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By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/14/2018 1:02:06 PM IST

 As India celebrates its 72nd Independence Day on August 15,2018 there are many issues that assume importance as they reflect on the hits and misses in the journey through the decades. India has achieved tremendous progress in various fields during the seven decades and is among the fastest growing economies in the world. Business and technology are not alien to Indians who have proved that after the great economic liberalisation in 1991. Even as India celebrates the tremendous achievements made in various fields, there is more than just the success stories. India also has many failures, contradictions and paradoxes. What is troubling today is the failure of the elected and those in high positions to cut the tentacles of an insidious culture of narcissism that tends to reproduce itself through media simulations, self-advertisement and a fairly developed propaganda machinery. The politics of creating divisions in society and an anti-dialogic milieu where dissent against homogeneity is condemned as anti-nationalism. This has created a divided and fearful society who live in an environment that is constantly being bombarded with hate and intolerance. It is indeed an India whose cherished ideals of democracy and guarantee of life, liberty and justice has been hijacked . India was and will always remain a nation formed by diversity. If there is any attempt to tamper or tinker with the rich nutrient of diversity, then unity will be impoverished and it will spell doom . Mahatma Gandhi, who inspired and led the Quit India movement did not merely see a free India but an India that was the voice and hope of every race and religion. The first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru steered India through difficult years by synthesising his concept of modernity with Gandhi’s spirituality. Though Gandhi differed with Nehru in some areas, yet he had great faith and trust on the latter. Recently and very strangely, a revered religious leader had claimed that had Jinnah and not Nehru been prime minister, partition would not have taken place. It was a very shocking and illogical hypothesis because Gandhi and Nehru were on the same page. Partition was unavoidable because Jinnah was determined to be the prime minster even if it meant partition of India. Even if Gandhi wanted to make Jinnah prime minister he had no ability to make it happen. Jinnah and Nehru saw no way but partition and so it happened. Had there been a united India sans partition, then by today, the muslim population would have been rising towards 50% of the population due biological growth. People of India continue to ask whether they have real freedom from caste discrimination; freedom from the communal tensions; freedom from the corruption; freedom from all those corrupt, criminal politicians; freedom from basic problems like poverty and unemployment? Violence against women is rising and ghastly incidents of violence and rapes are reported almost daily. Reports on sexual abuse of children has revealed shocking conclusions. Perhaps the most dangerous development has been the spread of the communal cancer. After so many years of independence, Indians are still struggling to stop communal violence. Though a large group of Indians strive for peace and harmony in the country, there are few groups, parties, organizations with sectarian interests working in India to divide and rule the country. This is the blot on India’s democracy.


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