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The jumble sale of NPF

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 3/11/2019 12:39:38 PM IST

 It is the liberty of NPF to stay united, to opt for disintegration or to adopt any political manoeuvre as thought fit in its wisdom. A non-NPF member, like myself, need not neither bother nor try to indulge in the business of NPF had not the latest mishaps of NPF have its share of impact on the overall political scenario of the State of Nagaland and its governance. The ignorant lot may not necessarily understand the vital role the Opposition party plays in moulding and driving the good governance home in a State. Today’s Opposition party of NPF having 26 MLAs in a house of 60 is very formidable. The stronger is the Opposition the better is supposed to be the transparency in governance. The performance of the Opposition is rated at how efficient and effective in keeping the ruling party on tender hook both inside and outside of the House. In other words, the Opposition does not have a single role of floor performances such as putting Starred and un-Starred Questions, participating in the debate on the Motion of Thanks on Governor’s address by moving amendment motion, the debate on the budget speech by moving Cut Motions or putting a Private Member’s Bill on Matters of Public Importance. The Opposition has the best opportunities to check and cross-check the performances of the Govt. collectively and individually by means of exposing the wrongdoings in governance on any issue relating to the welfare of the people. The Opposition influences or even forces the ruling party to change anti-people program to pro-people program. Keeping the CAB 2016 in cold storage was the handiwork of the Opposition parties in Raja Sabha just for instance. The check and balance role is therefore played by the Opposition.

Such being the importance of the role of the opposition, Nagaland needs strong and dedicated Opposition party. Any political party that acts well as Opposition can rule well. Any political party is not destined to be in ruling endlessly, but it is destined to perform dual roles of opposition and ruling alternately. For economically poorer MLAs in Opposition, it is most trying time for one to survive politically mostly because the voters, in Nagaland in particular, do not appreciate the predicaments an elected member faces while in Opposition. Yet, by experience, an Opposition MLA is in the best institute of learning real politics, and it helps one to become robust in the long run. Those elected members who never tasted the curry of Opposition are like bamboos grown under the shadow of giant trees which is un-useable for any purpose. Those un-trained and all the time privileged MLAs (every time in ruling) are the ones who live in castles in the air not knowing the conditions of those who live on earth’s surface. Those MLAs made for ruling definitely lacked depth, selfish, destructive and not people friendly as they are from another planet and they remained insensitive to human languages and sufferings. However, in the context of Nagaland, those MLAs from other planet find it easy to get re-elected for the mere reason that their Bank account make them eligible. Thus, today, Nagaland is fashioned in their designs. 

An arm chair MLA cannot become a pro-active Opposition member. An Opposition member has to be very hard working solely by which he can become well-informed. Knowledge is the best weapon for him to gain strength in commanding respect from colleagues and from bureaucracy. An MLA who suffers from megalomania comes and vanishes without leaving trace. There are tendencies particularly with Opposition MLAs having misconception that the whole bureaucracy is on the side of the ruling party and therefore un-penetrable. Whereas, in reality, bureaucracy naturally remains porous. Bureaucracy remains 50:50 in matters of allegiance. The only thing an Opposition MLA has to do is to explore relentlessly, after which one can discover.

Now, the old regional party NPF has some landmark achievements in its kitty. The Nagaland Land and Revenue Regulation (Amendment) Act, 1978, the establishment of Nagaland VDB in 1970s and the revocation of Rongmei tribe recognition by the President of NPF while serving as the CM for a brief period are some of the major achievements. Yet, basking leisurely in the past few glories leads the old regional party to suffer from megalomania. 

Whereas, the recent NPF drama by which 18 of its MLAs offered olive branch to NDPP for exclusive regional coalition seemed to outwit the minority restless and fragile few. Perhaps, the circumstances compelled the 2/3 majority of NPF legislators to play the sabotaging game of 1/3 openly placed the party in a whirlwind. Possibly the game of 18 saved the split of the Legislature Party for the moment, and yet it was costly. The ‘knee jerk’ fart produced huge amount of foul smell. The cheeks of NPF was smacked by both NDPP and BJP. The grape of NDPP-NPF coalition was found to be sour. Indeed, the drama eventually concluded to be NPF’s self-goal.

Is NPF feeling comfortable to be out rightly rejected by BJP in Nagaland while its 4 MLAs are coalition partner of BJP in Manipur? What is this inconsistency? Secondly, not long ago, an NPF functionary purportedly represented the party in one of the debates on the contemporary Naga political negotiations issue conducted by NE Live TV channel harped on Naga integration saying that NPF has committed on it. Is NPF conveying to GOI and the Naga negotiators that lest the expected solution includes Naga integration, NPF will reject such solution?

Whatever said and done is the desire for having a working Opposition party in Nagaland which is the need of the hour and not that of a Legislature Party enjoying the position of Opposition with its leader having the status of a Cabinet Minister and yet those Honourable Members are easily wooed to go for jumble sale. I hope Kaziranga is not revisiting? 

Z. Lohe

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