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W/C of NNPG on Oting Villagers massacre

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 12/7/2021 2:38:05 PM IST

 In a violence and conflict torn world today, the international community looks up to India to be a torch bearer and champion the cause of universal peace and democracy in keeping with her most cherished principle of ‘AHIMSA’ as has been propounded tirelessly by Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Indian nation and the icon of non-violence. 

It is however extremely incongruous that the world largest democracy and an aspiring world super power continues to blemish her global reputation due to abject human rights violations principally owing to enforcement of AFSPA exclusively in the Naga inhabited areas of India and North east India.

Since it’s introduction in the year 1958 hitherto, rather than achieving its objective of quelling the rebellions, the AFSPA has paradoxically provoked more unpopular anti-India sentiments and caused proliferation of more extra-constitutional armed groups in the affected regions.

 No scientific inventions could ever gauge the wanton destructions of innocent lives and properties the AFSPA has wrought upon the Naga people for decades. Endowed with such unfettered powers to destroy lives, the Indian Army which is considered as the most disciplined Army in the world can neither claim valour or victory nor pride themselves as defender of the country when they do unleash such unfathomable horror upon their own people whom they have sworn to protect.

While the Indian Army commanders and soldiers on ground must also own the responsibilities for the gravest acts of inhumanity against the Nagas and where the 4th December 2021 Oting villagers massacre is one among many such blunder, it is in fact the GOI and her policy makers who should squarely be blamed for all the horrible fallouts of  AFSPA on the peace yearning and friendly Naga people. Speediest form of justice must be delivered by avoiding any pretexts of divergent agencies involvement in the investigation.

India, the oldest civilisation with the most tolerant constitution and vibrant multi-democracy in the world must seriously ponder on the validity of an archaic AFSPA and must immediately renounce and revoke the same so as to restore the faith, confidence and hope in the democratic institution of India where every citizen regardless of race, religion, castes or status could freely enjoy the ‘ right to life’ as guaranteed in the constitution of the republic of India.

The decades of military atrocities, suppressions and government sponsored /sanctioned killings has proved to be futile over and again and that Indo-Naga conflict could be resolved only through peaceful, political dialogue and mutual acceptance of each other.

To quote Surendra Mohanty an MP from Odhisa then Orissa  and an opponent of AFSPA “we want a free India. But, we do not want a free India with barbed wires and concentration camps, where havaldars (sergeants) can shoot at sight any man”.

Likewise Indo-Naga issue is far past beyond AFSPA and the most regrettable cycles of violence over the last many decades should not be allowed to rear up its vicious head again to haunt the survivors  and also to deter the posterity from  stepping into the path of violence once again.

Having fully reposed our confidence in the commitment of the GOI led by the charismatic and iron-willed leadership of Prime Minister Narendra modi and Home Minister Amit shah to resolve Indo-Naga issue without further delay, we also make an earnest appeal to revoke AFSPA from Nagaland as precursor to peaceful, honourable and acceptable political solution.

The NNPGs deeply mourns with the families of the victims along with the rest of the Nagas and praying for the speedy recuperation of the injured.

Issued by- Media Cell , W/C,NNPGs

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