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74th Naga Independence Day speeches

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 8/15/2020 12:30:51 PM IST

 Gen. (Retd) Viyalie Metha, Kedahge FGN

My Dear Countrymen, 

Let us all give thanks to God who has preserved our Nation through all the past many years. God’s plan for the Nagas to be one among the Nations is undisputable and our existing today still together as a people and as a nation, is a perfect testament of God’s unfailing Love. 

We have had a long and arduous journey. For 900 long years, Villages along our Southern border fought against the Manipuri Kingdom and Western Frontiers were engaged in sporadic conflicts with the Ahoms for 600 years. The British came in the 19 century and occupied portion of our land administered their laws for 115 years (1832-1947) till we declared a Sovereign Nation on 14th August, 1947. This prompted the era of force Dominion by India which continues till today. Our journey has been one of “untold sufferings and bloodshed”. But throughout this perilous period, God’s faithfulness and protection have been with us and today, together, we proudly celebrate the 74 years of Naga National Historic Declaration. 

On this most auspicious day, we pay homage to our past torch-bearers who tirelessly laid the foundation of a “Free and just Nation”. The most important events in our history: Memorandum to Simon Commission - 10th Jan. 1929; Formation of Naga National Council (NNC) -2nd Feb. 1946; Naga Voluntary Plebiscite -16th May, 1951; Establishment of the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) - 22nd March, 1956. 

Our God-given inalienable historical National rights made richer by the blood, sweat and tears of our patriots, and upon which our nation was built. May it be that we, as a people, remember and live up to the legacy of our martyred patriots and continue to live, thrive, succeed and pursue happiness in freedom.

 We are eternally indebted to the thousands of brave Naga Soldiers, and tens of thousands of men, women and even children who laid down their lives for our cause. Many suffered indescribable pain and humiliation at the hands of our enemy. But they never gave in. They are our heroes; they are our inspiration. We salute them. Their spirit will continue to live in us, guiding us and inspiring us.

It is our solemn promise that we shall not let their priceless sacrifice go in vain but continue to build and strife towards an “honest and God fearing Nation”.

After the Indo-Naga war culminated in the Ceasefire of 1964 between Government of India and the Federal Government of Nagaland, India resorted to waging proxy war against Nagaland by sowing seeds of division which led to violence, extortion and unlawful taxation. . 

But today, by the grace of God, the younger generation have realized this and can clearly see the pitfalls on their path. The sight of our young people working honestly with passion and zeal fills our hearts with hope and strength. The destiny of our Nation is in their hands. With God given ability and wisdom they shall lead our Nation towards a brighter future. 

My fellow Countrymen, a new dawn is coming upon us. Stand strong and have faith in God. Be loyal to your Nation and do not yield to divisive plans. We are living in the most opportune times. Let us forgive one another and work together as one people, one nation under one God. We must be honest in our endeavour as only through honesty and sincerity will God make our Nation a shining example among the Nations. Together, let us build a “just and God fearing Nation” just the way our fore-fathers envisioned. KUKNALIM. 

Adinno Phizo, President NNC

Dear Countrymen,

Greetings to you all on this auspicious day of the 74th Nagaland Independence Day. We have suffered much all these years due to the invasion of India.

It is unthinkable that India should suppress us for this long, for the very fact that India herself was under the British rule for several centuries and experienced what foreign domination means. Therefore, if India is wise enough she should understand the position of the Nagas by setting a good example to the world. On the contrary, with territorial ambition Indian invaded Nagaland.

As such, it is natural that when you are attack you rise up to defend yourself. If enemy come by land we confront on the ground, if by air we should down the plane with whatever means at our disposal. When an Indian Plane was shot down by the Naga Army which fell in Matikhru Village territory, the villagers were all rounded up by Indian Army and beheaded all the adult male members for no fault of theirs. Does that mean that when a plane falls in their land they are responsible? Nagas must keep in mind that such kind of irrational people are in our land and living among the Nagas today, pretending as if nothing happened.

