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Churches to the rescue

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 9/18/2020 1:01:45 PM IST

 (From previous issue)

How many incomplete Church building are still waiting to be completed? How many church building projects are coming up?  Is it not true that most of the Church construction committee are out of ideas on how to collect money for the construction of church. Most of the church buildings cost a fortune because we want to build a church that goes way out of the churches budget. What is wrong with an economic church building that is clean spacious and cost way less. Why does it have to be iron, cement and bricks? Why not 6 mm ply wood with wooden frames? There is no commandment in the Bible which commands us that the church has to be the most expensive and the biggest building in town or village. The Bible says in Isaiah 66:1 Thus says the LORD: “Heaven is my throne, And earth is my footstool. Where is the house that you will build me? And the place of my rest? Gone is the age when people build huge mega churches and cathedrals for name and fame.  It hurts to see church investing hundreds of crores of rupees in a building churches which are closed most of the year round, and investing almost nothing to building health care centers for the well being of church member’s health and the community. It is not right to build mega expensive church buildings when the members of the church are dying because they cannot effort basic medical treatment. Nagaland Baptist Churches must resort to building decent clean spacious and inexpensive church. In doing so the saved money can be invested in setting up the urgently needed medical health care centers and other projects. 

The believers are the real Church. The Greek word for Church is ecclesia. It means group of believers who believes in Christ and are called out for Gods work. It does not refer to church building. The unethical use of churches money from the faithful church member to build very expensive church must be stopped. If we dont stop this I fear it will become a culture that will be a thorn in the flesh of our Baptist denomination. The Baptist Churches must start investing more on the believers and less on church buildings. Build people not churches. 

We are certain that corona will not be the last virus that will attack mankind. There are more coming our way. The Bible says in Matthew 24:7 there will be outbreak of pestilence (infectious epidemic disease) as we head to end times. God as real Gentlemen has already informed the churches of what is coming.  Now it is upon the churches to be prepared. Failing to prepare would be deliberately preparing to fail.

We DON’T HAVE TO start big. We can start small. Just as Bangalore Baptist hospital started as a humble clinic. The most important thing is that “WE MUST START IMMEDIATELY”. Once it starts it will Grow, God will bless. People would willingly donate land, money and medical equipments for such noble cause.  I am willing to donate too. We should not be discouraged if there is no sudden 100% improvement. Remember even 1% improvement is also an improvement. In fact isn’t 100% addition of many 1%?

In this recent corona situation not only was the State Government not prepared but the churches in Nagaland were not prepared too. The churches are still not prepared.  Once again the responsibility for the believer’s good health is upon all the churches regardless of denomination and non denomination. The Churches must prepare for the safety and security of the believers and the community. There is a price to pay for what we do and what we don’t do. Sometimes the price we pay for what we don’t do is much more than what we do

 Let’s HOPE and pray that our Nagaland Baptist Churches would come together and soon start establishing medical health care centers. Health care centers through which Christ love can be demonstrated in action. After all isn’t Nagaland for Christ? God bless Nagaland.  


Imlisanen Phom, 



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