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Appeal to Naga political leaders

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/27/2020 1:02:58 PM IST

 (From previous issue)

They promulgate the public to serve them as a God without any questioning public should have trust on NSCN leaders and contribute in all possible ways. Do no lost hope for the sovereignty, by Naga National Workers. When Naga get independence your are will be the first development places if you trust and honor by serving, contributions for the Naga National Workers. In such character NSCN have pledges, advises and encouraged to public. By their advising, through forcing to public, public have been following the Naga Political rights despite of without lack of vision due lack of education public are serving confidence in the midst of ugliest war occurrences in several times. Public have been live for the Naga National movement. While, serving for the Naga National Leaders from NNC to NSCN till today our lives have been live in dilemma conditions where there is most helpless people, live homeless in our own land due to heavy operation by Burma Junta military and Indian military year on the against to NSCN the two countries military have been launches war even when there were no underground also they come in the public village with heavy arms and ammunitions materials they used to forced the public to carry their ammunitions’ and war ration and beaten up to many innocent people without any valid reasons in the name of NSCN. Public had been live untold able facing most suffers in the following years between those trice party, NSCN, Indian and Myanmar military activities. Indian military operations in crossed border villages at Chen Hoyat and Throilu villages in 1981, 1982 and 1988 during that operation the Indian army torched the fire and burnt down public houses, totally destroyed all properties and materials. They fired plainly at the civilians lives, when public were escape from the bombing and firing inside the villages, they kidnapped 13 public put in Tuensang Jail for a months, they tortured two public to half dead on the against of NSCN. 

Burma (Myanmar) junta military operations had been took place 1982,1985, 1987,1989,1992, 1999 and 2001 A.D three villages Chen Hoyat, Throilu and Nyanching were totally burned down, kills domestic animals, destroyed and burned granaries. In  2001 A. D. Ugliest war taken place by Myanmar operation at Chen Hoyat village they were firing and bombing half year inside public village  Local school which were run by Church, Church properties were stolen, houses and others properties of public own were completely destroyed and burn down by military .Whole village was full by domestic animals dead body, full suffocations by bombing, firing pullet covers public couldn’t return village one year become homeless people live in the forest without food, shelter and clothes  of human basic needs no one knows only believe God may see the public suffer. Children, old age persons were died due starvation, lack of basic needs, unlike human being worsen than wild animals lives. Several times facing from our Naga National Workers treating to us, beating un-necessary reasons, apprehending and keeping in their camp for delaying duty, given warning when public can’t efforts to provides good food, best curry, punishing and threaten to dead when public respond any words. Even my own brother Late .K. Methrang Chaiwng was dies at the age 25 due to beaten up by Naga National Workers for delayed to submit their ration which were collected from the village and Inden- Ration tax (Independence Ration Tax) in cash they imposed fine from family after we give fine un-necessarily they  released within the year he passed away in 2007 in the name of Naga sovereign and Nagaland For Christ. Besides every times public are facing till today between Naga National leader due to multiples individual factions clashes public are suffer most in physically, mentally and emotionally always faces. 

Today public wants to voice out as a human being sufficient amount of facing un told situations and conditions our dead ghost are crying our life have been half dead while scarifies in a many ways and different capacity, by providing cultivating grains, carrying goods as a potters, contribute penny as per our effort for the Naga National Political Rights. Till today we remains us the ancestor people, no education, out of development. While Naga National Worker neither allowed the Government of Myanmar or Indian side facilities, development systems they keep order to live confined in our soil. Totally prohibited by NSCN /GPRN’s Laws (Ahza) in all public movement now they are claiming it is you ignorance to developed the communications, it is yours neglecting to get education you should educate from both countries this is too late release such intentions. Publics wants to request and reminder to Naga Political Leaders to looking back the times of living in Eastern soil after fled from Western side public are sacrificing by keeping the memory records about when they come to Eastern area the promise that” We will sovereignty independence very soon”. First they request the public help him for sheltering, familiar with people, food etc. These records are keeping by every village kids and old this is very simple to hear but they share from deepest bottom of heart, crying from heart which we already faced and facing at presently. Public wants to see their commitment in reality and positively public have been tired of bearing for the independence by following reasons to be sufficient for the Naga nation, recall and satisfies for the Naga leaders. Public are sought the intentions from the NSCN/ GPRN. 

Enough, sacrificing physically work for the Naga Nation. Enough lost of innocent lives for the Nation. Enough, suffering physically, mentally of hearings of war musical bombing, firing in the civilians populated area even they make defense lines in the public kitchen frequently.

 Enough, facing harassment, torturing from Indian, Myanmar and even by our own Naga National Worker mercilessly in many ways of threatening. Enough listening dialogue we needs in reality show case by changes War exist into Peace co-exist, bombing ,firing Guns sounds of attacking into real sounds of  music of inviting. Enough, seeing misunderstanding arises and produce factions having trouble between different groups of leaders  in spite of consider us as the soil of saver planting Naga political rights seed for many decades of years by scarifies voluntarily without any cost generation to generations. Today public is noticing by hearing words and practically and verbally differences Myanmar Naga are outside Naga people trying to keep abeyances our problems in far behind. Whereas the beginning history tells that Eastern Naga. But when the Naga National leaders leave Eastern Naga soil they consider as Myanmar Naga. This is unacceptable words and people are lamenting in the deep heart for differences since, if divide us geographically we have no future after serving voluntary services for the Naga causes. 

If, they once live in our soils to sake the Naga sovereign rights. They should recollect the place where they shelter, where they live to take further strategies steps politically. They should remember the innocent lives servings, respecting as the Naga leaders in whole life without regretting misery conditions and situations. They should recalling that in the beginning Naga leaders have been survives by Eastern food, maize, me lit, locally gardening and field leafy to extend their life. They should the un-imagine event happens every times facing by the people.  More than these explanation public are appealing to Naga leaders to realism the passes life in Eastern land. 

However, we are serving till date for the purpose of Naga Independence without border. Still hoping to be looking back us when victory day arriving for the Naga.  

On behalf of Eastern Konyak people, K. Akham Honwang. General Secretary, Eastern Konyak Union (Myanmar)


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