India tried its best to uproot the Nagas from their villages by burning their villages and compel them to become refugees. But the patriotic Nagas returned and reestablished their respective villages. In course of time the Nagas are experiencing a comfortable life economically at the present moment. This came about mainly because of the astute Nagas living in the villages.

Today we have many educated Nagas among us. It is expected that with their education and learning they will promote the Naga cause. On the contrary, it is observed that many educated Nagas failed to understand the national right and sufferings of the past but indulge and lean towards their own selfish end. In doing so has weakened the Nagas for the last 40 years. However, Naga National Council (NNC) and Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) could withstood the storm by staunchly upholding the Naga National rights. 

The outside world branded us “savage” and “barbarian.” But if we study carefully, there is no comparison in the world that where a small nation the size Nagaland could resist the onslaught of the might and size of India. Whatever we could overcome this far is all due to the love of God on the Nagas. No Naga should forget the mercy and protection of the Almighty God upon the Nagas. 

Let us not hesitate to ask God for forgiveness for any mistake on our part, at the same time continue to ask for blessings at all times. Urra Uvie.

Z. Rohim Yimchunger, President NNC-Parent Body

My Dear Countrymen,

As we stand at the threshold of a new beginning, my heart yearns for the presence of our predecessors who have paid the ultimate price for the cause of the Nagas. Hundreds and thousands of Naga sons and daughters have sacrificed their lives so that we all can see a better tomorrow. As we celebrate the 74th Naga Independence Day, let us remember not only the sacrificed souls but remain firm and steadfast to the aspirations and vision for which they laid their precious lives.

The Naga National Council timely came into existence with its historic birth on 24th Feb.1946. It was democratically formed by the Naga representatives. Thus with fair and far¬sightedness of the NNC leadership and together with the will, the leaders of the day formally brought the Naga families into one big family as a nation. Henceforth, the NNC and the Nagas as a whole are duty bound to uphold aspirations of the Nagas as a free people and sovereign nation as in ancient times.

Nagaland is a homeland of the Nagas from olden times. Nagas have been living in Nagaland as a free Naga people since time immemorial. Our land was never a part of any foreign people’s country. Our forefathers clearly owned Nagaland. This had been prominent when the Naga Club submitted a memorandum to the Simon Commission in 1929 and subsequently a representation submitted to the British India Viceroy in February 1947.

For 74 long years, Nagas have stood unwavering for the Naga cause, undeterred by the mountains of hurdles and sufferings keeping the aspirations of the Nagas alive. Today we carry the torch that our predecessors have passed on to us, let us not be arrogant and prideful but remain humble and uphold the Naga torch with dignity and respect. It is therefore our solemn duty to remain steadfast to the prize that awaits us. Our race is not an individual race. It is a race of the Nagas, a desire that we aspire from the very beginning to self determine our own future. As we fight tirelessly, inching towards our common goal, our eyes must be sharp and minds alert against any hurdles and obstacles.

In 2017, after many consultations with the political leaders, tribal leaders, senior officials and prominent citizens of Nagaland, the Working Committee of the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) took the responsibilities. Naga National Council-Parent Body has always been an integral part of the NNPGs since its inception. It is the ideals, vision and minds of the Nagas that we represent at the negotiating table.

Today we are on the verge of inking the final solution for the Nagas. It is a solution of the Nagas, by the Nagas and for the Nagas. Our demands have been selfless and transparent. But let us remain vigilant against vicious elements that devise plans to derail, delay and misdirect the journey until the race is won. Let us be pragmatic and unite ourselves under the banner of “one agreement, one solution” and conclude our race to self-determine our own future.

May the Almighty God continue to guide us with His divine wisdom and strengthen us to complete the race before us with dignity and honour. May God continue to the anchor of our hopes and aspirations.

