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Beating Retreat Indeed!

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 1/29/2021 1:41:11 PM IST

 As the sun went down, the reveille sounded the end of the day and the beginning of the retreat, marking the coming down of the curtains on the events of the week-the mayhem and the atrocities that happened on the 26th and the events after that.

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy

The events that marked the end of the retreat as it were not surprising as the patience of the people - the farmers at the borders of Delhi was being tested.

It was tested for 60 odd days. The restlessness among the farmers was visible.

Their voices not being heard so far were surprising; it was crying hoarse for response. It was as if the borders - those at the margins were raising their voices for a response, but was not heard, not even at the centre. It was ironic too as the debutante, the ignored and the novice stood as a team from the borders to claim the namesake trophy defeating the mighty powers down under on their home ground.

The Mayhem

The farmers and their leaders had it coming. The increasing numbers and the tractor rally triggered the unfolding of the event as it were with the help of the powers that be.

In a congregation of lakes of farmers, opinions differ; the methods and modes are bound to debate and discussion. The differing opinions though do not mark the focus of the protest, the restlessness among the farmers in a silent and passive resistance to power was bound to break up. But it was not solely because of the farmers alone, is indeed an eye-opener.

The Game Plan

The powers that be are adept at it. They seem to have mastered it since the JNU protests, the Shaheen Bagh sit-in and now the border protests of farmers. The game plan was not new; it probably started in Gujarat in the infamous riots, train burning and its aftermath - divide, discredit and destroy the intent, the nerve and the move.

The Tractor Rally was indeed a show of solidarity and strength for the farmers to exhibit their intent on a historic day. But it was a trap - a do or die situation. The farmers fell into that trap and the powers that be took advantage of that and trapped them into divide, discredit and destroy their intent further.

Even before that the heckling had begun with name-calling - terming them as anti-nationals, Khalisthanis etc., and blaming the opposition political parties for the protest against the Farm Laws.

What if

What if even the opposition strengthens the hands of the aggrieved if their rights are violated? What if these laws are detrimental to the farmers? What if the powers that be is unable to satisfy the needs of the farmers? What if the big corporate are out to destroy the Agri-enterprise with their intent? The questions continue, without answers.

Was it an intelligence failure that caused the mayhem on the 26th or was it the hand of hooligans taking advantage and the name of the farmers to foment trouble?

How come the police were not able to control the mobs? How come the Red Fort was open such that the mobs could enter? How come the HM was not held responsible for the arrangements on the 26th?

How come the PM and HM and the powers that be are silent as usual when it comes to peoples’ troubles and protests?

How come the so called good as who led the mobs were not nabbed by the police?

How come patriotism and nationalism became the high point to put down the farmers, although it was their life and livelihood that were at stake?

How come the media also took sides to project the atrocities at the expense of the farmers’ troubles?

How come only the policemen were injured and not the farmers?

How come only the injured policemen were visited by the HM and not others? Questions and queries, probes and FIRs. Where will it end? Shouldn’t the concentration be upon the people - the farmers and their issues? Are we digressing, distracting and diverting the minds of the people?

It may be that the curtains have come down as it were as the reveille sounded.

But the Act has not ended and the scenes are not over. It seems that there are many more acts to this; the drama has not ended; many more of scenes are yet to come; and obscene violations of peoples’ rights.

It is indeed not surprising that farmers and some leaders are still holding fort to press their intent as hope lingers in the hearts of the people at the borders. It is the borders that are marginalized taking the centre for questioning, as it were, the cricket metaphor still holds true.

Arun Kumar Wesley. 

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