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Who let the dogs out ?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 7/9/2020 1:03:53 PM IST

 With an increase rate in Covid-19 cases, people in the state are bursting with fear without knowing the fact that Dogs doesn’t play a significant role in spreading the virus, and with the law passed by the state government regarding banning of imported dogs and sale of dog meat, People with their not so rational, dazzling and sophisticated mindset are raging all over the social media. This topic have not been discussed earlier but with the rise in covid-19 and the new law, we get to see our true colours, because the one who wants to voice out feels that their argument might rather sounds silly or simply because they are in a minority. Let me ask this, Just because majority agrees does it mean they are right? Moral law doesn’t equals political law? Let me take you to a brief journey on how Wolves went from fairy tale villains to our canine companions. 

Through genetic studies, researchers know that dogs and wolves, mainly Canis lupus: a scientific name for grey/gray Wolf share a common ancestor. Unlike cows, horses, pigs or other domestic animals, Dogs chose us; they became a part of our lives by their own will. They didn’t do it as we see in fictional movies to serve us but we kept some tasty piles at the edge of our camp thousands of years ago, they gradually became comfortable with our campfires and voices and over the centuries have co-habitated with man in a pact of mutual benefit. Dogs were predators like man; they lived in groups and hunt by daylight. They were also high on top of the food chain. Their skills in running down prey exceed our own. When the foods were shared, pups raised with humans and generations of selective breeding and adaptation were put in effect. Eventually humans realized that wolves once domesticated could be useful, they could be guards, work with hunters and protect their livestock with no intent to eat them instead since they were both predators. After that whenever humans went, their canine companions followed. People were so deeply attached to their pups, and we can see this bond in the archaeological record with burials of people and dogs together. Over thousands of years, domestication created both physical and genetic changes in dogs, while many early dogs looked pretty similar to each other, new breeds were developed to meet a variety of human needs and coat colours and textures became more diverse. Many of these changes can be traced to the cross breeding as humans moved around the planet with their canine companions and came across new groups of canidie. 

Thousands of years of adaptation may have bonded us chemically. Not only they can understand our emotions and body language but when dogs and humans interact both our bodies release oxytocin: a hormone commonly associated with feeling of love and protectiveness. Dogs provide companionship amusement and unconditional love, that’s why Dogs are taken to hospitals, nursing homes to interact with people in need and are often used by police to tackle down culprits. No wonder why they don’t use pigs instead. Might come in handy, Don’t they? Now with the new age advancement we find them less useful than in the past, but the bond we shared in the past was beyond compared to any other animals. 

This might sound cheezy but those who care for the dogs is a very good thing as long as we love people more. The care we show them entrusted to us is a measure of personal integrity, however this wouldn’t mean anything to someone who doesn’t care or those treating them like garbage, which ultimately, as said earlier lets the minority group of people gets hurt emotionally. 

Dogs are just part of our lives, but for them, we are their everything, maybe the Creator let the Dogs out and said; It was good. 

Atsulo Thyu 

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