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What one may not be serious

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 4/22/2019 12:34:12 PM IST

 In Nagaland, any political party election Manifesto is taken for granted by voters for few reasons. The first is that the voters have no interest even to note what a political party has promised to do for the State in the next 5 years. The voter’s sole obsession is how much money can one loot during the election from one and from more than one candidate. The integrity and capability of any candidate never matters to a Naga voter. The future for the voter and for his/her posterity is non-issue. No voter sees tomorrow beyond the wad of currency notes, the thicker is the wad the shorter is the distance a voter can see. The thicker is the wad, the smaller the Living God becomes to a Naga voter. The other reason is that what a political party or a candidate promises during the election is not worth noting as nothing is fulfilled post election. Whereas, any candidate knows no amount of walking the talk during 5 years will be of relief to him from the menace of access milking of him and the better option for him is to embezzle as much as one can and be lavish during the election suits Naga culture. 

Whereas, the voters in other States of the country are very serious about the Manifesto of any political party when released during any election. The voters, though they may not be perfect, vote for the leader and for the party that had proved his/its worth in performance. The voters in these States vote for a better work programs so promised in the manifesto. The voters are convinced by the better speeches delivered by the capable candidates. The voters have the gut to reject the party or a candidate who failed to perform in the last term. On the basis of the physical achievement made by a party Govt. and by an elected member in the past 5 years, the voters either extent support or reject the party or the candidate. Such culture compels a party Govt. or an elected member to deliver goods to the general public in order to recapture power. 

On the contrary, in Nagaland, the performance of an elected leader or a Govt. is never the talk of the voters during any election. The Naga voters despise to remember the physical achievements of an MLA during the election. When an MLA has contributed maximum to the community, he will be discredited for the reason that he has not done anything for his individual voters. No voter remains happy and ready to extend support to such an MLA who made investments on community developments. This category of MLAs will face the most expensive elections as he can only please his voters with that wads of money as the reaction of the voter during campaign will be ‘you’re not bad at community developments but what have I gained personally?’ This Me, Me, I, I, for me, for myself, for my clan and for my tribe culture has destroyed Nagaland. This culture of greed and individualism has transformed Nagaland to be the most corrupt State in India retrogressing it to be the developmentally youngest State in NE. Yet, no matter how much I reiterate the exposures of the ills of the Nagas, such will never make a Naga Christian blush. Being immune from blush and feeling regret for the folly committed sans room for improvement. When there is no room in the heart of a person for regret, his/her life is bereft of contriteness which is the reason for stagnation without improvement. The Naga voters having no remorse for satanic culture of election is perilous. To continue such culture unabated is serious, destructive and dangerous.

Apart from Naga political culture, what may be the consequences post the ongoing parliamentary elections are a serious matter of concern. I had no intention to talk about the impending dangers before 11th of April, 2019 knowing that the Naga voters will not bother about what may adversely impact their future, and I considered such effort was futile. The first is the Citizenship Amendment Bill-2016. The BJP has included this issue in its manifesto of 2019. The BJP is determined to enact the CAB into a law whereby lakhs of Hindus in particular are brought from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan to India. In such an event of opening the floodgate for foreigners to migrate into India, our existing law as ILP will be found wanted in repelling the influx of those foreigners registered as Indians. Under the protection of CAB, the influx of immigrants will be Indian citizens and hardly illegal immigrants. Reiterating that the Art 371(A) has nothing to do with blocking the entry of Indians entering into Nagaland. Anyone using Art 371(A) as though the legal insulation for Nagaland from intrusion is misleading and undermining the ill-effect of CAB against Nagaland. To remain complacent and allow Nagaland to be flooded by outsiders is simple. To lack political will and have lackadaisical attitude towards the seriousness of the issue and allow the administration to make business with our protective laws is easy. Whereas, to detect and deport even illegal immigrants needs sincere attention, and to deport undeserved Indians from our land is harder as it involves legal encumbrances. The CAB will therefore have wide ramifications once enacted. Prevention is therefore better than cure. 

The second is that BJP has declared that Art 370 in the Constitution of India will be removed. We all know that Jammu and Kashmir was created as a State in Indian Union under Art 370 as Special Category State. My apprehension is when Art 370 is scrapped, Art 371(A) will be the next victim in the name of uniformity. In the event of removing Art 371(A), Nagaland will be exposed to all kind of vulnerability. Nagaland will not be able to survive under the category of ordinary status pertaining to land ownership. What BJP is intending to do is to implement the theocratic policy of RSS of levelling the Special Category States to the level of the rest of the States so as to have uniformity. The RSS’s theocratic policy is one nation, one religion and one language. 

India is made to remain restless under the regime of BJP led NDA during the last 5 years. The relationship between the Hindus and the other religious minorities faced its worse phase as the minorities remained under threat from RSS and its cohorts. The Nagaland local papers carried the observation of the Supreme Court dated 13.4.2019 in regard to dismissal of a plea of an RSS activist who sought permission to carry out religious rites in nine ancient Hindu temples in Ayodhya saying “You will never let this country remain in peace”. –Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi and Justice Sanjiv Khanna. They added “There will always be something”. NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar said “ I am scared, nobody knows what Modi will do (to the country)”. If non-BJP Govt. is formed, hopefully better rationality will be maintained. If otherwise, who knows there can be surprises and shocks. 

Z. Lohe


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