of God over Creation

When we think about creation and things that science discovered, it is true that we feel alienated a times. Sometimes, it makes us to segregate our feelings from religious scenario. That is why we are letting them remain within us; explain them based on our own knowledge rather than analyze them biblically. Similarly, Harvard palaeontologist Stephen J. Gourd did when he said that, “Religion and Science cannot conflict because they deal with different things: science is about facts, while religion struggles with human morality (values).” But what could be the problem to this statement? The power of God over science was diversified. Religion covers all walks of life and there can never be anything that religion should leave untouched. Likewise, many Christians may have a view accepting the separation of ‘facts’ and ‘values’ like J. Gourd. However, it is a known fact that science contradicts some basic tenets of Christianity, and the simplest vivid instance could be, “Theory of Evolution” as elaborated by Charles Darwin in his book “The Origin of Species” (1859), where it explained how natural selection takes place, and propounded a theory of how human evolved from monkey. We Christians must never be carried away by such false separation. Science cannot always unequivocally explain the things that happened miraculously.

We need to know that God is above science when Jesus stated His claim this way, “I am the way and the truth and the life” (John 14:6). The Alfa and the Omega, nothing has meaning apart from Him. For that Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcey have stated, “Nothing exists apart from Him. He is the agent of creation, author of all that is and ever will be. Christ is Lord over all creation, from the human soul to the vast reaches of the cosmos”.

Understanding the Stewardship over Creation

Even though there are several passages in the Bible that tells us about the earth and everything in it are the magnificent works of God, many Christians are yet to understand the term “The earth belongs to God” (Deuteronomy 10:14) biblically. Perhaps, the term seems quite relevant to many of how they live the word. 

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Viphrezo Khrieo, 

youth director, 

Police Baptist Church, Peren


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