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Appeal to Naga political leaders

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/26/2020 1:31:10 PM IST

 June 30th 2001 the first ever know and publish in Newspaper about the Military operation in Eastern Naga particularly from Eastern Konyak Naga area in the border villages. By Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMR) leaders NSF leaders when they get the report from Chen Hoyat Village leaders. While public were displacement to Western side at Chen Mohu, Chen Loisho and Chen Wangti Village it was the horrified situation effected in all over Koyak area due to continues bombing and firing in the Village on the against of NSCN group. The two teams NPMR and NSF contribute some relief to the displacement public. Despite of many years had been taking place the war field between Indian, Burma/ Myanmar and NNC now NSCN. The Myanmar Junta / military  and Indian Military troops have been waging battlefield against Naga National Movements but several attempts they fail to  compromise with Naga National Worker so called Naga Political Groups they only targeting the innocent public lives without any valid reason. Two country military have been launches intolerable torturing, killing, destroys public properties, burnt down granary and houses, forcing to vacate the village, treating   to kill and kidnapping public and put in to Jail without any proof. In such ugly situation have been facing merciless life conditions in the name of “Naga Sovereignty”

Today, Indian, Myanmar border area Konyak Naga public are appeal to Naga National Leaders which is presently known as Naga Political Groups to responds for the following reminders voices from Eastern Konyak people  living in the border area “ Indian and Myanmar Pillars”. The pillars were erected in the forest which is not consent with the Naga people as per the Boundary Demarcation records describes. Both government neglect and just for meeting spots whenever they wanted to search pillars by walking on foot with their own Tiffin these border area not sufficient to call International Boundary since, the only forest there is nothing facility maintain or construct  at the border area. It seems they don’t consider as the original boundary they neglect because they consider this is the Naga area but we Naga ourselves declared as the Indian, Myanmar instead of removed the pillars. 

From the continuation of previous released regarding suffering for the Naga Sovereignty rights serving by Eastern Konyak Naga public border are since from 1952. We stand for the Naga sovereignty rights without the thought.  Which have been introduced us by the A.Z. Phizo party NNC. NNc President A.Z. Phizo sent his colleagues with his correspondence letter for travelled to China in Eastern Konyak area for sake of public support and also talk to the Burma Junta to pursued in the China tour 1952. Then along with A. Z. Phizo’s letter Mr. Late Longshah Chen Hoyat public Mr Late Yaju Wangti Village send to Lahe Camp to talk with the Burma Junta to avoid Army objectioned for Phizo crosses through Lahe Town. In 1952 the first NNC leaders namely: Mr. Hupong Yemchunger Veta Range Freedom fighter, Mr. Mesir, Mr. Mongto and Mr. Eangnyak they come in the Chen Hoyat Village from Monyakshu Village. They start convinces to  public that NNC is the Naga government it bring independence in all Naga area since, you are all Naga you should serves in possibility ways and they also stated that tell to the people to spread the messages from NNC and full support  by public without any hesitated Naga should live neither Indian nor Burma/Myanmar but Naga will get self independence. We have formed new government which is called “NNC’’ headed by A. Z. Phizo they ordered to the public to serve only the NNC government. NNC will bring the full independence very soon. Hence, from 1952 Eastern Konyak people have been honor to the NNC leader and honestly serving by physically, materially, and morally full support till 1980. From 1980 NNC Shilong Accord violent had effect in Eastern Naga particularly in Konyak Area due to living in the border area. Innocent public were scared and feared due to conflict clashes between NNC/ FGN group itself. Again in 1980 NNC was fled and new government was formed which is so called NSCN/ GPRN repeatedly the NSCN convenes public should serve only to NSCN. The NSCN is the only government who will be sole authority to bring independence very soon tomorrow or day after tomorrow the NSCN has declared their commitment.

On behalf of 

Eastern Konyak people

K. Akham Honwang. General Secretary, Eastern Konyak Union (Myanmar)

(To be concluded)

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