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Walking by Truth through the New Year

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 12/27/2018 11:05:17 AM IST

 We have famine of truth today. Families break, companies fail, nations decline, government disintegrates, and the world is infested with greed, dishonesty and manipulation. For instance, the Israel nation broke into North and South (Israel and Judah) from solidarity when the leaders were divided by selfishness and untruthfulness. We live in a time of relativistic trend of “others do I do”. Everybody knows what is Truth. It is not something that we can buy, pirate, earn, discover or invent. It is the quality of qualities we all come with on the day we are born. The Psalmist praised his Creator saying that he was wonderfully made (Ps 139:14). But the Preacher lamented that the quality was corrupted by man’s scheme (Eccl 7:29). May the truth have a new application in us in the coming years. 

The Truth: The truth is not deception and fraud. Vocabularies like fact, accuracy, exactness, and honesty can convey the meaning of truth. Mathematically, 10+10 is 20 and not 10,000. Logically, white is white and not black or dark. Scientifically, accurate and precise, and not foggy. Spiritually, choosing God or Satan, good or evil. Truth means ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Truth is the principle given by God to regulate life and existence of the world. The other side of truth is deception and unfaithfulness. The power of truth can set us free from clutches of untruth. 

Implication of Truth: Christianity stands on the foundation of truth because the Bible is the Word of God. Christians cannot live a life of duplicity which is dichotomy but one liberated life is a totality. A moral life is one with clean hand, clean heart, clean tongue, and clean character. Living in right relationship with the holy God dismisses cloudy entanglement. Nothing can challenge the truth. Truth has no spectrum. It is the key to success in politics, government, administration, business, church and private life. Truth is reflected and visualized in relation to others. 

It is sin to become rich by dishonesty and at the expense of others. But one can become wealthy because no one has right to keep us in poverty as the Gospel has liberated us to work hard and earn a meaningful life. God’s Commandment “You shall not steal” logically means ‘each person has a fundamental right to property’. This implies that even a king should not steal or force a citizen’s property for his possession. We must work hard and have enough. People of truth will walk through the course of years with a new dedication. 

Consequence of Falsehood: Because of greed and dishonesty, and disobedience and violation, Achan and his family were wiped out (Josh 7:20-26). Also Ananias and Sapphira faced sudden penalty of death because of their misappropriation (Acts 5:1-9). Virus of dishonesty will never die but will give birth to guilty conscience and heart condemnation. Regrettably, committing sins will never go unpunished (Prov 19:5; Jer 25:29; 29:12). There are thousands of testimonies about people of dishonesty who end up in misery. But people of truth shall live a free and blessed life. Because God is God of truth. 

Principle of Truth: The truth is the truth. Nothing can go against truth. White lie is not the truth. Truth creates integrity and credibility. A man of truth is one who 

1. Knows the Source of truth

2. Fulfills his or her word. 

3. Fears no nothing. 

4. Stands unchallenged. 

5. Says ‘No’ to wrongs and lies.

6. Corrects others as role model. 

7. Makes the world transparent: Lasting peace and happiness in 2019 and beyond will come from the foundation of truth. Other grounds will sink down. Truth is the key to solution and harmony. The best rule and policy is the TRUTH for family, individuals, society, business, profession, public, and politics. Truth is the backbone of human solidarity. 

“Truth can set you free” said the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ (John 8:32, 34,36). If you are willing, you can be liberated from captivity and bondage of habits and behaviors that chain and enslave you from freedom; think of a swooping eagle in blue sky. The prophet Isaiah (11:9) talks about holy mountain and earth full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. Your life can be a mountain of joy and an ocean of peace. May the new year and beyond be a journey in the Light of truth. Happy New Year!  

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