Y. Wangtin Naga, President NSCN/GRPN (R)

My Dearest Naga Men and Women, at this auspicious day of 74th Naga Independence Day, I am saluting all those who sacrificed their lives for Naga Nation. Equally, I am saluting all the Naga freedom fighters and general public for their tireless efforts and support for the sustenance and survival of our nationhood in the face of immeasurable hardships and challenges from our adversaries who attempted to demean the sovereign rights of the Nagas. Let at not forget to thank our Living and Almighty God for His guidance and protection that far. We cannot change our precious history and our inherent freedom cannot be buried under any circumstances. More than 70 years ago, our forefathers officially and openly declared our independence on 14th August 1947 not against any country but in accordance with international norms and India know it very well. We must be proud of our history and who we are because we are not lost people whose sovereign right is recognized internationally. 

A saying goes, better late than never. After many decades of blood and tears, both India and the Naga People realized the futility of arms confrontation and engaged political dialogue for resolution of Asia’s longest political problem. Today, a ray of hope is dawn for both India and Nagaland, expecting acceptable solution sooner than later. The two Naga political groups-NSCN (IM) and NNPGs must realise the past mistake and come forward to hammer out any form of differences before signing final documents with GoI to avoid possible future blame game. The NNPGs though conglomeration of seven different organizations are one in all fronts. All Nagas are one in political issue; we must build consensus opinion before going for final battle because it will be once and for all. 

At this moment, the Naga people are fortunate to have a strong and decisive person Mr. Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India who found a clever and trustworthy person Mr. R. N. Ravi as interlocutor-cum-Governor of Nagaland who is dealing with Naga issue minutely. This seriousness of Mr. Narendra Modi indicates earlier solution. Let us hope to see the fruit of our long cherish solution within few months time.  God Bless Nagaland Kuknalim

