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Why I don’t drink milk.( The Milk Theory) (contd.. part-5)

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 7/15/2019 12:23:31 PM IST

 The greatness and wisdom of God’s creation

1. In my view, God’s greatness and wisdom is best revealed in His creations. And what the collective wisdom and knowledge of man has been able to discover through the ages is only a small fraction of the wonder of creation. In fact, it is simply mind boggling how the solar system, the galaxies and the universe, with myriads of stars and planets in them, work and function in systematic and harmonious ways. Even in this planet earth alone, there are endless miracles, including the countless forms and varieties of life in the oceans, on land and in the air, and their inter-dependence and harmonious co-existence etc. 
2. When I observe the countless varieties of fishes and other creatures in the ocean and the coral reefs, all different in shapes and sizes, yet perfect in their structural designs for swimming, floating and diving, and for gathering the kind of food they live on, I am simply wonderstruck by greatness of creation. Like a poet has said in his song “How great Thou art”: 
“O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder consider all the works Thy hand  hath made. I see the stars; I hear the mighty thunder, Thy pow’r throughout the universe displayed”.
3. The human body itself is one of the greatest miracles. It will not be wrong to say that the seven senses of the human body are much more wonderful than the Seven Wonders of the World. (The seven senses are the senses of touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing, balance, & vestibular/movement). The more the doctors and scientists learn about the human body, the more they wonder about it. 
4. And each one of us is a masterpiece. Out of about 7.5 billion people now inhabiting the earth (as well as amongst all the people who had ever lived and died since the beginning of the world), no two persons are alike or similar. Not only our finger prints and iris, but our ears, eyes, noses, lips, our voices and even the way we walk are all different. Even in the animal kingdom, no two animals of even the same species are similar; and even the stripes of zebras and tigers are all dissimilar. And every animal has a different nature/personality of its own, not to talk of human beings. Have we ever wondered the infinite wisdom and craftsmanship involved in this feat! I also believe that this is God’s way of marking and identifying all his creations, so that He knows and distinguishes all of us individually, not only by our personal names, but in conjunction with these unique identifications. (Even in the ‘Book of Life’ kept in heaven, if only our personal names were to be recorded, there could be great confusions at the gate of heaven, as there would be so many persons with the same names!) 
5. Incidentally, it may be said here that even in the scheme of unique ID numbers (Aadhaar) being implemented by the Govt of India to identify all its citizens, these two God’s given unique IDs (viz, finger prints and iris) are being used for verification and authentication of the persons concerned. How many of us have ever marvelled at the greatness and wisdom of creation?
Creation versus Evolution
1. We are all aware of the ‘Theory of Evolution’ propounded by Charles Darwin, in which he propounded that man had evolved from the apes. This theory, which had created quite a stir at the beginning, apparently has only a few takers now. I think the simplest argument against this proposition is that throughout the recorded history of man on this planet, there has not been any instance of apes becoming human being, or in the process of becoming one. If some apes could have evolved into human at one point of time in the history of this planet, then there is no logic why other apes would not follow suit thereafter during all these recorded history of man. 
2. However, after discarding this bizarre conclusion of apes evolving into human being, the other aspects of evolution processes are scientifically proven reality. In fact, every living creature in this planet is evolving more or less continuously. Even germs, viruses and parasites are evolving, or transforming themselves to meet the challenges of their changing environment and to survive. That’s why we hear about malaria parasites becoming quinine resistant, and many other germs and viruses mutating themselves to beat the effects of certain drugs. I have once seen in Discovery TV channel how, in the case of one species of bird, after being trans-located to one island, its beak gradually evolved from being a long and slender one into a short and sturdy one, so that it can efficiently crack the hard nuts that are aplenty in the island, and that become its main diet. 
3. Man is also evolving in the same way, and for the same reason. If anyone could trace back his ancestry to a thousand or more generations, he would find that he is quite different from his fore-fathers of that time due to the evolutionary process. But even if he could go back thousands of generation further, he would still find that his ancestors were very much human beings, and not monkeys or apes. Have we ever wondered why the Europeans have white skin, long pointed noses with narrow nostrils, whereas the Africans have dark skin, short flat noses and wide nostrils? These are obviously the results of thousands of years of evolution or adaptation of the human species to suit their circumstances and environment. 
4. Even on a short term basis, each one of us is constantly undergoing that process of evolution or adaptation. Inoculation or immunization is the most well known process of the body’s evolution or adaptation to fight diseases. When the germs or virus are introduced in limited doses through vaccination, the body’s defence forces fight against the disease, and ultimately defeat it. Through this encounter, the body will develop a new and better defence system to thwart off similar attacks in future. So, in effect, the body has undergone a limited evolution process, so as to be able to recognise better, and fight better if the same disease were to enter the body again in future. 
5. Bodybuilding through rigorous exercise is another example of the body’s evolution process. After being repeatedly subjected to pains and stress, the muscles develop more strength and power of resistance so as to be able to tolerate pains and stress better in future. (I include this topic in this book to emphasize the wisdom of creation, which, together with the processes of immunization and adaptation, has some relevance to my milk theory).
6. Therefore, in my view, apart from the bizarre proposition of Darwin that man evolved from the ape, the debate should never have been ‘Evolution versus Creation’, because evolution is just a part of the maintenance process of creation, to ensure better propagation and survival of the living beings! The Bible says that God completed His creations in six days. But let us also remember that God does not just sit back and rest after that. He continues to look after and maintain all His creations. Just like manufacturers of machines/vehicles invariably bring out their repairs and maintenance systems, God, the original creator of everything has also devised the maintenance systems for all His creations, and one of them is what we call the process of evolution. Thus, it can be said that evolution is just one indication of the wisdom and farsightedness of God as revealed in His creation.
By Lalthara, IAS (Rtd), former Chief Secretary, Nagaland.

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