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The real adversity on climate fallout

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 12/4/2019 12:23:29 PM IST

 We often point our fingers towards carbon when it comes to climate disruption but on a more precise and relevant peripheral measurement, it is the humans that are. And it’s not even the majority human and their excess consumerism which can be repleted as we consume, with scientific incision—it is the opportunist capitalist and greedy corporations who sees seemingly a tiny window of opportunity to bank, and completely disregarding the context where nature should step bound to mere profiteering. Most consumerist can’t help themselves when there are no alternatives to keep the wheels turning, but it is the few rich who by what plot twist procreate irrelevant commercing to commandeer the ship. They are there to proselytise others into pawns to their little game of monopoly.  Resources like coal and petroleum hardly have about 158 and 50 years respectively to last at the current rate of extraction, more sooner if increased. Imagine the dangers when they run out - and we haven’t advanced tech and other safe and efficient fuel - it would be the end of civilization as we know it, in 50 years time, but waiting till 50 years is not the point. Surely we can’t wait another hundreds of million years for the resources to replenish to say we have learned from our mistakes and this time it will be done properly, that will be utter and sheer asinine. There is no denying this is the best time now to work on our survival chances. Let us not be closed minded and hurt the environment and ourselves in the process.

 In today’s era, there are just too many tell tell signs of a looming dystopian world and we cannot choose to remain ignorant to it. Ideas and innovation are prerequisites amidst political will. There is urgent need to arrange protective archipelago of research centres and climate cataclysm deterrent programs. There is death everywhere statistically speaking in the not-so-distant future. Why not build a protective safe dome to shield ourselves from the radioactive and cellular toxicity effects, to save humankind, here and now onwards. Perhaps it is overdue the world nations adopt a more practical approach and put on moratorium quixotic ideals, which should go on something like “help us to help you to help each other.” 
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