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Appeal to the Naga political negotiators for an honorable political solution

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/5/2020 1:31:49 PM IST

 Dear respected convener, working committee, 7 NNPGs,

The Global Naga Forum (GNF) brings warm greetings and blessings for good health, long life and most of all our prayer for God’s wisdom, grace and favour for you and your colleagues to lead the Naga nation to its rightful place. 

The GNF is a common platform of the patriotic Nagas from different walks of life with members drawn from across the world. It is a non-partisan body bonded and driven solely by our common aspiration and desire to work for what is just, right and appropriate for the common destiny of Naga nation. Towards this end, the Forum endeavours to amplify the voice and story of our struggle through various media and connect the Nagas across tribes and borders and to the world through our story. The Forum also aspires to act as a clearing house for ideas and churn out engaging and cogent Naga narratives to empower ourselves in our quest for common historical rights, inclusive political solution and common good in all spheres by embracing each other as a family. 

We express our deepest sense of admiration, gratitude and appreciation for the selfless sacrifices and the commitment that your organization has rendered under your dynamic leadership towards the cause of the Naga nation. While acknowledging the supreme sacrifices made by your organization and other Naga political groups, we also would like to respectfully recognize the need to acknowledge that countless ordinary patriotic Naga men and women have paid a heavy price in one way or the other in the struggle for our common aspiration towards self-determination. We believe that there are well-meaning patriotic Naga public, professionals and intellectuals whose goodwill and voices should be recognized, accepted and tapped as resources for the progressive realization of the common aspiration. The GNF endeavours to serve as a common platform to garner and amplify such good will and sensible voices of the Nagas. 

Fortunately, today there is an unmistakable fact that the Nagas are united in their genuine desire for peace through an inclusive, honorable and acceptable solution. We are living in a historic moment with a golden opportunity to either create a harmonious future collectively or regress into chaos, utter confusion and internecine conflicts of mutual destruction of self and others. To avoid the return of violence by finding peaceful political solution through the present political dialogues, we sincerely beseech all the different Naga political groups to reconcile with each other for unity in common purpose through dialogue, mutual respect, trust and accommodative spirit. It is disingenuous to think that unity is the same as uniformity. While uniformity demands that everyone agrees to an imposition of one’s will and preferences on others without space for negotiation and compromise; unity accepts differences necessitating the need for democratic dialogue, open-mindedness and mutual respects to work towards the recognition of common goal and the greater good of all as the fundamental basis for unity. Our plea for the Naga Political groups is to settle their differences through dialogue within the Naga family and be unified in purpose by agreeing to converge at a non-negotiable position in the interest of all the Nagas for self-determination. The Naga struggle as a ‘social contract’ is binding on all of us as mutual stakeholders and we truly believe that this common cause is sacrosanct and it should be honoured as bigger and above all the Naga organizations and their leaders. 

The GNF would like to express our apprehension and concerns about the hovering air of uncertainty, confusion and differences within the Naga political groups. It seems some unseen hands of hawkish elements are working with a systematic design of divide and destroy policy of deliberate and willful splitting of the ranks and files of the Naga political groups, pitching groups against each other by constructing and implanting divisive narratives so as to exploit the confusion, ethnic fault lines and fear for manufacturing consent to force the most deceptive piecemeal packages as solutions to the Nagas’ aspiration to live as a people with peace and dignity. The usage of the words such as contemporary realities is but a ploy to be used as a pretext to negate and override the factual matrices of the recognition of our unique political history, situations of the Nagas and our identity. 

On behalf of Global Naga Forum: Dr. Z K Pahrii Pou Nagaland/Manipur; Eli. Vilanou Angela Yhome Nagaland; Rev. Apostle Luoliehu Yimsung Australia/Nagaland; Rev. Azahto Naga Nagaland; Rev. Robert Kikon Nagaland; Dr. Visier Sanyü Australia/Nagaland; Prof. Rosemary Dzuvichu Nagaland; Aga Rengma Assam; Dr. Lanu Longkumer Nagaland; Atina Pamei Norway; O Wati Jamir Nagaland; Soreingam Kashung Delhi/Manipur; P. Chuba Ozukum Nagaland; Imchatoba Imchen Nagaland; R B Thohe Pou Manipur; Cheobii Seb Assam; Kenneth Kath Nagaland; Timothy Tajonang Gonmei Delhi/Manipur; Siilunii Defendson Rapaobamai Nagalanc/Manipur; Shatilo Rengma Nagaland; Moa Imchen Nagaland; Markson V Luikham Delhi/Manipur; Prof. Paul Pimomo America; K Elu Ndang Nagaland; Gawang Hakhun Arunachal Pradesh; Abeiu Meru Nagaland; Miriam Rengma Assam; Neikesanuo Sorhie Delhi/Nagaland; Thaiba Siipunii Guwahati/Manipur; Wilson Gangmei Kolkata/Manipur; Rev. Dr. Daisok Panmei America; Rev. Issac Jojo Eastern Naga/Myanmar; Thongtsühmiu Jongs Eastern Naga/Myanmar; Solomon Theibung Eastern Naga/Myanmar; Naogang Gamsa Eastern Naga/Myanmar; Yutan Sanya Arunachal Pradesh; Tenyebinlo Himb Nagaland; Adahe Neli Nagaland/Manipur; Rukewezo Wetsah Nagaland; Dr. Joseph Riamei Guwahati/Manipur; Dr. Pou Kh Delhi/Manipur; Mani Charenamei Manipur; Prof. Sangyu Yaden Nagaland; Ningreichon Tungshang Delhi/Manipur. 

(To be concluded)


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