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Why do we always need more time in our lives?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 11/3/2018 12:14:40 PM IST

 Little children never bother about time. They don’t have to keep track on it. There is a difference between an adult and a child when it comes to spending time freely. Thus, a child enjoys running around, playing with his friends, with a free spirit. He does not care whether he is in the mud or in the water. No doubt, we all had this experience, but as time passes, things change. We become more responsible citizens. Our society somehow won’t accept us when we are irresponsible and unproductive. My question is, do we still have this spirit of a child and do we still have time to play around freely (with our friends and companions)?

In the olden days when people didn’t have watches to keep track of time, they listened to church bells and for some, the sun helped them keep track of the day. Later watches were invented in the 16th century before the quartz in the 1960s. The industries became more productive. Their employees’ leisure time was cut down. It was a great success for most companies. Gradually, everyone tries to be on time; we call it punctuality. With punctuality man is forced to respect time and become responsible. Sadly, today, the extreme is happening; man is made to work like a machine. There seems to be no difference between man and machine. Then discrimination, forced labour, exploitation, all became common. People began to walk and talk faster than ever before. Time doesn’t wait. Walking slowly in the street is not normal; everyone runs. People prefer to look at their cell phones, at their books than the other person because they feel they want to be productive. There is no time to waste. Some even feel guilty of not being productive, which is in fact an unhealthy sentiment. We say, we are not free. But the fact is, we don’t hesitate to go shopping for hours. No doubt many will always have time for shopping. We don’t even keep track of time. We jump from shop to shop, look for the perfect thing which only exists in our minds. 

When it comes to social media, we don’t realise that we are passing hours and hours in it. The internet is a powerful tool, attractive, and anybody can get access to it. The sad part is we get attached to it. Then, when we want to get rid of some social network sites, we download applications in our smart phones to help us tackle the problem of addiction. Instead of helping us reducing, it multiplies our time wasting. When we look at Facebook, everybody thinks it is free. It’s not. The moment that we tap on the login button and starts scrolling, Facebook starts buying time from us. In other words, when we say time is expensive, Facebook is doing its job, capitalizing on our time. This is not to discourage Facebook users, but we need to be aware of the pros and cons of different social media sites.  

Coming back to the top, children are the best examples for us. They teach us how to spend time with our friends, our community members and our near and dear ones. Getting out of our comfort zone and from our own small rooms can be challenging. However, it is not impossible. Man is a social animal who practices social life naturally and professionally. It is vital for human survival and growth. It helps us to exchange ideas, thoughts, feelings and to relieve stress. 

In short, thanks to the invention of time, we are able to keep track of ourselves. Thanks to the internet, we are able to gain a lot of knowledge easily. Time plays a crucial role in man’s life, but man will struggle even if he were to have 25hours a day.  It is not easy for us to give time for everything, but it is not impossible either to find time for everything.

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