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Where have we gone wrong?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 3/15/2019 11:57:10 AM IST

 Everyone wants a world filled with bright colours defining peace and happiness but why is it still gloomy out here? No matter how timid, brave, angry or strong a person may present himself in front of all, deep inside he also wants a world of peace and joy where there is no such thing called ‘Corruption, Injustice, wars’ or anything that is unpleasant and wrong. There are many thousands and millions of people praying and wishing for the bright days to fill their lives because they still believe there is goodness in every single being and that, one day the people who have gone wrong will realise and come back and contribute for a better tomorrow. Well, it is not wrong to think that way because we human beings are the ones created by a God who is pure and righteous with no hint of mistake in Him so yes, every person, no matter how scary or angry he may show himself to the world, he too has a goodness in him, a goodness gifted by God to all of us.

Sometimes we blame things and people too much when things don’t go according to our plans and I do not know if that is human’s nature but let us just accept the fact that we tend to blame a little too much intentionally or unintentionally. We human beings are gifted with so many talents and we got a lot of potentials but I do not understand why we limit ourselves just because we don’t have confidence in ourselves or say, because of the most common phrase, “What will people say?” and I do not understand why it bothers us too much to do something we are good at just because we think the society will judge us. I believe everyone should follow their hearts as long as it ain’t harming anybody. Now, coming back to ‘we blame too much’, don’t you think instead of complaining, blaming and criticising, we need to question ourselves,”where have we gone wrong?” And maybe that way we can see things clearly.
Once upon a time, a man kept blaming the leaders for being corrupted and when his son got a government job through backdoor appointment, he said, ”Thank God. My son finally got a job”. The wise will understand what I intend to deliver through this.
You see, there are so many of us wanting to get government jobs and at the same time there are many others who are so good in their own different  fields and wish to do something good out of it but why are they pressurised to do something they do not desire for? Why do many of us think that getting a government job is the answer to all the problems? No job is big or small but what matters at the end of the day is if we are happy with who and what we are and if we are being any source of help and contribution to the society. Not everyone is born to draw an apple; some are born to draw pineapples too.
When a young man speaks his heart out or protest against something which he think is wrong, correct him if he is wrong and let him know where he went wrong but let your words be filled with wisdom when you correct him however, when he protest against something which is actually wrong, do not stop him because what he has in him is called ‘Courage’ and why Courage? Courage because he knows many will try to stop him or judge him for fighting for what is right because they think he is too young to speak or fight for what is right but he also knows that if he stays quiet, he will only end up encouraging the wrong thing which, as a responsible citizen, irrespective of his age, he would never let such ugly thing take place. No matter how old a person may be, he should always fight for what is right. A person may be young but if he has the qualities of understanding, knowledge and wisdom, that is what matters. Age is just a number.
Why do we fear too much? When we see someone doing something very wrong right in front of us, we just tell to ourselves, ”Mind your own business” or “Stay Away” and not only do we stop ourselves but we tell the rest to stay away too if they do not want to invite problems for themselves. When a person is treated badly or insulted in front of us, we know it is wrong but most of us just smiles away and leave, feeling guilty for the rest of the day. This ‘what ifs’ are always a headache to many of us.
“What if people judge me? What if I invite trouble for myself for fighting back? What if?” Have your ‘what ifs’ helped you in any way?
We all want peace but what have we contributed to the society that we think we deserve peace? I believe those who are struggling day and night for the betterment of our society really does deserve peace.
We talk about peace, peace and peace yet why is there always a heavy comparison and competition among tribes? That! I do not understand because I see every one as human beings; creation of God; special and wonderful in our own ways. Everyone wants their tribe to do well which is not a bad thing but when we look down on the other tribes thinking that we are the superior ones, that’s when things go wrong, very wrong! We are all diverse people with diverse culture and traditions which beautifies us and when all of us come together, we are no less than a piece of art to be admired and appreciated by all. We limit the level of our understandings a little too much. Many of us thinks that unity of a tribe is about supporting and defending or being there for each other which is not wrong but we, most of the times tend to used such understandings in the wrong way.
“If you are emotionally attached to your tribes or political leaning to the point that truth and justice become secondary considerations, your education is useless, your exposure is useless. If you cannot reason beyond petty sentiments and tribal attachments, you are a liability to mankind”, Dr. Yusuf Bala Usman.
The point to all the things that I’ve written is, we need to stop blaming and complaining over every little thing and start questioning ourselves because there are so many rooms of improvement for us where we need to make things right again. Most of us are being those heavy thick clouds covering the brightness which is why our world is still gray yet we blame someone else for being those thick clouds. Many have come and gone, there were fighters, activist, leaders, and so on, many taught us the moral values of life, many spoke to us of how a  responsible citizen should be. It’s not like we have never come across such teachings before but why is it so hard for us to do something that we already know will be good for us and the people? Is this where we have gone wrong? 
Why is it easy for us to blame and criticise others but so difficult to live as responsible beings?
 Is it because we are lazy? Is it because we are irresponsible? Is it because we think we will be judged by others? Is it because we think too low of ourselves? Or is it because we are afraid?
The future lies in our hands. Our dreams will come true one day. We will have brightness filled with songs of joy and laughter in the morning; sleeps filled with sweetness of peace and happiness at night; we only need to start living as responsible citizens and contribute to the society. We can always try to be a better person, we can always try to live a better life, we can always try to be the future we want to see in others.
It is better to try and fail than to never try and fail and regret for the rest of our lives.
Kepevino Hozoyeh, Medziphema Town

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