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Western Sumi Hoho Operation Salvage -2

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/23/2019 11:02:15 AM IST

 (From previous issue)

Sad to say but now many landowners of the Western Sumi villages who have sold off all their lands have become landless labourers in their own land. It’s a sad but a dismal reality. Many once were big landlords have now been reduced to his own compound or ‘Akiphu’ (in Sumi dialect) due to continuous selling off of land. With the burgeoning population land is becoming scarce commodity but the obsession to lead extravagant lifestyles by selling off one’s land without any visionary plans for future investment have only brought poverty and misery to many families. There are many who sell their lands off to give education to their children, to avail medical treatments and to invest in other business also. With the absence of any viable industry or modern mechanised farming as a source of livelihood the enticement of the money pit seems to have become an abyss of ours. Perhaps, it is high time we as a community should come out from our deceptive selves as we will be the only losers from this practice. No community is going to ever sell back the land which we Sumis have sold away. The future depends on our understanding who we are, how the past has made us so and where we are leading. A detailed and a holistic approach by our churches, civil society and the people can drag us out of the quagmire we all are in.

The Chief Guest culture or the ‘Chief Cash’ Culture to put it in a more appropriate way practiced mostly by our people especially by our Western Sumis should be immediately done away with especially by the student organizations. Other tribes are already discarding this practice and some have even announced it publicly. May we also be able to follow such good examples .Many a time people with dubious distinctions and questionable morality are invited as chief guests to speak on ethics and integrity when their very own principle or integrity is more doubtful. Money should not always the sole objective for every programme that is organised.

The habit of spending lavishly on extravagant weddings is something to be pondered seriously. For the haves money is never an issue and being their money none can argue.  But most lower middle classes and lower classes in trying to apt the richer ones ends up in huge debts after marriage. The trend of killing pigs and distributing meat to everyone you know by name to maintain the so called prestige in the clan or community needs to be prohibited. This was never our tradition except in the case of ‘Aza juna’ where sharing of the meat for only those close kith and kin from the maternal side was a tradition since the days of our forefathers . This is where the church can step in as in the case of christening new-borns where a feast is not allowed anymore but done collectively in groups during church services.

Ours will be a better community and a better place to live if only more responsible mass engages in the building of the common well being; only then it will be a progressive and a transformed society. Our Sumi people and leaders must be instilled with conviction and commitment to go deeper and walk the extra mile not only in our thoughts or words but in deed so we can help drive home successful and meaningful outcomes with positive results for the whole tribe which this tour is meant for. We have been blinded by cheap glitters, dubious distinctions, temporary victories, misplaced passions and false hopes when we have so many other serious matters and alarming issues to be worried about. Hence, this Operation Salvage.  Restoring our broken and dispirited selves from the very crux of these issues is the need of the moment. Welcoming some positive changes and heralding a new chapter will bode well for the entire Sumi community. There is a light at the end of every tunnel and we sure do need someone to take us out from this tunnel which has enslaved us all.

The challenges we face today requires a concerted, coordinated and a combined efforts from all sections which of course requires us to remember what we were, what we are and who we will be. Let God guide us.


Jonah Achumi


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