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The election year

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 3/18/2019 12:08:04 PM IST

 (The fate our time: a battle between faith, identity & development) 

While the 2019 General Election campaign kick started the propaganda of the likes and dislikes has shower the medias. Each political parties coming up with the enchanting manifestos to lure the voters for its political gain when in the long run becomes a mere false political promises to the people. But, whether we like it or not this has become the trend of politics turning into the political talks of the day. Coming into Nagaland state context, where we have a lone representation in the Centre it has become a voiceless commuter in the parliament and keep on nodding with the North & South Indian speeches. This General election has put us in hold whether to choose Development (social & economic) or protect our Identity and faith. The sad reality is that most of our people are unaware of the political development taking place in our country which has either shrink or uphold the democracy this far. So, the need for educating the commoners to differentiate the good and the bad should be carried out so that the output depicts the best decision one has ever made. The contender to the throne is the long rival intending PM candidate i.e between a RSS fed boy Modi and a mama’s boy Rahul. With the BJP at the ruling it has an advantage over the opponent. But the INC is no less to be taken for granted as it has the Gandhi’s dynasty which has the long bloodline of historical advantage to dethrone the adversaries. Time will decide in a short span whom people choose to be elected to run the country. Thus, the battleground of the good, the bad and the ugly is all set to be tested by the citizen of the country. Bernie Sanders quote “Election days come and go. But the struggle of the people to create a government which represents all of us and not just the one percent - a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice - that struggle continues” 

The fast pace of developmental project has been seen in our state in the short pace of time e.g Smart city project, 4 lane project, national awardees, social security scheme, et al etc. which has something to applause for as we are recognised by the Central ruling government. We cannot deny the fact that the social assistance of the ruling government towards the common people has been taken with due consideration. One or the other way the social and economic development has taken place in a far more better way as compared to the decades old rule. 

But when it comes to ‘identity and secularism’ it has tremendously affected our democratic right. Our struggle for a sovereign nation has been falsely projected and it has taken us into a fancy long ride without a conclusion to ‘the dialogues’ which has added more salt to the wound. The sugar-coated promises of Solution after election has been put us in peril. And the controversial speeches of the interlocutor on Naga political solution is nothing but depicting the Nagas in the insanity list. Our faith and aspiration for a better Nagalim may lead to deep mistrust and disorder if the false promise continues to guide the people. Lately, we are witnessing the most trail days of our time when the public has loss their faith in the greater Naga Organisations and, thus, forming a new Organisation which in itself proved that we are no longer United. We have become a talking machine whose intention is to talk and talk and not listen to what the other has to say. We are the narcissistic being who always consider that ‘I’ is always the right thing to do. So, “who am I?”, being the first class citizen of the state we ought to protect our ‘Identity ‘ and fight for what is belong to us. Not like the Opportunist leaders who shout to their lung and goes in total hibernation when he gain something to satisfy his greed. Public need to be aware of such breed in the society and let them take no chance in the platform unless we want to sacrifice our future for their selfish gain. The basic democratic right of ‘freedom of religion’ which is considered as the forerunner of people’s faith and aspiration of a secular state. The state ought to protect the religious belief of its citizens and interferes with none. The ancient doctrine of ‘Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava’ of Hindu concept embodying the equality of the destination of the path’s followed by all religions (Although the path’s themselves may be different) should be of individual choice in a multi-religious, multi-ethnic & diversities of the country. Where the government of the day should worked on uniting the religious practices instead of taking it into a cheap political gain. It should keep in mind that disruption of religion by a majority over the minority can cause bloodbath and turmoil. Religion should always be of individual choice and kept in owns kitchen to keep the country running on the track of peace and development. 

In the midst of the election year where our mind has been in a state of delusion to choose the better part of the political parties. It is heretofore recommended that one should always study the up’s and down’s of the politics and go for what is best for our people and for our country and not compromised the democratic features that enriches the rights and freedom enshrined to us. For, “democracy is a government- of the people, by the people and for the people” Let the fate of our time be characterised by the essence of pure democratic means of free will, expression and conscience. 

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time , and your government when it deserves it” by Mark Twain. 

(The writer is not in support of any political party. He expresses his political views on the present scenario of our time and welcome any correction to the article) 

Atö Keduvito Lüho, Khuzama 

village, (

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