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The necessity of internal logic to safeguard our rights in today’s time

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 1/3/2020 1:36:04 PM IST

 “In the movie “Cats,” the cats keep saying things like “Look what the cat dragged in,” implying that their reality has no internal rules or logic, and that they are unable to confront for too long what is happening and who they truly are”, Alexandra Petri.

Anyone can bet their two cents the survival of a people group begins from within our own homeland first. We ensure our homeland constitute all the necessity perquisites like available food sources, land spaces, job opportunities, protection and safeguard of our people’s rights to ensure their survival till far flung future and other honky tonk elements in the communitarian rat race. 

This need to secure our people’s safety and future does not arise from a mere matter of laws being framed by a government body but it originates from the absolute sense of survival and all the perceived, and practical constructs of humanitarian standards; to matter our lives, and matter the lives of others bilaterally. This allows different nations and people to rightfully establish their best chances of survival within their own homeland, and via diplomatic measures, relationships of commerce and ideas are forged, because our survival chances is simply that complex. Groups that tend to not accept this procedure leads to breach of humanitarian rights and give rise to terrorism of every form at the expense of other’s weaknesses and uncompounded ideals. 

Without a doubt our state has failed to incorporate the significance of internal logic in its many areas. We have tribalism and the sense of favouring our tribes in every opportune moment. But aha! There’s more. There’s the untenable patriarchy or toxic masculinity - stupid morale - in modern sense that act as the indomitable opinion during selection and campaigning of legislative candidates and other social forms of regulations. 

Surely, the younger generations’ views differ from older people’s stand on our ethical rights and state benefits. After all, the sense of knowledge and education differs vastly from the post digi-tech spurring as compared to a cohort who primarily had been dependent on traditional catharsis of data. This has placed a mile gap on how each group perceive about technology and modern age to retract the cogent information in optimizing the survival challenges of our people.

With corruption gridlock in all facets of our administration, coupled by little intuitive sense to grasp the tumultuous objectivity among the older tanks, they forget, and manage to lead our society still. Just look where we are at today. There is pure necessity to reconstruct and stimulate our structures; however our efforts should be practically entitled. 

We did not audition to keep silent and get our minds sucked to barrenness. Today we disagree to such mediocre and perilous journey the young people are journeying towards. We have figured it out with modern sense of knowledge on how to differentiate between real emotions and conniving instincts, to avoid being exploited with biased jurisprudence procedures. Biased procedure as to mean: How would a group react when their very own homeland is under threat of being overrun by un-nationalistic elements and the spoils shared away among the co-conspirators. I don’t guarantee those homeland affected by such kind of malice would be genuinely happy with the conditions they’d be dealing to live with.

Frankly, it is understood that environment plays a critical role in inducing our sense of appeals, with stimuli, along with the will to keep on going. But scarcity of infrastructural facility, and common abstract planks to step on, our society finds itself unable to spark in establishing our rights properly. How can we keep on blaming one another when the leaders have completely ignored the natural status of our existential struggles? It is a social democracy, and the idea is to debate cogently and scientifically, in line with the original safeguard of the citizens, where our biological and environmental needs should be synergized compatibly; being blind objectively could result into a vortex of primal receding suction statics. And it is getting a little too late to begin restructuring here in our own homeland.

[To be fair, without resources and technology, it is too much of a premature move to even clamour for world peace. Such superficial elation will in all probability, create more binaries. And in the near decades, to be unprepared, along with inundating scarcity of happiness indicators like happiness facilitating resources, it will be a scavenging and purging each other for the little resources being left off of.]  The good thing though is, the young generations can make that leap because they have been programmed to adapt with the modern ecosystem. The absorbed reminiscence from the pivotal few decades of technological climates and advanced education we grew from, we know we are no strangers to the crescent wave of new change. 

The non internal logic inclusion has tampered our societal structure for far too long, and it is posing as a grave threat to our national interest—and our basic survival gradually. Let us no more be complacent and be ready to curb out contradictory democratic rhetoric and mediocre and perilous efforts, it makes no point not to, in this case — ironically! Those people in disagreement of pragmatic internal logic should reassess if all the internal equations are multidimensional and have been consistent. This could in hindsight help us in solving a lot of menace, numbering in fractals that include every element of conditions, conflict and problems.

K. Chishi

7 Mile, Dimapur.


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