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Are you progressing along with the technology?

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 11/19/2020 1:10:49 PM IST

 Ever since the invention of the wheel and the tools to the present day gadgets and machines; human lives have been made much easier than before. Today, humans have already stepped on the moon and started researching the space with the technology they possess. There have been drastic changes in the technology especially in the twentieth century and the twenty first century comparing to the other centuries. There are countless of examples how technology changed our lives. Some can be considered as a huge revolution since it has made our lives very different from what it used to be. We are now observing developments in all areas and fields of technology. New technologies are converging, making our lives more simple and efficient. It is now a very integral part of our day-to-day lives. Technology has led to modernization and we can witness this through technology itself. If I try to track where technology has grown at present, I would probably get lost because it has gone way too ahead of me reaching the level I can barelyexplain.

In contrary to technology, education has become easier than before. Not everyone learns from books and audio, visual learning is important as some of us tend to catch up certain things faster. Technology provides us with smart classes to make visual learning possible. I heard from my elders about how during their time to do a project or a research they had to go through a lot of books and libraries just to get the idea of it. But now we can Google it anytime and visit sites with the availability of smart technologies. Also during their time they purchased current affairs and magazines just to know what was going on in the world. They even went from libraries to libraries or shop to shop to get a book which was limitedly printed. Now, we don’t have to do this ,for a book is available online. With just a touch we get access to almost everything. We can say that education was kind of tough and time consuming during their time. Now we don’t have to stay inside the box and learn whatever it is in it only. Our elders even though they wanted to learn things more they usually never had a lot of time like we do now. So we should learn to explore ourselves.

Learning is very important, we learn only when we try and when we do try out things we sometimes come across certain hidden skills in us we never knew before. So, we should try to learn more with the technology available. Taking the example of the present situation, even though the pandemic strike human hard mentally or physically, education system hasn’t been neglected. Classes are going on through online and government sponsorships, this is actually possible just because of the technology available. If we were lacking this technology then education would have stopped, there are many students in our state itself and social distancing in a classroom is impossible. Thanks to the technology.But also sadly we are witnessing young people addicted to these gadgets. Technology cuts off wastage of time but instead of utilizing it to learn more, people have become much lazier depending on the machines to do the work. We can see parents providing their children with smart gadgets to learn things but majority of the children use them in a not so acceptable way.

I have also seen students taking these online sessions very lightly; they barely attend them, spending their time on their addiction doing ‘god knows what’. For assignments students just copy and paste from the internet which I also find it very stupid because teachers do know whether its original or not. We can get some ideas from the web but copying isn’t helpful anyway.

Creativity is barely seen too. Instead of being slave of these gadgets we can utilize our extra time in something progressive and work on the improvement of our mind. Why do we have to devote ourselves to something we will regret later? If we spare our time for the right thing we will become more affectionate in life. The fault does not lie with the technology progress, it lies with human themselves and our decisions. It has given comforts to man, but it is one’s Choice how to make the best use of it. I would say greed is good in a good way. We should be greedy for knowledge and skills.

Knowledge is gold so if we pair up with the technology to acquire more knowledge it would be amazing. Technology is made by human minds. Humans are given powerful mind to think and progress. So why waste of time and mind in something useless?. I hope we can understand this and make the best use of it. If we do, then who is happier than a wise man.

Shihrani Pfuze, 

Modern College, Kohima

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