Theocratic syndrome

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 12/22/2018 12:43:12 PM IST

 Indians take great pride with the path of secular democracy the nation took when it got independence unlike the communal theocracy that Pakistanis embraced. While India grew to become a vibrant and progressive democracy, Pakistan’s slid into a government controlled by a military elite . Pakistan’s misery is its romance with Islamisation of every facet of life. This has only nurtured religious intolerance and extremism with serious consequences. Today Pakistan has become deformed; with no freedom and no progress. Pakistan eventually became a totalitarian regime and it was not long before this imploded . Pakistan is an Islamic ‘republic’ where religious bigotry deems logic and tolerance as evils of liberalism. The virus of religious bigotry that has destroyed Pakistan, has also been replicated in India for decades and today if there is similarity then it is because the same mindsets are also in operation. Thus, if muslims have Pakistan, it is also explained why some cannot have Hindustan. However, Hindustan cannot be Pakistan mainly because the nation was built on the firm foundations of secularism by its great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel etc. These patriots fought off communal elements within free India who wanted to turn India as a counter to Pakistan. The bitterness of partition was felt by the emerging nations especially north India. However the bitterness was given the balm of healing by India’s rulers who ensured that communal elements were on the run and hiding. The weakening of secularism by and large was due to the kind of opportunistic continuance of colonial politics by Congress when its leaders sought to endear themselves to the upper castes in the Masjid-Mandir issue. The colonial British government used communalism to counter and weaken the growing national movement and the welding of the Indian people into a nation. It was presented by the colonial rulers as the problem of the defence of the minorities. Hindu-Muslim disunity was sighted as the reason for the continuation of the British rule. The division burst out after the shameful shilanyas that Congress permitted primarily at the behest of those who shared the same communal DNA even though they were in a so-called secular party of Mahatma Gandhi. From then on the Pakistanisation progressed from elections where BJP reaped the divisions. That is because all past contest was between ‘secular’ forces representing India’s minorities and some caste vote banks and the BJP trying to rouse an insecure majority while claiming to be truly secular. Today, BJP leads an unprecedented Hindu vote bank that is no longer driven by old insecurities, but a resurgent new confidence, even arrogance. This new found confidence of rabid communalism( read: anti-minority) has also made the BJP/RSS bold. The BJP/RSS espouses intolerance to those who differ from them. That has led to rise in ‘fringe elements’, cow protectors, cultural and moral talibans and medieval minds as a counter to ‘right the wrong’ of the past. The concerns expressed, especially by members of religious minorities has instead been attacked as ‘fear mongering’ or they are even asked to ‘go to Pakistan’ or even condemned as ‘anti-nationals’ for speaking out democratically. The point is whether Indians will allow their nation to be a mirror image of Pakistan where citizens have no rights.

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