Yilow Humtsoe, Acting President of NNC (Parent-Body) 
Dear Naga people,
I praise and thank God on this 74th Naga Independence Day celebration. 73 years ago on this day (14th August,1947) the Naga National Council declared the Naga Independence Day which was acknowledged by the United Nations and ever since the entire Naga people has been observing and Celebrating the 14th August as our official Independence Day, and this is known to the world and also specifically known by the Indian and the Burmese (Myanmar) Governments. 
This day has been observed and celebrated every year by the Nagas as a people, and this  is an inalienable right which is a product of our blood, tears and pain for the last 7 decades as our adversaries forcefully occupied our precious land with their military might.
As a result we the Nagas have been greatly impacted and are suffering till date because  we stood firm and fought for our rightful political freedom as a people and nation. Until we achieve our freedom of recognition as a sovereign state, the Nagas will not give up but will continue to fight for our God given destiny for generations to come.
On this auspicious day we salute our brave martyrs who laid down their lives for the purpose of national freedom. The Naga people will always remember their great deeds and sacrifice. 
The NNC also greet all the Northeast people and other nationalities and also ask for their support to join the cause of Naga freedom as a people and nation. We thank and appeal those who are standing and supporting the Naga political freedom, and we encourage them to support more vocally and strongly at this crucial stage of Naga freedom of recognition. 
On this occasion I appeal to all the National workers to stand true and upright for the Sovereignty of Nagaland which will decide for both our present and future generations, and never forgetting that a great number of patriots had laid down their precious lives for this very cause of freedom of Nagas. 
The Naga people as a whole too must stand true to those national workers who stood firm for Naga sovereignty for entire Nagaland of all the inhabited areas at this critical and crucial stage of our fight for freedom.
The NNC also must remind the Naga people to examine with utter seriousness at this deciding moment of our politics, to think rationally and support those national workers who stand true to Naga freedom without compromising for the best interest of our future goal.
The NNC will once again make it very clear to all concerned that Nagas are not rebels,  secessionist, underground, armed gangs etc as labelled by individuals, agencies and Government but rather they are Freedom fighters fighting for their historical and political rights for freedom. As our political history is distinctly  clear of Naga memorandum submitted to the British Simon Commission in 1929 and subsequently the House of Lords during British India rule, and the 1935 Act called “Naga Hills Excluded Area”  was passed by British India. Thereafter the Naga National Council declared Naga independence on 14th August 1947 which was acknowledged by the United Nations Organisation. And after these the Naga people informed and invited Government of India to observe Naga Voluntary Plebiscite conducted on 16th May 1951- the result of which came out 99.9% who voted in favour of the Naga Independence. And this result was shown and presented to the Government of India in particular and all the foreign Embassies in New Delhi as well. Therefore the Naga political history and the legitimate rights are  exceedingly clear and hence there is no room for dispute and confusion regarding this matter of inalienable rights for sovereignty, however due to some vested interest there are some trying to twist and distort the political history of the Naga people, but the Naga people will never acknowledge the twisted version of those vested and wicked interest.The Naga people’s political history is immensely clear and hence, nobody can nullify or erase it, and we praise God for this.
I must also mention that the Naga educated youths in the homeland are doing their part in vindicating and defending our culture, social life, food etc however our political freedom is more important than anything else at this critical stage of our faith for freedom, therefore, we encourage our Naga youths to come forward and speak out boldly for our rights and our political freedom. 
The NNC is happy and grateful to those NGOs and state parties who are now courageously speaking out against the aggressor’s politics of oppression and suppression at this crisis in the homeland. This is a true representation of patriotism on our people’s part for our freedom, may our people in different walks of life come together without any hesitation in defending our genuine rights for freedom.
The NNC is really encouraged and grateful to Naga mothers who are vocally expressing and speaking out the truth about what is currently   happening in the homeland as a strong stalwart for our rights politically and against the suppression and oppression imposed on us at this crucial moment of our history.
This is a virtuous step taken by our Naga mothers, therefore, every Naga should support and solidly stand behind them for the right cause. 
The NNC must say that because of the pandemic the economy on a global scale is collapsing rapidly and hard times are approaching fast even in the Homeland, therefore, we encourage and also recommend that every Naga man, woman and youth in the homeland move towards producing and cultivating for ourselves so that we can be self sufficient and self reliant for survival as the future seems to be very grim from an economical standpoint. At this time it is really important for the Nagas to work hard for self sufficiency in the homeland so that we will not be dependent on others. The world is fast changing from bad to worst, therefore, let us also broaden our perspectives and move effectively. 
The Naga people in the past was never dependent on others, prior to 1970s the Nagas were self-sufficient in terms of food production    and everything from grass-root (village ) to community level was self sufficient as we all worked and produced, therefore, let us work hard from self to village to community level again to overcome all the crisis for the better and stable future.
Regarding the ongoing talk with Government of India (GOI), the NNC must say that if GOI is really serious to peacefully settle Naga political problem then they must appoint or entrust politicians who can understand and handle the seven decades old political problem that has been existing between the Nagas and the Indian Government. The Government of India must officially invite all the stakeholders so that a logical conclusion can be drawn, which will be honourable and acceptable for the best interest of the region.  
The GOI should not appoint any more retired bureaucrat officials to deal with Naga political problem as everyone has vividly seen failures till date. Bureaucrats are not politicians and the political nature of issues and problems are immensely different from those which bureaucrats deal with, hence a bureaucrat cannot fully understand or comprehend the complexities and entanglements that are involved in a political issue. Hence a bureaucrat cannot deal in depth to solve or settle a political problem and this is very much proven through RN Ravi the interlocutor of peace talk with the Naga political problem which has seen failures after another. Instead of solving the problem he has stirred up more problems and is clearly playing with the Naga politics, this is a waste of time and the huge amount of money sanctioned by GOI is flushed down the drain, and the only person who benefitted out of this at the cost of Naga people and GOI is the interlocutor himself.
Lastly but not the least,the NNC with much  sincerity states that the Naga people want peace and tranquillity in the Homeland and in the Region. As the Naga political problem could not be resolved for the last 70 long years this has greatly impacted and is still affecting the political, economic, and far more than that human lives and real peace in the region is compromised due to this.  Therefore the NNC being a model of Non-Violence Institution advocates real peace in the Naga Homeland and Region. KUKNALIM.

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