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Why I don’t drink milk. (The Milk Theory) (contd… part-8)

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/4/2019 6:20:27 AM IST

 Why is milk not a good food for adults?

As stated before, milk is not a good food for adults simply because, as per the scheme of creation, it is not meant to be food for grownups. So obviously, consumption of milk by adults goes against the law of nature, or the order of nature. I have also dwelt on the wisdom of creation, and how any repeated violation of the law of nature will have adverse repercussions. Since it is against the order of nature, the habit of consuming milk by adults can create many problems and ailments, some of which are discussed below.
Milk is not normally digestible by grownups. After the baby is weaned, its digestive system undergoes drastic over-hauling to migrate from milk diet to solid food. One significant development is that ‘lactase’, an enzyme required for digestion of lactose in milk is no more produced by the adult’s stomach. Most doctors know this fact, and call this condition as ‘lactose intolerance’, which causes indigestion, loose motions and mild discomfort and rumblings in the stomach; and also many other complications in the long run. 
Many doctors are saying that most Asian and African peoples have this problem of lactose intolerance, but they do not explain why it is so. In my opinion, the practice of regular milk consumption among the relatively poor Asian and African peoples is not very old; whereas in the case of the European and other western people, their milk tolerance level have substantially increased due to regular consumption of milk for several centuries and generations. This is just a part of the body evolution and adaptation, as well as the body’s immune building process discussed earlier. 
However, this does not mean that milk is good for them. Just because you have been immunised against a small pox, it does not mean that small pox is good for your health. Even in the case of alcohol or tobacco, after regular use of the substance, people will develop higher level of tolerance, as compared to new users. But this does not mean that alcohol or tobacco is good for them. As the term ‘lactose tolerance, or lactose intolerance’ suggests, it is only a question of who can tolerate milk more, and who can tolerate milk less. A substance which the body has to tolerate in the first place can never be a good food for us!
According to many reliable doctors, calcium from milk is not absorbed by the adult’s body; it rather prevents absorption of calcium and iron from other foods also. The calcium is then deposited in the urinary system, which can lead to the formation of kidney stones. This loss of calcium can lead to bone loss, or osteoporosis. They say that Sweden, which has the highest per capita milk consumption, also has the highest incidence of osteoporosis. Although some doctors used to prescribe milk for stomach ulcer, it gives only temporary relieve. Milk actually worsens the condition by causing acidity, which further damage the stomach lining. Milk is also very high in fats, and causes obesity. 
There are also too many pollutants in milk. This has to happen, simply because of the huge gap between demand and supply. Have we ever thought how and where from the supply will come to meet such surging and unreasonable demand for milk? As per the scheme of creation, or the ways of nature, milk is produced by female mammals only during the short period of lactation, and for their own young kids only. They will not be able to feed their own offspring also, if the older siblings were to re-introduce milk in their daily diet!  So, if billions of adult human beings are bent on having milk as part of their daily diet throughout the year, there is simply no way the demand can be met! The only solution is to artificially increase the supply by adding many other substances and pollutants to it at various stages of its production and marketing systems.  
The pollutants come right from the feeds of the cattle, the un-hygienic conditions of their rearing, and the various medicines regularly given to them; and also through the milking process and the marketing channels, where more pollutants, such as flour, dirty water, vegetable oils, liquid soap etc found their way in. 
Maneka Gandhi also says that the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) did research on milk for 7 years, and collected 5,000 milk samples from various parts of the country; and they found many pollutants in the milk samples, such as DDT, pesticides, arsenic, cadmium and lead. She also said that milch cows are normally confined in unhygienic enclosures; and they are regularly given antibiotics, hormones and oxytocin1 to prevent them from falling sick, and to increase the milk flow. All these pollutants will eventually find their way into the milk, and they can cause various ailments, such as cancer, kidney damage, heart disease, brain damage, hormonal imbalances, headache and weak eyesight etc. 
I have also noticed that many skin problems, including pimples are caused by hormonal imbalance, which is quite common among adolescents who drink milk. There had been a few instances, when I saw adolescents having such skin problems, and I would ask them whether they are in the habit of drinking milk. If they say “Yes”, then I will advise them to stop drinking milk, and see the result after two or three months. Many of them have told me it actually works. This is because, milk is not only a hormonal product, but artificial hormones have also found their way into it as explained above. As it is, many adolescents already have a surge of their own hormones during adolescence, which will be further enhanced by the intake of milk. These excessive hormones can cause many problems, including cancer, pimples and many other problems.
By Lalthara, IAS (Rtd), former Chief Secretary, Nagaland.

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