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Whom do Nagas worship ! Govt. or God?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/12/2018 11:00:02 AM IST

 The arrival of 21st Century in Nagaland , with the rest of the world, Nagaland too have taking place a massive changes among them in conveyance of faith in Christ to Materialism. Materialism engulfed Nagaland and is placed to Skyscraper position in today generation, while God is placed next to it. Of course, Money solaces us in various difficulties, it assists us in avoiding or eliminating unnecessary suffering and through money we are able to achieve some of our desire such as good houses, fancy cars, costly dresses but still we find incomplete life because money has its own limitation. Literally, money is not everything in contradiction to God.

The 45th President of United States of America Donald Trump Proudly said that “ America are the true believers of God because we don’t worship government, we worship God,” Where as in the context of Nagas we are marvellously worshipping the Government (State) and our state Government is worshipping to Central Government, we Nagas are extreme part of it as we have elected them. During 13th NLA election, I have come across many people who were physically and mentally involved in hunting Money from one candidate to another candidate just for the sake of few amount,. On the other hand, I have also come across some Naga ladies who willingly exchanged her flesh with money for luxurious life style in various towns and cities, it doesn’t matter whether a wealthy man is black or white , local or non- local, married or unmarried which resulted in many incurable disease, where the above mentioned are prevalence especially in Dimapur for which it has been recorded as the highest prevalence of HIV. Such activities of both men and women invites unwanted suffering in the families and in an individual which leads to early expiry before the God’s appointed time. Naga people of today generation is snubs away God’s adore, care and his blessings, we are materialistic enough. It has become perplex to acquire peace and prosperities without money.

 Is money so commendable? Can we give a smile to someone without money? Is money everything? Is it is not right to take a break from the evil thoughts, corruption and money hunting? For how long the God have to be patient to repent our sins?

Politically, some faithful Christians and other minorities are so frighten of today’s NDA Government, yet we Nagas are fully depend on them (NDA Government) for aid and so on. According to constitutional provision, India is secular country, but today’s BJP Government and its alliance parties are not secular as we all know it. Their main objective is to eliminate the minorities especially by RSS and VHP which we are seeing now and then. Are we not going against our own belief which we are own alliance is trying to destroy our faith with different kinds of methods? or we are just pretending to get necessities from central? Why Indian currency is so vivid in our state? Is there any vacuous for our God to captivate our psyche? Are we worshipping NDA Government? We Nagas have the wont of chasing after all sources of money ,where the scripture says “ For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many grief.” (1 Timothy 6:10). Eventually, the attitude of Nagas toward money is completely distinct when it is compare to the scripture of the Bible as we are so vigorous in chasing after money days and nights, but God’s love is still with us. It is flabbergast to learn that, we are dormant and fainéant in spending few minutes in reading words of Gods, but still insufficient night for Facebook, Whatsapp, Instaram, Twitter, etc.

Naga people are keen to participate in materialism of our own free will and we try to conceal and deny the spiritual reality as we keep accumulating money and wealth, but we justify it and transform the abomination of materialism into something supposedly good and spiritual, we say with our mouth that we love God and yet our hearts are far from him. And where your treasure is there, your heart is also and the majority of us, our treasure is money and material things. maybe on Saturdays or Sundays we give God a couple of hours, we sing a couple of songs, we throw a couple of coins in offering but later days i.e. Monday to Friday we spend the greater parts of our live working for the principle purpose of getting money and progressing materially.

It is high time to culminate money hunting and arrogant attitudes towards one another. In short redemption is need of hours as we never know when , where our creator will return to the temporal realm. Nagaland being one of the Christian majority state, we should not forget God’s blessings, love, care, and his compassions. Jesus Christ deserved skyscraper position in our society rather than materialism and we should let him in. So that we may witness his true colour of peace and prosperities. Observing the faith and belief of Naga’s of today generation compelled me to write up, thought I ‘am not a theologian nor I’ am church worker.

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