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The philosophy of killing

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 7/10/2019 11:58:47 AM IST

 At the very outset let me clarify myself that I wrote this article after much reflection as a Christian. The title itself is very dangerous, however that is happening in the world around. Retaliation, revenge, unforgiveness are the common practices of the people when anything done wrong. There is a phrase which says ‘violence breeds violence’ or ‘an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’. Hence, the world is full of hatred, violence, selfishness and jealousy. Therefore, why I said so and for this reason I give the title ‘The Philosophy of Killing’. Since the time I began to read newspapers or watching the different news channels in the television not even a single day I found that causality such as killing are not being reported. Murder, bomb blast, arm forces encounter with the militants, suicide and many other causes that is connected with killing. I wrote this article not only in the perspective of Christianity but I am sure that other religion too will not encourage its members to go for killing, of course there may be few individuals who take advantage of killing in the name of the religion which is not supposed to be.

When a person is dead, there is no use to take to hospital, however if some life is still within the person there is a hope of bringing the person back to life. Hence, life is precious and we cannot give life to a dead person. Therefore, who are we to take the life of others if cannot give life. It is very sad to say that even among friends whenever we commit a mistake, unknowingly we uttered the sentence ‘I will kill you’. Thus, we take pleasure in revenge or retaliation to any mistake done to us and there is no sign of forgiveness which it is one of the most highly human values. It is very unfortunate more to the highly Christian populated state like Nagaland where murder and killing is being reported now and then in the newspapers. Thus, for the Christians is against the Sixth Commandment which says ‘Thou shalt not Kill’. 

It is very sad to hear in the news about killing or bomb blast and while there are few individuals who take this act as a pride or a mission completion. Whenever any bomb blast taking place in any places, certain organizationswill be claiming happily about the blast or whenever shooting encounter taking place between the arm forces and the militants, the different news will be reported about the achievement of the arm forces in killing the militants. This is what happening in the society and for that reason I give the title ‘The Philosophy of Killing’ which is meant for either side. Let us not forget that if militants killed the people through bomb blast or any other means of killing the victims will also have people who mourn of their death, similarly when the arm forces killed the militants in the shooting encounter or through another any other means of killing they too have people to mourn of their death. Looking on both perspectives it makes me to think and ponder what the philosophy of killing is? When the common people are killed the society won’t be happy with the killing and when the militants are killed I do not think the family members of the victims are happy too. Therefore, it is vice versa.

As a result, the act of killing is not acceptable in the society whether it is for punishment or for acquiring power. For this reason, many countries in the world ban of capital punishment to the criminals. Just imagine if all have the mentality of peaceful coexistence, the world will be of different one. Lastly, I wrote this article not to attack or insult any group or individual, however it is my personal feeling to the society on the concept of Killing which many will be happy of the enemy is killed why on the other side many others will be mourning of the death. It is very sad that people take pleasure and contented when the enemy is killed and this is what we see even in the movies. Therefore let us follow the philosophy of Lord Mahavira ‘Live and Let Live’. 

Aiborlang Nongsiej, 


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