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The erroneous conception of the Nagas

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 5/21/2019 12:19:34 PM IST

 Nagas are ungratified, frustrated, and unsatisfied with the Churches. Societies are no longer satisfied with how the church is functioning, who the church is functioning and what the church is functioning. The approaches of the churches seem to have been a vague to the people. People are left with despair. 

Human and Divine: Human are finite being and we should not expect finite being to posses infinite attributes. Human are feeble and that’s the intrinsic nature. Human are bound with flaws and limitations thus we cannot be free from imperfections. 

Remember pastors or church workers have some good qualities however they have their own weaknesses, we cannot just pin point the loopholes of their life and pull their legs. They have the same kind of blood running through their veins like anyone of us, they have the same kind of feelings running through their body like anyone of us, they have the same kind of emotions like anyone of us, and thereby becoming church workers cannot abstain oneself from our inherent nature. 

Are you disheartened? Are you losing your faith?, when you see the weaknesses of the pastors, church workers, theological trainees, etc? if “YES”, we have to crosscheck our life because that indicates that we are following them rather than God. We look on to them more than God. Remember they cannot save us from damnation, they are just assisters. Don’t loss your salvation because others are losing theirs.

Simple to Doctrinal: Churches in Nagaland have to divert its paradigm from simple sermon to doctrinal sermon.  Doctrinal sermon is hardly seen or hardly heard. The church have to provide solid food like, what we belief, how we belief and whom we belief. Dogmas are the foundations of the church thus to have a solid and strong foundation the church needs to impart certain basic Christians dogmas to its members. Excluding theologically trained person or trainees I doubt there will be only few hundreds who basically understand Christian dogmas. Remember the young minds are filled with full of doubts and questions and when the church fail to meet its need, people can easily stray themselves from the church. We have to divert from what and how we preach in the past 80s&90s because generation is changing and failing to meet the demands, the minds of the young seek to solve their remedies by accessing easily to other world.

Denominational Superiority: There is always a denominational clash in Nagaland. Denominational superiority is what every denomination indirectly fights for. Randomly when we ask anyone what denomination is the best, without further ado he/she will ultimately respond what denomination he/she follows. This is just an illustration of our mentality. In some remote villages some people think that other Christian denominations are not Christians apart from the denomination they profess. This clearly depicts professing one’s superiority over the other denomination. Our ego divides the church. One doesn’t want to admit mistakes the other doesn’t want to reconcile which gives birth to new denomination. We are known by a general name called Christian not by our denominations once we go abroad. Our pattern of worship differs, doesn’t mean we worship different God; if our worship points toward Jesus, if our teaching go parallel with the Bible i have no right to point my finger on the style of worship, “some prefer to kneel, some prefer to stand, some prefer to bow to pray” but this doesn’t mean we worship different God. Stop infiltrating denominational superiority in the mind of your congregation to create enmity towards other denominations. If Christ is the center love should be the uniform we wear.

The misapprehension of pursuing Theology: Theology is one among the most honorable profession. To pursue, it need lot of commitment and dedication unlike any other professions. It is a call out people though it does not necessarily implies in the proclamation of the gospel. We cannot randomly send someone to its field without knowing the vastness of its scope or without the determination of a person. The recent result declaration of 10th and 12th standards which lead to the trolling of 3rd grades in pursing theology and Hindi is really a mockery to our God and an insult to its profession. It indicates the attitude and mentality of our people. We cannot appoint ourselves and thus say we are appointed by God! We cannot call out ourselves and thus say we are call out by God. I believe theology should be our first choice not our last option. Therefore this should never be an option of one’s career without personal calling from God.

I believe we are all responsible of our faith and thus the responsibility does not lie on church leaders alone. When the believing community bring out new innovative ideas for change let’s not just point our finger at them instead let’s volunteer ourselves for change. My dear church leaders don’t misuse the platforms for your own benefits. Let’s stop fighting among ourselves and come under one accord called love. Let’s change our attitude to change our approaches. GOD BLESS!! 

Tshukhrelo Wetsah, Zhipa Colony, Pfutsero, ( 

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