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Why I don’t drink milk. ( The Milk Theory) (contd…. Part 9)

Why I don’t  drink milk. ( The Milk Theory) (contd…. Part 9)
By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/19/2019 5:42:06 AM IST

 Is milk good for sick, weak or old people?

Many people are still confused about milk because many doctors and nutritionists do continue to talk about the goodness of milk; and in fact, prescribe it as food supplement for sick people and those suffering from nutritional deficiencies. Here, I would only say that there are instances where the allopathic system have not been infallible, and where homeopathic and ayurvedic systems do better. As stated before, Ayurveda lists pasteurised milk as one of the five white poisons. 
It appears to me that many doctors and nutritionists are also misled by myths, old habits, and grandmother’s tales about milk. They are also misled by the many nutrients present in milk. 
There is no denying that milk is a very special food, having more nutrients than any other single food item. It further has immunity boosters that immediately boost up the infant’s immune system, as it emerges from the safety and comforts of the womb to the outside world, where it would be exposed to many germs and viruses. 
However, all these should not make us blind to the very purpose for which milk is produced by the mother’s body. It is only for her baby, and also for a very limited transitional period. 
We should also not lose sight of the fact that any scientific knowledge or postulation, which does not take into account the larger scheme of creation, or is devoid of moral and ethical considerations, may not always offer the best solutions to life’s issues. God himself has said: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent” (I Corinthians 1:19). 
In my view, this is one instance, where the wisdom, understanding and conclusion of many doctors and nutritionists are not reliable, as they have been made without taking into account the scheme and wisdom of creation, and are also devoid of moral and ethical considerations. We will dwell on this issue of moral and ethical considerations later.
Is milk required by normal adults as food supplements ?
Let me mention one incident here. When I was the Chief Secretary of Nagaland, my immediate neighbour, Mrs. Thangi Mannen, who was the Secretary of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Department, dropped in at my residence one fine morning. 
As our discussions veered towards the merits and demerits of milk, she stood her ground, saying that milk is not only good, but necessary for adults, too. 
She said milk is the best source of calcium, and without milk, there is a possibility of having calcium deficiency. I don’t blame her, because this is still the opinion of most doctors and nutritionists till now. S
o, in addition to what is already stated in the foregoing chapters, I also added the following arguments to further buttress my milk theory:
Of all the land animals, elephant has the biggest and heaviest bonny structures, with its tusks alone sometimes weighing up to a quintal or more.  
The deer family and the wild buffaloes have massive horns, weighing several kilograms. Where from do they get their calcium requirements for building all these bonny structures? Not from milk, but from various fruits and grasses that make up their diet. And they need no calcium/iron supplement either!  
And from where do the lions and tigers get their calcium requirement for the growth of their massive teeth and claws, which are one of the best in the world, and much superior to that of human beings, who often drink milk?  Is it not simply from their diet of meat, without any grass or calcium supplement? 
And further, when do all these animals develop their huge tusks, horns, teeth and claws?  Certainly not when they were drinking milk from their mothers, but many years after they completely gave up milk, and after whatever milk they had taken during their infancy had been completely drained out of their bodies. 
Just in the same way as the body of a pregnant or nursing woman manufactures milk from her own body cells, by drawing upon whatever food she can lay her hands on, the in-built systems in the body of the elephant, the deer and the tiger are smart enough to extract their huge calcium requirements from their normal food, which may be either just grass, or just meat. 
And they never need to take any milk or calcium supplement. In the same manner, I think grownup human beings do not need milk as food supplement. 
It will rather make us unhealthier if we regularly consume milk which does not go well with the adult’s digestive system, and for which the body’s immune system needs to build up its tolerance level. In other words, we may say that milk is a foreign substance for the adult’s body.
Therefore, in my view, a number of malnutrition cases amongst children could be due to consumption of milk, most of which are also likely to be artificial or adulterated ones. 
As stated before, after weaning is completed, children cannot properly digest milk due to absence of lactase enzyme in their stomach. Because of this or some other ailments in their alimentary canals can prevent proper absorption of nutrients from their diet. 
Otherwise, from the above observation of the diet of wildlife, I see no reason why a vegetarian diet (daal-bhaat-sabji etc) will not be good enough for human beings.
By Lalthara, IAS (Rtd), former Chief Secretary, Nagaland.

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