Why I don’t drink milk. (The Milk Theory)

Why I don’t  drink milk. (The Milk Theory)
By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 7/7/2019 12:25:19 PM IST

 Milk is not a shareable and marketable commodity.

Milk, unlike any other baby food, is not a shareable commodity, because it is more than just a food. You can always share with friends and neighbours any food or baby food that you have in your home. But you can’t share human milk with friends, relatives or neighbours, because it is something really exclusive and personal. To some of my friends who do not appear to be too impressed by this logic, I used to pose this question: “Ok, as your close friend, I drop in one fine morning at your home when your wife is breast feeding her baby. You offer me the usual cup of tea with milk. But I will say that if I were to drink milk at all, I would rather go for human milk; because cow’s milk is from a different species of mammal. Will you and your wife then agree to add your wife’s milk to my cup of tea? Or will you think that I am rather weird and vulgar?” 

I hope this poser will at least make everyone realise that milk is not a sharable commodity, or a merchandise commodity. Obviously, it will not be different from the cow’s point of view. 

The cow and other mammals are equally loving and protective of their infants; and they can never allow their milk to be shared by so many other animals. It is observed that even in the case of mammals that live in groups or herds, a lactating mother gives milk to her own offspring only. 

There are, of course, few stray instances of a lactating mother feeding an orphaned baby with her milk. But in there is absolutely no question of any lactating mother giving her milk to the grownups, even if they are her own offspring. (I found it surprising that many women, whose own experience of baby feeding should make them more understanding and more sensitive about this issue, are apparently unconcerned about it, even after I explained it to them. Perhaps, their minds are too much conditioned by old beliefs and habits, or they are too lazy to accept new ideas, or to change their ways).

For  every infringement  of the law of nature, there will be a counter-force or a backlash

Any unnatural act or anything done against the law of nature will always have adverse repercussions or consequences in the long run. 

Have we ever considered why the world today is confronted with so many life-threatening diseases, commonly referred to as ‘lifestyle diseases’ or ‘non communicable diseases’ (NCD),  such as cancer, heart & vascular ailments, diabetes, asthma, kidney stones, gall bladder stones etc. 

These diseases were hardly known to our forefathers, and those who live close to nature. They are also not common amongst wild-life that largely lives by the law of nature. 

They are not caused by communicable diseases, but mostly by our modern lifestyles - by what we commonly do, and what we commonly eat etc. That’s why they are generally referred to as ‘lifestyle diseases’ or ‘non communication diseases’. 

And I believe that the habit of milk consumption by grownups all over the world is one of the main contributing factors, of course not the sole factor, to the hosts of lifestyle diseases staring us in our face today! These days, most of the deaths amongst the affluent section of the societies are caused by life-style diseases or NCD. 

For example, cancer, which was very rare in primitive societies, or in the animal kingdom, has become the biggest killer in the modern society. 

Maneka Gandhi and many doctors are saying that milk consumption by adults is a significant contributor to cancer and other lifestyle diseases. As I was in the process of writing this book, I happened to read from internet a number of views/opinions by some practising doctors and nutritionists that adults should not drink milk for the sake of better health. 

I also read an article on ‘Is milk healthy?’ posted on 8th August, 2015 by  an on-line magazine, viz., Sanscriti, a magazine intended to promote and create awareness about Indian culture. 

As it has been widely held or believed that milk and Indian culture are inextricably intertwined, I found it rather surprising that in this very magazine, many hard-hitting observations are made about the ill effects of milk consumption by adults. Therefore, I have decided to attach them as Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 at the end of this writing. 

As mentioned by me in the beginning, there is already a great deal of awareness about the ill effects of drinking milk by adults, but it has not yet percolated down to the masses, including many doctors and nutritionists. Further, even those who advocate against milk consumption do not appear to have really gone deep into the most basic question of ‘why milk is bad for grownups’; apart from writing about the problems related to lacto intolerance and pollutants in milk etc. It is my attempt is to explain from the angle of creation or the natural way ‘why milk is bad for grownups’. 

And also, how the cattle industry is posing serious threat to global ecological balance, contributing substantially to global warming & climate change!

As of now, most of the civilised people, including most doctors and nutritionists, are yet unable to discern this simple truth that milk is not meant for grownups, blinded as they are by myths, old habits and traditions. 

So, the modern world continues to suffer from many lifestyle diseases and the fury of nature, which could have been avoided if we had taken more care to understand and respect the laws of nature. I think it is high time that we do serious introspection, and see what wrongs we have done. “Thus says the Lord of hosts: "Don’t you see what is happening to you?” (Haggai 1:5; GNB).

By Lalthara, IAS (Rtd), former Chief Secretary, Nagaland.

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