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By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 1/18/2021 12:19:14 PM IST

 On February 4, 2020, in his third State of the Union (SOTU) address, which turned out to be his last, President Donald Trump was joined by two very special guests, Robin Schneider and her two years old daughter Ellie Schneider. Born at just 21 weeks and 6 days, Ellie Schneider becomes one of the earliest premature babies ever to survive in modern history. It was the wonder of modern medical sciences, miracle from God and the sacrifice and courage of a loving mom who decided not to abort her unborn child and instead choose to do everything she can to give the child the right to live that had helped saved the life of a precious girl from an apparent pre-mature death. This moving story of Robin and Ellie Schneider epitomized the main theme of Trump’s Presidency where he had joined conservatives pro-life movement not just in America but around the globe in defending LIFE as a gift from God and reminding all that government or any human institutions has no right to destroy life at any stage of life, from the moment of conception.

The story of Ellie Schneider is a success story of a pro-life movement that is defending life for decades against the dreadful force/elements which seeks to destroy it under the pretext of “choice”. And she and her mother could able to make it to the SOTU 2020 because the president values life. The president did not choose “Roe v. Wade” activists/leaders or “Black Lives Matter” rioters and honor them in his SOTU speech in order to gain undue political mileage out of it. Instead by choosing Robin and Ellie Schneider, he had testified to America and to the world his love for life and his commitment to protect the same at any cost and under any given political circumstances.

But the story of Ellie is also a tragic reminder about the millions of unborn babies/lives who were not fortunate enough like her as they had to face unwanted abortion out of “choice” or forced to end their lives because of failing to avail the medical facilities thereby denying their right to live. This is a reminder of the massive challenges ahead for the conservatives in their mission to save and promote lives.

If there is one defining characteristic of Donald Trump’s presidency and the bitter American divide that ensued during his four years reign, then it is that he and his fellow conservatives stand on the side that believes that all lives, including black and unborn, matters, and that life is created by God and that it cannot be defined and determined by government. Donald Trump will be remembered by posterity as the most pro-life, pro-people, pro-religious liberty and anti-establishment/elites president in modern history of America. 

It was an unprecedented opportunity for the president to appoint three conservatives Justices, in his four years reign, to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) that had helped him pushed forward the conservatives’ values in the country. One immediate effect of the conservatives’ majority SCOTUS was the overturning of the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s religious restriction in November 2020. In a landmark ruling on the Roman Catholic Diocese Of Brooklyn, New York Vs Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor Of New York, the SCOTUS invalidated Cuomo and his Democrats’ anti-religious liberty agenda to trampled citizens’ right to worship on the pretext of containing the spread of Covid-19 virus, and ensured that the ruling will be in favor of religious liberty for all and not on the side that seek to empower government to wield unlimited powers against its citizens.

Justice Neil Gorsuch, one of the three SCOTUS’ Justices appointed by Donald Trump, in his powerful concurring on the ruling affirmed, “Government is not free to disregard the First Amend¬ment in times of crisis”. This concurring is indeed to protect the right of the citizens from any possible government interference even in times of “crisis”. For history had clearly demonstrated that “crisis” serves as a perfect opportunity for any government to curbs the rights of the citizens and used those occasion of “crisis” simply to advance their vested political agendas. In the past, the Nazi Germany had done the same when they had used the burning of German parliament building as perfect opportunity to consolidate its grip of power. In the aftermath of the burning of the parliament building, the Nazi government had declared national emergency and curbs all the civil, political and religious rights that its citizens enjoys in the country. And there is no guarantee that the today’s governments of the world would not exploit the Covid-19 crisis to create a political mechanism to keep people within its control system. The Gorsuch’s concurring, though, had rest assured that the First Amendment, which empowers citizens the right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, cannot be disregarded nor suspended under any given circumstances or crisis.

It’s worth mentioning here that Donald Trump became the first US President to hold a conference on Religious Liberty at United Nations in September 2019. This had recognized religious freedom as the very basic and essential right of every human being. One can only hope that the SCOTUS’ ruling last November and Donald Trump’s initiative at UN will help promote religious liberty not only in America but all through out the world, and that the world community will address the serious crisis prevailing in many parts of the world where religious minorities are persecuted and their right to freedom of religion are denied, in many cases by state establishment itself.

The last SCOTUS’ ruling on religious liberty is a powerful testimony that the eventful Donald Trump’s presidency will impact for many generations to come. By appointing an unprecedented three Conservatives Justices to the SCOTUS who are expected to interpret Constitution as it is written and defend life and religious freedom, he had cemented his legacy as the Champion of Life and Religious Liberty, reminding all that government has no right to dictate its citizens on what kind of religion to follow or regulate the way people worship.

Conservatives’ pro-life movement is not centered on the personality of Donald Trump. He is just part of the movement. The conservatives supported Donald Trump because he is pro-life. But more than that, the conservatives are pro-life, and that’s why they supported him. Nevertheless his presence in White House for last four eventful years had made the movement stronger. And the momentum that he had built for the conservatives will impact for many generations to come.

Decades from now, Ellie Schneider and her generation, who survived similar challenges like her, will be praising God, and thanking Donald Trump and his fellow conservatives’ pro-life champions because of whose efforts they were alive. But until the time Ellie and her generation will be mature and conscious enough to learn to appreciate and be thankful to all those who were responsible for bringing them into this world alive, conservatives around the globe has mounting task ahead: many lives yet to save and need to inspire people to join the movement in defending life and promoting freedom of religion for all.

Dr. Nsungbemo Ezung, Wokha

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