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Will the state of Nagaland cease to exist?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/6/2019 11:55:13 AM IST

 Some people in Nagaland say: “Do not miss this Bus”. They say this without knowing what this Bus is or where it is driven to.

The present Talk, ‘3rd August Framework Agreement’, between the Government of India and the National Socialist Council of Nagaland, in short ‘IM’, is a great opportunity for the people of Nagaland for two reasons:-

i. [One]. It has taken 22 years from 1997 to 2019 and it has given the Parties and the people enough time to see who and who is a “LIAR”.

ii. [Two].The present top leaders of India like Prime Minister Modi, or Home Minister Amit Shah or Congress Leader like Mrs. Sonia Gandhi etc do not know Naga history intimately unlike their predecessors like Mahatma Gandhi or Jowaharlal Nehru, or Sir Akbar Hyder Ali, Sir Simon, Mountbatten or Pawsey etc. It is fortunate the long Talk have enabled the Government of India’s Interlocutor, RN. Ravi, the present Governor of Nagaland to know a lot about the Naga, Nagaland and its History intimately during the long Talk. It has provided time to the Interlocutor to learn who “LIARs” are and who are not. He also has the unique responsibility and confidence of the Prime Minister of India and can guide the Government of India’s decision on the Naga. It is fortunate for the Naga that he is the Governor of Nagaland too. The Writer hopes and prays he will use his intimate knowledge of the Naga with fairness and magnanimity.

The Government of India appears decided on the understanding of the political rights of the Naga; on the question of Sovereignty, Integration of Naga areas of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal to Nagaland in the present circumstances. 

However so far there is no definite sign when the Talk can end. The IM Bus was fearfully and violently created by some Naga from Manipur outside the State of Nagaland and they appeared driving the Bus to where they assume “The State of Nagaland will cease to exist”!

They are saying this since they no longer can use their Socialist barrel because of the danger of capsizing their Bus but still desiring to keep the naïve, spineless, people of Nagaland cawed down with their Rhetoric. It is shameful for both the sides to behave like this.

In this business, our Tangkhul brothers from Manipur are par excellence; they ruled even Manipur for considerable Time during the heydays of the Congress in India. This is why the Writer, unchristian and arrogant may be, feels not one of them be made Yariwoo or Kilo Killonser or Kilonser in Nagaland for several generations before the people of Nagaland also becomes as smart as our Tangkhul brothers!

‘Territory and Governance’ are not separable into different States. Nagaland can not govern Manipur, the Citizens of outside Nagaland have no territory in Nagaland, they can not govern Nagaland. They have no power to make “Nagaland cease to exist”. A Magician may show a Dove vanishes from a Box in the flicks of a handkerchief, but Politicians are not Aladdin’s magic lantern capable of making a special Constitutional State vanish in thin air.   

This is like children playing in the market place saying to each other: “we played the Flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not mourn”. In Angami, this is call: ‘NHICUMIA MERUO’, in Ao ‘KISEN SAI’, in Khiemniungan ‘METSO HAI LOMHIE KHIAMNIUNGAN’ and ‘NONGHORI KHURI’ in Lotha. It is simply political Fairy Tales to say: “The State of Nagaland will cease to exist”.    

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