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The hypocritical hype of Indian politics

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 3/8/2019 12:51:06 PM IST

 Dear Indian Politicians, when you came asking for our votes, you came to us by choppers and flyers, embraced us, enthralled us and even washed our worn out feet. But, How long will you befriend us before elections and distance us during our crises?

We ask for justice and you gave us bills, sitting in the comforts of the parliament. We protest for our right to exist with dignity, and you gave us bullets and hosepipe-raining water. Even, with that you are not satisfied; so you send us loads of mercenaries in uniform, who knows only to boot, loot and shoot.
India-that prides in itself as the largest democracy-must strive to understand what North-East people wants, and we must know what we are asking for. We are asking for recognition and you gave retaliation; we are asking for modernization and you gave us monetisation. 
We are organizing demonstrations, you are visiting us with destruction and demonization. How sacrilegious are the perverted lies you are peddling with insolent impunity!  We know leopards cannot be zebras, yet, we gave you a chance. But you took your chance, by deceiving us with your sweet words (the chai walah… Jalebi is ever sweeter).How long will you corrupt our hearts and our minds by bribing our politicians and leaders? We trust them no more, you are all the same, except for a few (Most of you are, wolf in sheep’s clothing). 
How long will you make us vulnerable by framing conniving political agendas (Bills and Amendments) that makes no difference at the grassroots? How long will you withhold justice from flowing like a mighty river to the hollowed dwellings of the ‘Seven Sisters’?
We got hyped by the advertisement of your government. Now, it is your turn to seethe placards we hold in Delhi, Itanagar, Kohima, Imphal, Aizawl, Guwahati, etc…. They are all for you….Check it out!. You can watch porn in the parliament sessions, but you shy away from seeing our nakedness demonstrated in the streets. You make pompous speeches about unity and solutions, but you behave as the hideous agents of segregation, polarization and oppression. You talk about freedom of practice but took away our beef; you talk about freedom of religion but burned down our churches. How long can the paper cards hold our seething resentment? How long your impervious lies hold the floodgates of the righteous might of perhaps insignificant common multitudes?
Is your political vision too narrow that it can’t see beyond five years. Your incurable apathy towards our demands are like rubbing salt into our bleeding wounds…with every new government formed in the centre (Delhi), our patience and demand for justice are put to test.
The world is a mirror, but Northeast is like a Boomerang, it will come back, with the same force and speed. When that day comes, soon it will, prepare to eat the dirt, to take back your words and eat your own vitriol vomit.
Nothing comes easy; aspirations, feelings and solidarities are even harder. But when you don’t give a damn; the dams of prejudices stocked, injustices accumulated and atrocities committed will break into rivers of revenge and violent resistance. 
Sometime we wonder whether this has been your agenda all along! We must not allow this to happen, but human capacities are limited. Unless, a power from beyond intervenes. 
So we look above, to a power stronger and mightier than us for strength to persevere. But how far can this prolong? How many times will our rights be pasted in posters and protest? How many times will our voices disappear with the chimes of the broken wind? Oh’ God! Let my country awake, from the slumber of fake peace and it’s chronic apathy. 
Villo Naleo, 

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