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The need to kick the habit of littering and dirtying all over the place

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/22/2019 12:33:44 PM IST

 It’s a fact that we live in a state in a fast developing country where things are still not perfectly organised or developed. When it comes to the exercise of civic sense too, we’re still lagging behind developed countries like UK, USA, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, and many others. From observance of traffic rules to proper use of dustbins, we’re yet to learn a lot from the so called civilised countries. The littering of our surrounding environment with all kinds of waste materials including polythene bottles, wraps, bags, packages, etc actually are not palatable sights to see. We seem to love the habit of throwing all kinds of rubbish wherever and whenever we get the slightest opportunity without giving an iota of second thought. We all live in such littered environment that everything seems normal, usual and not worth noticing. Non-biodegradable plastic or polythene waste materials are decorating our roads, streets, rivers, drains, and surroundings in an alarming level and style. Plastic materials have indeed become such a menace that managing or disposing them has become a very tough challenge for the concerned agencies like city municipality agencies and others. Its nature of being non-bio degradable makes it a veritable unmanageable monster. If we continue dumping solid non-biodegradable wastes into our drains and rivers, we’re going to face more severe artificial floods whenever we have heavy downpour, as water is unable to flow down to the lakes or far off seas.  

The need for exercising proper restraint and civic sense especially with regard to dumping of rubbish cannot be ignored or underestimated. Before throwing away anything, we need to have the second thought of taking the to-be-thrown away rubbish to the proper dumping place. Another important thing is that it is not a good practice to throw waste materials at a place which we feel belongs to somebody else; it is wrong to think that dumping rubbish on somebody else ground is okay if it’s not in the immediate environment where we live. We need to recognise the importance of keeping the overall environment of our land by not dumping rubbish haphazardly at the slightest chance; not only in the particular locality where we live but also in any part of the land. This is a fact that collecting or picking up rubbish that have been dumped on the street or road, whenever you see it, is not very convenient to do, but restraining from throwing or littering will go a long way in reducing the layers of litters that have covered our land. Creation, selection and maintenance of public dumping ground, of course, is also a big challenge. There is the need for collective, concerted and co-operative efforts towards reducing the menace of waste, especially polythene materials. 

It, I feel, is a bad habit to dump something in the drain or other wrong places just because no one is watching or cares about it. Although, of course, concerned agencies, corporations or departments have a big role to play in managing the colossal bodies of waste materials by exploring ways and means to dispose or destroy them at proper ground. There seems to be an increasing awareness that our roads, streets, rivers and drains are being overwhelmed with solid as well as liquid waste materials; but the moot question is whether we have made our contribution, not by actually cleaning or sweeping but, by restraining ourselves from throwing or dumping rubbish at wrong places. Indeed, we should shun the temptation of dumping even tiny rubbish at a place that we feel we don’t belong to but belongs to somebody else. Indeed, the menace of plastic waste materials is rising day by day. There is the very big problem of disposal -- plastic being non-biodegradable; and when we try to destroy them by burning, it causes a lot of air pollution by the smoke produced in the process. The only solution to the problem could be banning of mass production and use of plastic bottles, bags, and finding alternatives to plastic. 

Now, with regard to spitting and urination at wrong places, what we often notice is that these unwanted activities are carried out almost anywhere. Spitting and blowing nose right in the middle of the road where people are passing is also unmistakably an unhealthy and disgusting activity that should be done away with in this age. Urination at wrong places on the pretext of non-availability of public toilet is also an unwanted practice. Concerned authority, of course, should see to it that toilets and urinals are made available at regular intervals for drastic reduction of public inconvenience and embarrassment. It is understandable that one cannot refuse or delay answering to urgent nature’s call even if at wrong place or wrong time. Toilets and urinals are indispensable public requirements that concerned authorities cannot help to ignore or deny. The next thing that has to accompany toilets and urinals is water. But another big problem is that public toilets seem too luxurious or unaffordable for poor public as they are often required to pay some amount, which often lead them to imitate our canine brothers at wrong places and wrong time. So, what becomes important is making available of at least free urinals, even if not free toilets for no.2. What seems to come up next is the need to set aside some kind of special budget for corruption free maintenance of public toilets and urinals on priority or urgent basis. Proper, sincere and affordable planning for solid as well as liquid waste management, for avoiding pollutions and artificial disasters, is fast becoming the need of the time. Mass production and use of non-biodegradable bags, bottles, wraps etc has to go and the earlier will be the better.          

Khelsoril Wanbe

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