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The mis-governance of governments

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 6/20/2019 11:36:01 AM IST

 This article is a follow up of my last article entitled “The differences between political parties and civil governments.” (Nagaland Post June 15, 2019 etc) On a second thought, I however feel that the word ‘Political governments’ would be a better term than ‘political parties’. I will therefore use ‘political governments’ in this article.

The authority to govern a people, or a nation, has been established by God through his divine laws. These laws, as already elaborated in my last article, were passed down by God through Noah, Moses and the Prophets. Besides these sources, we are also told in the Bible that these laws of God are also written into our hearts as all human beings are bearers of God’s divine image (Rom.2:15).  These laws of God are enshrined in the civil codes of all civil governments on earth. No political governments on earth can run away from the dictates of these universal laws.

In our modern democracies, political governments are set up by political parties with political ideologies to run the affairs of a nation. Now, such political governments are theoretically set up to protect and preserve the welfare of a nation. But in most cases, such governments often end up protecting their own images and their own welfare. In religious and communist governments, the first priority is always the protection and perpetuation of one’s own religious philosophy or political ideology. Such governments will also brutally suppress any opposition to their rule. Examples of such brutalities are countless whether in ancient times or modern times. But whatever the degree of mis-governance that may be committed by these democratic or communist governments, neither government can run away from the long arms of the civil laws that God has established on earth to govern human societies. In conformity to these civil laws of God, even the most corrupted deals involving misuse of public money have to be covered up by impeccable balance sheets. Also all wordings of every nation’s Constitution in the world have to be spelled out in words that show that all civil rights and liberties of citizens have been protected in the constitutions. All these facts go to shows that all political governments have to bow down to civil government’s divinely instituted laws of God.

One glaring example of this fact is the present case of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder by the orders of Saudi’s crown Prince Mohammed at the Egyptian embassy in Istanbul, Turkey. This case, which is presently under rigorous investigation, shows that an individual’s life cannot just be killed and disappear into thin air. The case also shows that even Kings would not be spared from the long arms of civil laws that are established by God. In fact, to bear the image of God with his laws written into our hearts is no mean responsibility. To run away from this tremendous responsibility, man has come up with desperate attempts like asserting that man has evolved from monkeys and not created by God! But whatever our attempts may be, no monkey will ever be prosecuted by civil laws. On the other hand, no human criminal will ever escape from hands of the law whether in this life or in the next.

Kaka D. Iralu

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