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The struggle of freedom to economic packages

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/31/2019 1:00:18 PM IST

 The nature of the rise and growth of Indian nationalism was the result of the exploitative nature and racial arrogance of the British policies in India upon Indians, it is this discriminatory and exploitative nature of the British shaped the Indian national movement and made Indians to perceive the British as common enemy for the cause behind their economic, political, social, cultural and all round backwardness conditions and pushed Indian to revolt the British unitedly for a common goal but quite the contrary in the Naga scenario, the exploitative nature of the Naga politicians are the major contributory cause behind the backwardness conditions of the Naga society and therefore the expansion and induction of more political babus in the already impoverished land would contribute more backwardness than progress. 

The political packages which are included in the Framework agreement as far disclosed are comparably equivalent to the government Act of 1835 which the British govt gave as a piecemeal to the Indian demand for swaraj, their expectation were dashed to ground as it was nothing but just an enlargement and extension of the provision which was already given with the system of diarchy, where responsibility were given without an actual power.  

Why did the Indians boycott Simon commission ? why did they rejected the Cripps proposals? because it was just a half bake cooked meal, there was clearly no provision for self-determinations for which the Indians struggled for. All the provision the British gave to the Indians were just to buttress their rule in India and unequivocally the framework too.

Some other political provisions which are given can be achievable under as a state and so it doesn’t make a quite healthy choice to opt for a barter of gold with a clay.

Are we becoming like Esau who bartered his eternal birthright blessing to Jacob for a piece of meal to satisfy his immediate temporary hunger ?

The British were able to successfully utilised the divisive policy to create an enmity between Indians on the basis of religion and they succeeded it because Indians gave them a platform to do so and now the India stepping on his master shoes has divisively succeeded to deport Nagas back to its ancient way of life in dismantling Nagas into T...ism because the Nagas graciously gave them a platform to do so. The framework is a strategy to further enhance in buttressing a hegemonic paramountcy of Indian rule in the frontier and Nagas acceptance would meant the continuance of the same state of affairs as usual with some extra addition of privileges and immunity for the political babus in the legislative bodies along with economic packages would amount to nothing but a political manoeuvring at the behest of Nagas as whole which all the leaders of the Nagas ought to understand before burning ourselves into the ring of fire of ...ism and hatred before the eyes of the world. All through the decades, the people were feted to be struggling for their freedom and suddenly that freedom reduced down to settle with some economic packages without the consent of the people would be the greatest unfair sin ever committed before heaven and earth. The people deserve to fully know and understand each provision been in negotiate for the Nagas and thus the contents wholly be publish and allow a matter to be open for a public discourses.

The stripping of Kashmir status was done so as to deal with the Naga issue. To convince the Nagas that; look, we have stripped off the status of Kashmir. 

We have taken away the flag and constitution of what had been given to them and now we cannot give you back the same thing which you are demanding, we cannot act as hypocrite so you must understand the contemporary realities and accept as it is. But the issue of Kashmir is not settled yet, the International community is accessing and monitoring the issues and how the issue was tackled without consent against the people and Constitution and hideously against International regulations, Kashmir would retain back its status sooner or later in the long run as the people are not going to give up sooner for their rights of freedom. The political agenda behind it must be thoroughly understood by the Naga leaders before leaving behind loopholes for any future remorse. 

Govt of India ought to understand their own feeling of aspirations to be self determined at the times when they were under the British dominance and be reasonable enough to at least concede a legitimate wish of the Nagas as compensation for all the brutality meted upon the Nagas for a decade in struggling pursuits to determine their right to self determination.

Hokato Awomi, 


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